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To Lord Winchilsea | arrives Friday December 31st- Xmas 1677

Charles Audley

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My dear Lord Winchilsea,


Salutations of the season. I hope that this letter finds you and yours in good health and that you will forgive my presumption in writing unannounced but it is my belief that the result shall be happiness for the both of us.


Since my arrival at court I have made the acquaintance of one Arthur Cadogan, a friend of my late father. It is my understanding that you have had dealings with the gentleman, which brings me to the point of this missive- the possibility of a mutually beneficial arrangement between you and I.


I would rather discuss the details of this in person. If you are interested, merely name a time and a place. A reply will find me at St. Marks.


Yours, etc.

Charles Audley, Lord Chatham

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Lady Winchelsea’s glasshouse had a thick layer of snow over it, it's fogged panes obscured any view of what laid within.


Probably all dead.


Daniel Finch, stood in the warmth of indoors looking out the window at the back yard, his mood reflective as he remembered the life his green fingered lady wife had tended to back there. Her cheery smile. Her persistant cheerfulness. He drew a deep breath, could it be he missed her. Perhaps it was time to try salvage... salvage, pah. That word brought with it memory of another piteous failure.


A servant bearing silver platter with this mornings correspondence, interrupted Daniels transitioning thoughts of Kingston...


Timely really. He needed a interruption upon this mood. Perhaps it was some good news? It was high time Daniel got some good news.


A reply was delivered by servants hand.


Dear Earl Chatham,

What a curious mutual acquaintance to initiate your contact. I am indeed known to Mr Cadogan, a business acquaintance, as perhaps is your own connection with him. You have me curious indeed to what manner of plan you coyly consider, indeed, what might mutually benefit. A shift in the wind is much sought after, and, two are better than one for they have good reward for their labour*. Join me for a late breakfast at the Woolsack tomorrow, say 11.


I have the honour to be & etc.





* quote Eccl4:9-

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