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Sweet Surrender [27/12. evening]- Xmas 1677


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His deep laugh rumbled resonate beneath her ear. Crushed tightly against him, she could feel it as well as hear it. Juliana was tempted to tease him about laughing at her, but she didn't want to spoil the silent tranquility between them. Instead, she reached up and traced the outline of his lips before gently stroking his cheek, her hand finally coming to rest over his heart. It was almost frightening how well attuned they were. They had known each other such a short time but they fit together perfectly in every way.


Juliana shifted slightly when he moved his arm so that he could stroke the back of her head. Her scalp tingled pleasantly as his fingers brushed over it. “Mmmmmm,” she purred again, closing her eyes and simply enjoying his attention. The rise and fall of his chest made her feel as if she was floating, a very comforting sensation. “I'm glad you think so.” Her figure was fashionably lush and she was quite proud of it.


The warmth of his hand on her bum rekindled her desire, although as yet it was only a spark. It wouldn't take much effort on Charles' part to turn that spark into another raging fire. “Oh, but I wouldn't have you any other way,” she insisted. “Soft men do not appeal to me.”


Juliana melted into his kiss, reveling in its tenderness, so different from the demanding kiss he had ravished her with only a few minutes ago. There seemed to be so many different facets to his personality … the savage beast of the labyrinth, the humble and groveling slave, this sweet and affectionate lover. She wanted to learn everything about him and envisioned many more nights like this to come.


And once again, it appeared as if he had read her mind, and he also confirmed that their game of goddess and worshiper was over at least for awhile. “Why thank you.” Lifting her head, she kissed him lightly and then nestled back against his shoulder. “You make a delightful slave, so eager to do anything your goddess asks of you. I, too, would enjoy playing with you again.” Looking up at him, she winked cheekily. “I already have quite a few ideas for our next game.”

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Charles nuzzled lazily at Juliana's stroking fingers, enjoying this quiet, playful intimacy. It was as pleasant, in its way, as the more energetic intimacy of some minutes prior. He felt a wave of affection for his Venus. He could not remember, in that moment, another playmate that had matched him so perfectly.


Oh, don't tell me you're getting soft in your old age.


The thought prompted a huff of amusement as Juliana purred again. She really was behaving like a cat. She was as vain as one, too, though he could not claim that was unjustified. Past a certain point, comparing beautiful women was utterly pointless, but she was undeniably one of the most lovely women he had ever seen. Besides, he rather liked seeing her preen.


"I'd have to be blind not to think so," he murmured, entirely in the cause of seeing more of it. "I'd be considerably more effusive but you've quite stolen my wits. Give me a few minutes to gather myself and I'll see about paying a properly eloquent homage."


He preened a little himself when she told him she had no use for soft men and leaned down to kiss her gently. Charles was not sure if she had any further plans for the evening, but he was perfectly content to remain like this for the nonce. He could almost grasp the appeal of marriage in moments like this.




He gave her bum an appreciative squeeze as she told him he had made a good slave, lips quirking slightly at how pleased he was by such an... unconventional compliment.


"Well, you make it so very easy to obey you, like my rightful place in the world is kneeling at your feet." He gave a mock-shudder. "Why, there is no telling how I might debase myself for your amusement, or what depravities I might perform at your instruction."


He smiled at her wink before adopting an expression of mock-sternness.


"You're mocking me. I told you how much I miss being bale to do that. In recompense, I demand you reveal these ideas of your immediately."

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Juliana would have been pleased to be compared to a cat. She had little patience for felines, but she did admire their grace, the sleek way they moved, and their haughty demeanor … all traits that she shared with them. Like her, they refused to do anything that they didn't want to do and they didn't care what anyone else thought of them. And they liked sex.


But she wasn't aware of Charles' thoughts as she lay half on top of him, completely relaxed and serene. There was nothing she would rather do at this moment than snuggle against him, enjoying their closeness and their teasing banter. Although the room was a bit chilly, she was not the least bit cold, still basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.


