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Too early for Cards | 30th 10am- Xmas 1677


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Cards Room

The room is decorated in blue and teal, the chairs and settees scattered around in small groupings matching the decor, located in the tower just two stories beneath the Scarlet Drawing room.


Clusters of chairs set around felt covered tables are frequently filled with merry courtiers enjoying banter and a glass of wine over sometimes heated games of cards.


~ The cleaners were yet to service the room.





The Cards room was empty, though the residue of a fine night of gaming till the wee hours remained upon it: A collection of spirits bottles were lined up under one of the tables. The fireplace was cold, the charred remains of a jack boot was in there. Chairs were scattered about, one of which was atop a table, above that the chandelier had an additional ornament of a ladies garter. A playing card had been shredded and littered the floor. There were glasses in various ever decreasing rates of fullness arranged in a row upon another table.


Yes the room was empty. Though somehow a low murmur of voices existed, mostly male, but one female.

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