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To Anne Scott, Duchess of Buccleuch | arrives 28/12- Xmas 1677

Sophia de la Cerda

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Your Grace,


I truly enjoyed going with you to the hospital on Christmas day to deliver cakes to the patients. I wonder if you would like to meet with me to discuss further charitable endeavors. Perhaps we could discuss it while shopping or taking a stroll in the palace gardens. If you are interested, please let me know and we can work out a date and time that will be perfect for both of us.



Lady Sophia


Sophia hoped that Anne would read between the lines and know that she hoped to talk about the situation at Bedlam and how best to proceed in their investigations as to whether or not the patients were being treated unfairly. She was not going to give up, and she thought that the Duchess would welcome another opportunity for adventure.


After sealing the letter, she fastened a sprig of holly to it with two ribbons tied in a bow … one purple and one gold ... and sent it by courier to be delivered immediately.

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It took a while for messages to be sent, upon account of Anne living out at Chelsea, but some hours later on Tuesday a reply arrived.


Lady Toledo,

I had wondered if you were going to attend the meeting with me. They said that would run from ten until it was finished, so I quite imagine all of Wednesday shall be spent there.


If you aren't attending, then perhaps we catch up upon Thursday? Though not in the gardens, I am forever done with the cliche, although the peril of the cold in the winder does add an element of danger I suppose? Yet I would prefer some adventurous locale, like perhaps a rendezvous atop a bell tower. Oh my that does sound exciting doesn't it! Now that I have thought of it, we surely must!


Let me know if you wish, I shall let you choose who's tower we shall meet up upon.


Yours in adventures!


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arrives Tuesday evening by hand


After she returned from the Embassy, Sophia sat down at her desk to write to Lady Buccleuch.


Your Grace,


I wish I could join you for the meeting, but unfortunately, I have other obligations I must attend to. I will be able to join you for an adventure on Thursday, perhaps in the early afternoon when the day is at its warmest. A bell tower sounds like an exciting place for an excursion. Maybe we will even be allowed to ring the bells! I am not familiar with any of the towers in London, so I will leave it up to you to choose.


We can go in my carriage, you can pick me up in yours, or we can meet somewhere. Please let me know what would suit you best.


Sincerely your friend,

Lady Sophia

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Sophia had said initially she wanted to discuss charity work, though Anne was more interested in the mystery surrounding Bedlam, and hoped that Sophia would have set time aside for that. But alas, she had made other plans.


Our Adventuress felt she was getting in a little deep for comfort. Well, that was to say she had little desire to sit as lone female at a dreary meeting for who knew how many hours, but she had little other option now, the meeting was the next day.


With a sigh, she picked up her quill. At least she coudl look forward to the fun of a bell tower. She'd alwasy fancied roof-top-walking, but her favorie Lifeguard Douglas had advised against it. This might be the next best thing.


Dear Lady Toledo,

I wish I could not go also, but I promised. So, shall bear the boredom with the prospect of our adventure the next day. I shall invite along another too, to share in our dare-devilry! Lets ascend Westminster - meet us there, at 2!

Intrepidly yours


aka Goodness Gracious!


The note arrived with a lock pick - a gift which Anne thought seemed very exciting and daring. Like, they might need to use it to get through a pesky locked door!

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