“You were blind not so long ago. If you want to repeat the experience, all you have to do is beg.” She raised her head and kissed his cheek. “You have already paid homage to me in the most delightful way. Sometimes actions are more eloquent than words.” Juliana was not at her wittiest after sex either. Her mind was hazy with pleasure and her thoughts were languorous at best.


Oh, how she adored his kisses, whether forceful or gentle. She loved the texture and taste of his lips and the way his tongue often danced with hers. Some men were lousy kissers but Charles had turned kissing into a form of art, and every one was different and exciting.


She laughed when he squeezed her shapely ass and pushed against him enticingly. “Your rightful place is kneeling at my feet. You just didn't know it until tonight.” Her voice was full of amusement. “But I promise I won't tell anyone.”


Juliana shook her head when he demanded that she reveal her ideas and placed one finger against his lips. “One of the most intriguing aspects of the game we played is the element of surprise. If you know what to expect, then it will not be nearly as thrilling.”

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"There are a great many things I might beg you for. I'll add that to the list," Charles purred out. The next few moments passed in silence as the two of them kissed and simply enjoyed their close embrace.


He gave an almost effeminate moan as Juliana spoke of his proper place. Even if that somehow escaped her attention, the way his cock began to surge back to life almost certainly did not. (Her little wriggle helped with that, of course, but he would not deny it was mainly the work of her voice and words.) He caressed her arse again, both to thank her for the image and encourage her to create more.


"Oh, when you talk like that I don't think I could resist, or even want to, if you decided to strip me naked and parade me on a leash through St. James' Park." His eye flared as an idea occurred to him. "Should I get a collar? I'd need a proper pet name of course..." He gazed at her inquiringly.


He pouted, an eminently ridiculous expression on him, as Juliana refused to reveal what she had planned. Charles held the pout for a moment before kissing at her silencing finger and sucking briefly at the tip.


"Well then, how do you propose to make it up to me? My feelings are quite hurt."

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“Oh?” One golden eyebrow arched upward. “I do wonder what else you might beg for.” Juliana knew better than to ask. Knowing too much in advance lessened the fun of the game. She liked surprises.


His moan fanned that little spark of desire smoldering inside her, and she smiled smugly when she felt his cock harden against the leg she had draped over him. She was pleased that the thought of kneeling at her feet aroused him and his willingness to submit to her every whim made her want to stay in London longer than she had planned. The phony princess had never dreamed that one of the first gentlemen she met would compliment her personality so perfectly.


And his next comment only confirmed it. Neither of them cared a whit about what society thought of them. “Don't tempt me,” she chuckled, wriggling again as he caressed her bum. The notion of walking him like a dog was quite appealing, but she assumed he was only jesting. “Yes, you definitely need a collar.” She had been collared before and it had been a very intriguing experience.


“As for pet names, hmmmmm.” Juliana propped her elbow on the pillow and rested her head in her hand, studying him with a contemplative expression on her face. “Nothing comes to mind at the moment. I'll have to think on it.” Something suggestive that sounded innocent would suit him quite well.


On his roguishly handsome visage, a pout did look amusingly out of place. She laughed again, but only a moment later, her eyes were closed and she purred once more as he sucked on the tip of her finger.


“Well, we can't have that, can we?” she asked, a mischievous note in her low, sultry voice. Lifting her hand from where it rested over his heart, she raked her fingernails softly down his chest and stomach until she reached his cock, still slick with her own juices. For the first time all evening, she touched it, her fingertips sliding down its length and up again before circling its head. “Will this suffice?” she asked.

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"But I like tempting you," Charles jokingly protested. "And it is a wonderful image, isn't it? Naked and crawling on my hands and knees, so far gone that all I can go do is pant in want, cock steel hard and dripping with need, my arse wriggling in the air, desperate for your attention." His voice dropped. "And everyone watching can see how fully you own me." He smiled at her, hoping his words had gotten Juliana as worked up as they had him.


He smiled as she agreed that he needed a collar. The comment had been a whim, but now he was thinking about it and found the idea... intriguing.


