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To Doctor James Whistler | December 28th- Xmas 1677

James Winchester

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To Doctor James Whistler

Secretary of the Royal College of Physicians


Dear Doctor Whistler,


I fear it has been over long since I've last had the pleasure of your company; I hope you'll forgive me the call of duty and the demands of our mutual profession. I trust that the season finds you hale and whole, and all the better for the passage of time.


I am writing to you on two accounts. The first is that I am seeking a further physician to employ. You will recall finding me the young Doctor Bennington for the Free Clinic; he has proven an excellent physician with a strong work ethic, a true asset. Indeed he is part of the reason that the Clinic has been so successful.


The Clinic has, in fact, been such a success that it has inspired in Her Majesty a desire to do further along the very same lines, and thus I am writing to you in the hope that you might aid me in finding a physician for the future Queen Karoline London Royal Infirmary.


The second count on which I write is that I am looking for a fellow physician with a specific specialty; an expertise in the birthing process. Unusual, I know, but it is Her Majesty's desire that I should become as knowledgeable in the area as I can; a natural concern perhaps and what the Queen wishes, we oblige! If you know of such a fellow, please do pass on his details to me, or mine to him, if you would be so very kind.


A very blessed Christmas to you and yours. Do give my regards to your wife.


Sir James, Doctor Winchester

Baron Wentwood


The letter was accompanied by a carefully cured and smoked pheasant, along with the fancy tail feathers separated into wrapped parcel, so that they might be used in a hat or some such.

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It had taken exerted effort, but Whistler had managed clear his desk before Christmas descended, the RCP being largely emptied out around that date.


Alas he was one of the few that had drawn the short straw of keeping office, although admittedly the hours were nominal at this time of the year, and he still had much time to spend with family and upon the various religious observation.


The odd bit of correspondence still arrived on his desk, and this one, from the knighted Doctor (a rare instance). Whistler picked up his quill and tendered his reply, so that it arrived within surprisingly short time. Just some hours later that afternoon.


To Sir James, Doctor Winchester & Baron Wentwood,


A pleasure to hear from you again, in your various capacities, and with good news upon some scores, all while my congratulations upon other achievements being over due. Thus please accept my belated commendations, your success is a rare and notable thing, indeed mention was made at one of the meetings that a portrait of you would be fittingly placed in our hall, have you one at your disposal, perchance 20"x24" (in keeping with the proportion of other portraits of the societies notables).


To your current matters at hand, the turn of the year is an apt time to consider a new employee, and I have three newly qualified candidates that I would like to send to your for interview. Should we set a time of ten of the morning upon subsequent days perhaps? Please advise of your preference, and I shall make the arrangements.


Lastly, regarding your request, in what might seem an unlikly directive I would refer you to contact Lord Basildon. He sports some specialist french family connection with a Doctor with some highly coveted innovation that, by accounts, was the saving of both his babe and wife's life just last year. I know not the doctors name, who was in fact not registered with us in England, but whom we might make some dispensation for when it is the future of England we are currently talking of. Make your way to his door, and do not leave until you are enlightened.


Accept my compliments of the season,

and the Lords Blessing upon your family



Dr Whistler

Secretary for the RCP


Attending the letter was a bottle of double malt whiskey (regifted!)

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James smiled to himself as he read the letter from his friend and colleague. Once wary of him, their adventures together had grown a mutual respect.


Dear Doctor Whistler,


Both you and the College honour me far too much, though I shall take the words of a friend with due humbleness, and express the hope that my work reflects well on the profession as a whole, to the benefit of my colleagues. As to the portrait, again far too kind, I shall have one arranged of suitable dimensions and appropriate mien.


I am most pleased to hear that the College is welcoming new graduates, for thus our influence grows, and I should be delighted to interview your recommendations. Shall we say 10, 10:30 and 11 on the 3rd, if that would suit? Do have them come to Winchester House, and they shall be warmly received.


Whilst I would hesitate to resort to medical skills not born of good English soil, I will contact Lord Basildon, and thank you for your advice. Truly, the Queen's wellbeing stands above any national pride. I shall simply have to claim this innovation for England!


Thank you again, blessings on you and yours,


Sir James, Doctor Winchester

Baron Wentwood

Her Majesty's Royal Physician

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