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On the Scent | After lunch, Tuesday Dec. 28th- Xmas 1677

Charles Audley

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Charles cocked his head, considering.


"Perhaps," he allowed. "But there exists a veritable cornucopia of ways for me to squeeze profit from this potential war, and it might be best if we... diversify, if you will."


He added his signature and seal to the documents, nodding along as Arthur provided further details.


"Eh, I'll just send him a brief missive and invite him out to discuss repayment over coffee." Charles smiled thinly. "I have greater freedom to negotiate, shall we say, and social convention dictates that he cannot dismiss me out of hand."


He dashed back the last of his whiskey and stood.


"Well, can't fault you there old man. She's a damn sight prettier than I am. I'll write or call if anything of interest arises in the interim, but for now I shall bid you adieu."


Still chuckling, he headed for the door.




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"Hmm." Arthur accepted Charles reply, though as such a suspicious guy he could not stop a wary thought then popping into his head. Perhaps it was a set up. It would take time to develop trust, even if it did seem as though...


"Well I shall watch your own developments with interest. To War." he raised his glass once more, and finished his drink off.


A grin appeared on his face briefly with Charles commendation of his pending goal, namely his step-mother. "Indeed indeed. And yes you do that." he arose and walked with Charles to the door, "You shall be alright seeing yourself out?"


And of course there were two prettily wrapped parcels at the Perfume counter as Charles exited the back rooms. A blank gift card was tucked under each ribbon, upon the reverse was the details of the shop. "Thank you sir, do call again." the shop keep smiled warmly, "Happy Christmas!"






OOC: and yes that's a wrap!


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