"Yes, but what sort should I get? I've never worn one before, and I should hate to disappoint you. What style of collar does Venus desire her pet to wear? And pet names..." He considered. "Something a little degrading, obviously, to remind me that I belong prostrate at your feet. I'm prone to getting ideas above my station, you see."


Charles very deliberately did not moan as Juliana set about caressing him. Instead he shrugged carelessly and smirked.


"Oh, it's a promising beginning, but I'm frightfully sensitive about the winking issue."

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The picture he painted with his words caused her to squirm against him. That familiar and delightful ache was back, pulsing steadily between her thighs. Oh, she would adore acting out that scenario, as much for the fun of it as to see old ladies faint in shock. The notion of his arse wriggling brought a puff of laughter. “We shall need to wait for warmer weather unless you want to freeze your balls off.” Juliana grinned wickedly. “And I will need to acquire a whip, just in case you get out of line.”


He had apparently not been jesting about the collar. “Venus wishes her pet to wear black leather, studded with gold and jewels. And it should have a golden ring in the center where I can attach a leash.” Even if they never left the bedchamber, a collar and leash would add a bit of spice to their lovemaking. "And your cock needs a collar too.”


Still leaning on her elbow, her other hand moved toward his face and she placed one finger against his lips. “You're already speaking above your station, but I don't mind if you give me ideas. For now. As for your pet name, that will come in time, but meanwhile, I will call you 'my chattel,' which is also a play on your name.”


He lay completely still as she caressed his cock, pretending that his touch didn't affect him at all. Juliana continued stroking him. “Well, I can't give you back your eye. Even if I found it, it's such a beautiful color I would be tempted to keep it for myself.” Her eyes were blue as well, but much paler.


In one swift movement, she scooted downwards. Holding her hair back with one hand, she licked the head of his cock. “Will this do?”

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"There is that," Charles admitted, doing his best to focus through Juliana's delicious squirming. "I rather fancy we both get too much enjoyment out of them to sacrifice them so cavalierly." His lips curved in mirror of hers. "And a whip might well be advisable, yes. Shall I get you a riding crop as my next gift?"


He couldn't help the shuddering little gasp that escaped him as Juliana detailed his collar.


Have a care, or you'll find yourself begging her to parade you naked through the palace.

"I shall have them made to your directions then. I assume the one for my cock should be the same style?" He daydreamed for a moment, unconsciously grinding his hardening member up against her.


He nipped lightly at her silencing finger, eye twinkling merrily. "Then punish me for my impertinence," he purred. "If you don't, I'll keep testing the boundaries. Who knows, I might even end up trying to put you on a leash, hmm?" He was taking a small chance there, but the worst Juliana would do was punish him, and if the idea genuinely interested her?


Well, the possibility is worth the risk.

Charles was momentarily disappointed as Juliana slid from his grasp. He had been rather enjoying fondling her. The disappointment was quickly excised by the feeling of her tongue on his cock, though he managed to hold his smirk under her attentions.


"Progress," he allowed, waggling his eyebrows. He had never been able to resist pushing his luck.

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“Most definitely,” Juliana agreed, and to prove her point, she reached between them and squeezed his balls gently, teasingly. “But we can make plans for the coming spring.” She didn't think they would ever tire of each other. Tonight was only the first of many exciting evenings. He would have other lovers and so would she, but she believed that they would always gravitate back to each other.


“I will expect it." The thought of punishing him with a riding crop sent hot little thrills shimmering through her body. “And you should present it to me publicly on New Years Day. Pick out one you will like to be chastised with.” Only the two of them would know the significance of the gift. She wasn't certain how exactly the English gave gifts but she imagined that many would be presented at the ball.


“Of course. The collars must match or it will look as if Venus has no sense of fashion. You should find an eye patch that complements them as well.” Juliana smiled when he ground his cock against her. He did seem to enjoy the notion of being treated as a pet as well as a slave. Then again, were not all slaves pets?


