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To Mr Pepys by hand 27/12- Xmas 1677

Robert Saint-Leger

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(*Bevsey sent this from Rupert's on Monday in their thread)


Beverley placed the note into the hands of one of Cumberland's servants through the admiralty to bring to Pepys after they had come in from the cold.


The short missive read:


Mr. Pepys,


I hope this missive finds you well and enjoying the holiday season. With the country poised for war, his highness wishes specifics on the state of readiness of our Naval forces. I shall call on you Tuesday around the early evening to discuss matters. Please begin to also have information prepared of ordnance, specifically cannon and which ships shall need outfitted. In addition, we will require a list of ships that have standing Letters of Marque or who have expressed interest in obtaining one in the upcoming engagements.



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His eyesight not being all that he could hope, Pepys had the letter read to him.


"Tuesday?" the Secretary of the Navy remarked with surprise.


"Damn decent that he gives us a whole day to do a week's work," his clerk added gratuitously.


"No one goes home tonight," Samuel responded. It would mean assembling his entire team of clerks.


"And a merry Christmas to us everyone," the clerk declared sarcastically as he turned to deliver the news to the rest of the office.

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