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The New Years Eve Ball OCC Thread- Xmas 1677


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I started the evening well under way so there will be no lengthy and boring entrances of the various courtiers. Many have been drinking alcohol for many hours and could be well in their cups. That is not to say that there are not sober courtiers. Some are purposefully limiting their alcohol intake to avoid embarrassment later.




Unlike previous balls, we will not have a dancing thread. All dancing will be done without posting. The room is too loud to speak to one's dance partner anyway. Rather than have three or four dances, we will assume that dancing is ongoing throughout the night, so whenever you encounter a courtier and would like a dance, just ask them to dance and, if they agree, just skip one round of posting, which will signify a brief exit from the main thread. If you would like, you could dance with a dozen partners, or none.


Drawing Rooms:


The palace is overflowing with guests. The Yeoman of the Guard has turned out an impressive number of soldiers with halberds to police misbehaving guests.


I have posted activities in some of the other rooms, so players are free to post to the rooms and wander from place to place.


Parlor Games:


These are mostly posted as background activities. They are hard to moderate, so players can take certain liberties writing how they interacted with the group as long as they give themselves no advantage in doing so. For example, your could write that your player lost a game and had a forfeit. We will determine your forfeit. You could also determine that you played and did well enough to earn no forfeit. These are just for color.




Few couples will brave the cold at night, but a good amount of drink and furs is enough to encourage some to attempt awkward liaisons in the royal gardens. Instead, enterprising couples will find supply closets, servant hallways, discreet drawing rooms, remote staircases, cellars, and such places for a naughty rendezvous. If you are looking for one, you will need mod approval to find a place that might be private, at least for a short time.


Finding NPCs:


Most everyone who is anyone will be there. You just need to alert a mod that you are looking for a particular NPC. You can do so in a post by writing that your PC is looking for someone. Please put that sentence in bold so that we mods will note it more readily.

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