He nipped at her finger like an enthusiastic puppy. “Oh, I will,” she promised, “just not right now. Part of your punishment is to wonder when I will decide to administer it.” A grin was her answer to his suggestion of role reversal. “So should I have a collar made too?” That simple question would tell him that she enjoyed both sides of their erotic game.


Juliana looked up at him and pouted when he implied that one lick was not enough. “You are harder to please than I am,” she sighed. She gently rolled her tongue around the head of his cock, tasting herself on him as well as his own unique scent. Moving downwards, she licked and nibbled in a spiral motion, going around and around the length of him. As she moved back upwards, she sucked lightly in a circular motion, licked the tip again, and then nibbled her way back downwards.


Now she took his balls in one hand and squeezed them slightly together, sucking lightly as her tongue deftly licked and caressed them. Replacing her mouth with one hand, she continued to fondle his balls while she took him into her mouth with exquisite slowness, sucking gently until his cock tickled back of her throat. Her mouth moved up and down, up and down, and her eyes moved to his face to see how she was affecting him.


Juliana would have asked if she had sufficiently atoned for winking at him, but her governess had taught her never to talk with her mouth full.

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Charles sighed happily as Juliana teased his balls. The warm, lazy sensuality of their current position was probably the closest Charles ever came to understanding contentment. He allowed himself to bask in the sensation for a few moments before replying.


"I'm glad you agree. The coming spring can't come fast enough- I shall not be able to sleep, thinking of my goddess showing me off publicly." His eye glittered wickedly. "Though perhaps we should take advantage of the wait, and see if I can learn some tricks."


He sighed again in evident bliss as they talked of riding crops, pleasantly distracted by the conjured images. And she wanted him to present her with it in public! He'd be lying if he denied that the thought made his cock twitch. Why, it would practically be public foreplay.


"I'm likely to be at at least half-mast when I hand the crop over, you know," he said lightly, eye full of mirth. "People watching but not actually seeing what's happening, the thought of what you're going to use that crop for... Mhm." (He was jesting, but the thought had genuine erotic appeal.)


"Tell me, can you feel what the thought of wearing your collar does to me?" he asked, a trifle breathlessly. It was an almost shockingly alluring prospect for a man who prized his freedom and independence above all else. "'Tis just as well you're collaring my cock too."


He answered her grin with one of his own, feeling a fierce thrill run through him. This, Charles thought approvingly, was a woman. He leaned up to whisper in her ear and gently tease the lobe with his teeth.


"It might save time. I think your neck would look exquisite in a collar." He laughed. "Would it be horribly twee if we matched?"


Entirely unsurprisingly, Juliana was a most accomplished fellatrix. Even beyond her undoubted skill she had what Charles had always considered the most vital ingredient in giving oral pleasure- the sense that she was enjoying what she was doing. That was a heady sensation, and Charles freely gave her the reactions she earned, abandoning his reserve and moaning shamelessly under her lips and tongue. Eventually, he found enough wit and breath to speak.


"Oh, God."


No. Try again.


"That was an enthusiastic act of penance."




"So, what would be your pleasure now? I am, almost literally, entirely in your hands."

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Juliana's sigh echoed his. Their lovemaking had left behind a peaceful lethargy that she rarely experienced. Thoughts usually raced through her mind constantly and she had always found it difficult to be still. Now both her mind and her body were completely relaxed, except for the rising desire in her veins, and she lazily fondled his balls while enjoying their playful banter.


“I don't want you so tired that I'll have to drag you through the park,” she chuckled. “You won't have any trouble falling asleep after you've been with me. Learning tricks can be quite exhausting, because I am a perfectionist and I won't let you stop until you get them right. If I ask you to carry out a command when other people are watching, I don't want to be humiliated by an inept performance.”


She could tell by the way his cock twitched against her leg that that presenting the riding crop to her in a public place met with his approval. Nobody would guess why he was giving it to her or how she was going to use it. It would look like an innocent gift, when really it was anything but. Charles would not be the only one aroused by their naughty little ruse.


