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Sweet Surrender [27/12. evening]- Xmas 1677


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Their kiss was pure ecstasy and she purred in contentment as their tongues danced together in perfect harmony. Juliana could feel his arms around her, holding her tight as if he never wanted to let her go. She didn't want to let him go either, but eventually they both had to come up for air.


Lifting her head, the pretend Princess smiled down at him. “And you have spoiled me. From now on, I'll be comparing every man I meet to you, and I know that I will find them all lacking. You are perfect, my dear Charles, and nothing can compare with perfection.”


The afterglow of their passion seemed to bathe them both in a lovely glow. When he yawned, so did she. Yawns were extremely contagious. “We can stay here all night if you'd like.” Juliana changed position so that she was lying half on top of him, with her head resting against his chest and one long leg draped over him. “This couch is big enough for both of us. It will be a tight fit ...” She kissed his shoulder. “...But that's the way I like it.”


There were no blankets to cover themselves with but the fire would keep them warm. Closing her eyes, she sighed happily. Only a few moments later, her body relaxed against him and her breathing became soft and even as she succumbed to the irresistible pull of slumber.


~finis~ for Juliana

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