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The Doleful Deliquent- Xmas 1677

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Continuation Thread from Intrepid Adventurers December 30th afternoon


So she was marched off outside, and hoisted up to his horse. Charles told her that she was a great disappointment to him, at one time that would have touched her heart and spawned regret. But instead she rolled her eyes and uttered "God you are a prick."


They were on their way home when his ward uttered profanity. "How dare you say such things? Who teaches you such a foul mouth? It was Mark wasn't it? He taught you how to steal and how to swear. What other crimes and vices has taught you?" The questions were mostly rhetorical.


It was worse than he thought. Overnight she had gone from a little lady to a foul-mouth gutter rat. Something has to be done. He was in no position to oversee her daily, so he needed to determine how best to isolate her. Locking her in her room seemed the most sensible, but he would need to have the windows nailed shut to avoid her trying to climb out. Would Bradley escort her back to Langdon before the holidays were over? It would be much to ask of him. Charles supposed he would need to take the household back to Langdon for th erest of the winter and find a school for ladies that had locked doors and burly women to hold her prisoner for her lessons. Yes, that is best.


He had not wanted to go back to Langdon in the cold, but his hand was being forced. Perhaps Frances might begin to lose the evilness in time. How was it that she turned so quickly to someone who despised him, and he was beginning to despise her? It had been but a few days ago that all had been love and warmth between them. Perhaps she had been possessed by a demon.


There was little to say as they rode home. It was not far. If she wished to speak with him, he would be willing to reply; but, he was done trying to reach out to the stranger whose body pressed against his. He had planned to mention her alleged uncle, but now he had no desire for it. She would gladly claim that anyone was her uncle to try and escape.


As he escorted her into the house he ordered her to her room, Amy to give her a hot bath and Elam to nail the windows shut in her room. She was not to leave her room until she was ready to apologize to him. He just needed to hold her for a week and then they could be gone.

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"I've heard you say worse." Frances snapped back.


"And dont you blame Mark, it's all your fault that I respect the people I've met in the gutter more than any of your fancy friends. That woman you brought to the house is a tramp. Bet she was real pleased when I left. She can have you. Both of you deserve each other."


Charles had always been blind to how she felt about him, was probably blind to the broken heart he witnessed now too. She could not stay. Could not bear to see him loving anyone, everyone, except her.


Marched upstairs, Frances was just biding out her time till she could get away again.




OOC: if you can describe the means you use to try keep her in the house, that would be great.

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The girl brooded, her stomach rumbled. As evening fell, Frances listened to the sounds of the house - she could imagine them all around the table, perhaps another court whore of his visiting. Perhaps it would be Eleanor this time. Who knew. She did not care!


Frances pressed her ear to the wall door straining to make out the voices.

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"I have never said such things in your company Frances," Charles insisted. Did she even understand what the word prick meant? He hoped not.


"My fancy friends are friends of the King and the royal family. They help determine the future of England. Those in the gutter are but parasites. You are just mad I brought Catherine home. She wanted to meet you and I thought you might like to meet her. I did not expect you to get upset." He was not going to go so far as to promise to not bring Catherine home again. It was his house and Frances had been wrong to act like a child.


"Miss Sedley is not a tramp," Charles defended his lover. "She is the daughter of a friend of the King and a famous playwright. She is a libertine, meaning that she enjoys witty and improper behavior at times. Some ladies choose that path but are entirely capable of interacting in proper society at the same time. Miss Sedley does not keep my company because I pay her, like a tramp would. Rather, she just enjoys my company," he attempted to explain.


"I'm sorry that it upset you. I was very upset when you left. I had everyone in the household looking for you. Your place is here with me and your mother. You behaved very badly and you cannot come out of your room until you apologize to me properly and seriously."


OOC~ Sorry for the delay. The door to Frances' room will be kept locked. Amy will be told she is responsible for Frances' behavior. She is to check up on her regularly (and sleep with her) and to see that she does not escape. Everyone else in the household will be told that Frances is not to leave the house for any reason until told otherwise by the Earl. Charles will renew his search for a governess.

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There was nothing that Charles could ever say to make Frances think better of Catherine. It was an elementary hatred she felt for the woman who'd stolen her hopes, broken her dreams. (Even if it had never truly been Catherine’s fault that Charles did not love Frances as she had loved him).


She did not reply to him, did not trust herself to do so without bursting into tears. She saved her tears, until she was alone in her bedroom. It was a nice room, it was a lovely house, there was good food and the servants had all been her friends -- but Frances has never been unhappier now.


Amy of course took her role as Frances gaoler seriously. Twice now Frances had run away, there would not be a third on her watch! "Dont be stupid Frances, you are behaving like a spoiled brat. Eat something, you must be starving."


But Frances refused. Locked up day and night, it was the only form of protest left to her - for unfortunately (for Frances) Charles was well versed in how to keep someone a prisoner. There was no escape.



So passed the afternoon of the 30th, and then the Night, through the day of the 31st, and through the evenings turn of the year...





OOC: I believe Sophia is coming to Charles visit re Frances, so lets see what happens with that.

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