“Half-mast?” She raised a golden eyebrow. “Then I will have to make certain that my response raises it to full-mast.” It was fortunate that the flared style of a justacorps could easily conceal a gentleman's erection. No one but the two of them would know. Though she wouldn't be able to see the bulge in his breeches, Juliana was certain that his eye would clearly show his desire. If it was at the ball, perhaps they would dance together afterward and she could continue to tease him on the dance floor, maybe with the riding crop in her hand.


Juliana wriggled against him again. “Of course I can. I like the way it feels beneath my leg. And yes, I must restrain that unruly beast of yours. Make sure the collar is adjustable so that I can loosen it or tighten it as the … need arises.”


So Charles enjoyed the dominant role as well. She wondered what kind of master he would be, and she trembled in anticipation as he nibbled on her ear, which tingled delightfully. His words caused more wetness to burst between her thighs. “It's your choice how you wish to collar your slave. If you want us to match, then we shall. Unfortunately, black won't look nearly as good on me as it will on you.”


Unlike many women, Juliana actually enjoyed fellatio. Not only was it exceedingly pleasurable for the gentleman, it was one of the few instances when she had a man completely at her mercy. Charles' moans encouraged her and her mouth moved faster upon his swollen member and then slowed down again, varying in intensity to make it more interesting.


And there was her answer. After sucking it all the way in, she released his cock slowly until it slid out of her mouth. “And that's exactly how I like you,” she purred, scooting upwards until she was straddling him on her hands and knees, her face close to his. Pressing her lips to his, Juliana kissed Charles with forceful passion while one of her hands moved between them, her fingers gently grasping his cock.


“This is what I want from you.” Shifting slightly, she guided him into her and then sat down hard, impaling herself upon him. Her inner muscles contracted wildly and her body screamed with blissful sensations. Her back arched and her breasts bounced enticingly. Instead of riding him immediately, she sat still, savoring the way he filled her completely.

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"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that," Charles laughed in reply. "So long as you're walking in front of me I shall find the strength to keep crawling." He waggled his eyebrows and fondled her bum to illustrate the point. "And you need not worry about my performance either. With your... encouragement how could I be anything less than perfect?"


The more he thought about it, the more appealing Charles found the idea of publicly gifting Juliana with the riding crop. And why stop there? Justacorps and voluminous skirts could conceal a multitude of sins, if one had sufficient audacity. (And both of them were massively oversupplied with that.)


Perhaps we might surprise our little bunny again...


He had to bite the inside of his cheek to hold back his cackling as he replied to Juliana.


"I very much doubt you'll have any difficulty in that. I'm almost certain to give you cause to use that crop on me in short order."


He swallowed a moan as she wriggled against him again.


"Unruly beast?" he eventually managed. "Occasionally overeager to prove its devotion to you, perhaps, but it bends to your will as easily as the rest of me." He grinned. "And like the rest of me, it finds the idea of wearing your collar an immensely pleasant one." He pressed the evidence against her.


It really was unfair, he mused idly as he nibbled at Juliana's ear, the effect just her movements could have on him. Unfair on which of them he could not say, but one of them was definitely losing out.


"Well, you know the right words in any case," he purred. "It remains to be seen if you believe them, or can match them with your actions." He dipped to kiss her throat. "But you have a point regardless. Perhaps blue, to match your eyes?"


Charles watched through a half-lidded eye as Juliana lavished attention on his cock and balls, moaning freely in pleasure. She was exquisitely talented, altering speed and intensity so as to prolong the experience. Again, he marvelled at how well matched they were.


I should feign offense more often, if she apologises like this.


"I won't deny that it's a most comfortable position for me too," he admitted as she re-positioned herself. "You do the most interesting things with me..."


He met her kiss enthusiastically, entirely heedless of what she had just been doing. (It had never actually occurred to Charles that most men would not kiss a woman after fellatio, and he would have dismissed it as ridiculous hypocrisy if it had.)


