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To Henry Howard the Duke of Norfolk, arrives 29th by hand- Xmas 1677

George Hardwick III

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It was not the sort of thing one considered lightly.


Indeed Chichester had been contemplating it for months now. In part his return to Italy had been a further chewing over of is faith. Yet in the end George had not entered Rome. He'd skirted around it, and headed further to the south of Italy. Why? For something deeper within him told his heart it would be a betrayal of his King to enter the very seat of Catholicism.


Never the less, even with the decision partly made, it was not an easy step to make.



To His Grace the Duke of Norfolk,


It is with uncertain hand and bold heart I write you; the first for apology for our lack of proper introduction, and the second of vision-pure that presses me beyond that polite courtesy.


There are habits that unite our pasts, with new direction that might ally. For surely I am unlikly alone in finding through you an inspiration towards the future. A future for King and Country, of which our families may one day thank us for. It is with mind to this step, that I would beg an audience, perchance a half hour of your time, in supplication of your council and guidance. Barring the afternoon of Thursday, I am available, awaiting your word upon baited breath.


I remain your obedient servant,

George Hardwick III

Earl of Chichester



The letter was carried by George servant, delivered with a brace of quail.

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A messenger was sent back to bear the duke's response, and so the servant showed up at Chichester's residence to say that his master, the Duke, would be happy to receive Lord Chichester anytime late Friday morning.


The duke had fully understood the other man's meaning. It was safer not to pen a reply. Even inane things could be found to have other meanings, and Norfolk was well-aware that correspondence was one of the prime things ever used against anyone. Not that he (or Chichester) were planning anything untoward, but it was safer for those with any former or current Catholic ties to be overly prudent.

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