He groaned as his cock was sheathed within her, eyeing her displayed form appreciatively and enjoying her velvet grip on him.


"Speaking of positions, this one has a fantastic view," he murmured, sliding his hands up and down her flanks. "Now, what sort of ride would your highness like?"

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Juliana sighed in pleasure as he caressed her bum. “If that is your incentive, then I need to make certain that you don't get distracted by imagining what the other ladies in the park are hiding beneath their skirts. You might think you are already the perfect pet, but I suspect you need quite a bit of training before I take you out for a walk. Appearances are everything, after all.”


Charles did seem to want to feel the bite of a riding crop against his arse. “Then you shall come home with me that evening.” Had she known what he was thinking, the desire coursing through her body would have heightened. The thought of getting away with something scandalous in public was always thrilling to her. And now, though she wasn't award of it yet, she had a willing partner in crime.


“Yes, I can tell.” His shaft was pressing against her invitingly and she could hardly wait to feel him inside her again. She chuckled at his assessment of his cock's eagerness to please her. “Well, I certainly don't want to break its spirit. I confess that I like both of you a bit untamed.”


The ability to seamlessly switch roles was yet one more trait they had in common. It was both exciting and a little bit frightening how perfectly their wishes and desires coincided. Juliana had never thought she would meet her match when it came to carnal pleasure, but now she believed that she had found him in this tantalizing one-eyed Earl.


“I won't deny that my arrogance is the biggest obstacle to total obedience, but I have no doubt that you will find a way to suppress it.” She lifted her neck when he kissed her throat, a low sultry moan escaping her lips. In her mind, she envisioned him tying her up and then roaming about her house collecting items to use on her. The ache between her thighs was becoming unbearable, a sweet torment in itself.


“And I have only just begun,” she teased before her lips met his. Quite a few of Juliana's former partners had refused to kiss her after fellatio, and she was glad that Charles wasn't one of them. Not that she had ever thought he would be. She was a bit surprised that he had not anticipated her next move, and his lusty groan sent more enthralling sensations cavorting through her body, as did his hands running up and down her thighs.


“I'm happy you like the view.” To enhance his enjoyment, she cupped her own breasts and circled her nipples with the tips of her long musician's fingers. Lifting her hips, she let his cock slide nearly all the way out before sheathing it again and beginning to move back and forth upon him. “I usually like to start at a slow walk and then work up to a wild and unrestrained gallop. But I'm open to suggestions."

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Charles laughed softly, hands continuing their fondling.


"Now why on earth would I bother imagining what other women are hiding beneath their skirts when I could just picture the perfection I know you have beneath yours? But I shan't complain if you insist on intensive training. I'm quite looking forward to it actually."


He bared his teeth in a feral grin at her invitation (command, really).


"You'd leave me panting in need all evening? I'm sure we could find a quiet nook somewhere..."


He complained, but the thought of spending the night frustrated until Juliana deigned to show mercy was an intensely erotic one, sufficiently so for him to unconsciously lick his lips.


"He's a demonstrative fellow," he agreed, chuckling along with her. The chuckle became a sharp grin at her next words. "That is good to hear and good to know, but do promise that you'll give us both the discipline we so sorely need."


Charles could count on his eye the number of people he had met with whom he had shared such an instinctive understanding. They had joked, on their first meeting, about being kindred spirits. That would have amused him had he thought about it. He had been avoiding doing that.


Thankfully, there were distractions aplenty at hand as he nuzzled into Juliana's throat. He smiled and moved his lips back to her ear, dragging them along her neck and jawline.


"Oh, I'll think of something. And a little defiance would be not necessarily be unwelcome. There is small joy in a victory easily won."


Time passed in a sensual haze for Charles as Juliana resumed their play. He smiled at her as she teased.


"Promises, promises," he managed before their lips met and he had other things to worry about.


He laughed in low delight as Juliana teased her own nipples. "Breathtaking," he whispered, hands trailing up her thighs to rest on her hips. He allowed himself a small groan as she started moving before matching her rhythm and smirking up at her.


"Rider sets the pace."

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“I've seen too many gentlemen with wandering eyes to believe that they can keep their attention on just one lady, no matter how fine their mistress is. I don't want to take any chances so I am glad you look forward to your training. When I am finished with you, your eye will never stray from me, for you will know what will happen if it does.”


Juliana suspected that Charles' eye would wander simply because he liked to be punished. And he had that riding crop to look forward to. She would have some surprises for him as well and would probably demand that he buy her other gifts to be used in their erotic play.


“It depends on the situation,” she intoned mysteriously, “and finding a place suitable to our needs. We are both too tall to hide in a crowd. However, the thought of you panting for me all evening does have its appeal.” So did copulating in a shadowy corner with the possibility of discovery. Maybe they could go to the labyrinth again and shock some other poor unsuspecting soul. Juliana wondered if that poor girl was still haunted by what she had seen.


“Yes, that he is,” she agreed, rubbing her leg back and forth over his cock. “I like his eagerness to please me.” She grinned wickedly. “I do love it when you beg for discipline. Don't worry. You'll receive so much of it that you may implore me to stop. A word of warning: pleading for less chastisement usually means you need more of it.”


Juliana knew instinctively that Charles would be as competent a master as she was a mistress, and she looked forward to the night when the tables would be turned, although she was enjoying her current role too much to give up this evening. “Mmmmmm,” she purred as his lips left a trail of fiery tingles from her ear to her jawline.


He is so magnificently virile. Everything he does to me delights me. I would have come to England long ago if I had known that he awaited me here.


Most gentlemen, she had found, enjoyed watching ladies pleasure themselves and Charles was no exception. His praise encouraged her and she continued fondling her own breasts as his hands slid to rest on her hips and she began to move on top of him


“Very well,” she conceded. “I hope you don't mind a little trick riding.”


She started out slow, alternating between sliding back and forth and bouncing up and down. Suddenly she stopped and smirked teasingly. Moving carefully and keeping him tight inside her, she turned around so that she was facing away from him, giving him a completely different sensation and view.


In this position, he was pressing against her back walls, which deepened her own pleasure as well. Juliana turned around again, and then again, finally stopping when she was once more facing away from him. Using her thigh muscles, she moved up and down, back and forth, leaning over slightly to give him a more powerful and unusual thrill.


Her breath was coming in little gasps as the pressure built inside her, threatening to explode into waves of bliss at any moment. She was going in for the kill now, determined to give him a release that he would never forget. Juliana turned to face him, riding him relentlessly now, her gaze locked on that beautiful blue eye of his.

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"You say the sweetest things," Charles laughed, "but if my eye does stray, it will be merely to remind myself how fortunate I am, that Venus herself condescended to place me in bondage."


And because the game would be less fun for both of them if he didn't give Juliana a proper excuse to punish him.


"When it comes to hiding in a crowd, I think our height is the least of our issues," he laughed again, eye glinting merrily at her next words. "Oh, but you are cruel. I knew there was a reason I liked you." Like Juliana, his thoughts immediately turned to their little interloper. Had the poor girl ever worked out exactly what she had interrupted?


He moaned as she shifted against him, his own hips moving in response. His smile was more than half a snarl of lust as she spoke.


"That is just as well," he growled. "I need so very much of it. I am a wicked, wicked creature."


Oh, where have you been all my life? And why, in the name of God, did I never visit Sweden?

His eye flashed in reply to her words, even as he gasped in response to her movements.


"That depends on the trick."


And what a trick it was. Novel, even, which was something to be treasured for a voluptuary as seasoned as Charles. Remaining joined while switching positions was new to him and the feel of her moving around him was exquisite. He ground against her, hands resuming fondling her bottom now that it was back in reach.


"I certainly don't mind this particular trick," he moaned. And then there was no need for words as he buried himself in the sensation, instinct alone guiding his actions. He certainly was not sure when she turned to face him again. Feeling his climax well up as the pace quickened, his fingers moved to caress her mound.


"God, you're beautiful," he sighed out, and shuddered as he reached completion.

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“Or so you would try to convince me. You will probably get a lot of attention, but I will teach you to ignore it.” Juliana doubted that Charles would really want to go through with the scenario they were discussing, but if he was truly as reckless as she, he could be serious. Nobody would be able to resist staring at a stark naked man crawling through the park on a leash.


“And you must not moan while we're out. You will learn the responses that I expect you to give me in public.”


He seemed to like the idea of spending the evening in a state of constant arousal more than finding a private place to satisfy his lust. She would be in the same condition once he gave her the riding crop. At least her desire was hidden easily. Playful glances across the ballroom, licking the rim of her glass, and slowly sucking a tasty morsel of fruit or cake into her mouth would all add fuel to the fire. She was absolutely positive that he would find ways to tease her as well.


“You have only tasted the cusp of my cruelty,” she assured him, enjoying the way he writhed beneath her. “I will beat that wickedness out of you, and you will love every moment of it.”


Juliana's moans joined his as she turned around and around while still impaled upon him. The friction this caused on her pearl was divine. She had learned this particular trick from a whore during a threesome in Sweden. The gentleman involved was only too happy to allow her to practice on him after the whore's demonstration. In fact, she had learned many sensual techniques that night.


Facing him again, she bounced up and down on him energetically, her loose blonde curls bouncing against her back. Her moans became louder and more lusty as she neared her climax, and she gasped breathlessly when she felt his fingers caressing her mound. His sincere flattery combined with his seed spurting inside her sent her spiraling up to the heights of pleasure, breathtaking sensations careening through her body. As her ecstasy increased, she fondled her own breasts again and threw back her head, letting out a long and sultry sigh.


Her movements gradually slowed down, and she collapsed on top of him, her bosom pressed against his chest. Her heart beat wildly and it took her a few moments to catch her breath. “Has anyone ever told you how marvelous you are?” she whispered, lifting her head. With a satisfied smile, she pressed her lips to his, her hair once more cascading around them like a silky waterfall.

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Charles laughed huskily.


"So many have tried and failed to save my soul with prayer and admonishment. I think I much prefer your methods. Far more interesting." He pressed further against Juliana to emphasise the point. "More likely to succeed too," he added with a waggle of his eyebrows.


Facing toward or away from him, Juliana plunging away astride made for a staggeringly attractive sight. Charles would have told her so, but he found himself rather short of breath. Something to do with all the moaning he was doing, presumably. He could not investigate the theory, his mental processes being rather caught up in the frankly indescribably pleasurable sensations he was experiencing. All he could manage was to caress whatever parts of her he could reach and drink in the wonderful feelings, sounds and sights Juliana was providing.


Charles was not certain what pushed him over the edge, but he had a shrewd idea that Juliana fondling her breasts had a fair bit to do with it. Things got hazy after that, and he had no idea how much time had passed by the time he came to with Juliana sprawled atop him. He wrapped hus arms around her, snuggling her into him. Idly, he kissed the top of her head before meeting her lips with his own.


"It's been mentioned a time or two," he said lazily as they broke the kiss "but these compliments mean so much more coming from one's peers."


He toyed quietly with her hair, enjoying their closeness.


"You know, it occurs to me that I've never asked what brought you to England. And as fun as our other activities are, I'm going to be hors de combat for the next few minutes so we need a new game. So, what say you to a question for a question?"

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“I don't save souls,” Juliana said succinctly. “I possess them.”


It seemed as if he had stolen hers as they rode the waves of passion together. She could not remember being quite so satisfied as she was with him. He seemed to understand her as no one else did and nothing was taboo for him, which she definitely appreciated. Every caress was delightful, and she was completely exhausted when she fell on top of him. Riding him so vigorously had drained most of her energy.


Juliana sighed when Charles wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. Closeness after sex was still new to her, but she savored every moment in his embrace, tantalized by the way his hard angles felt beneath her soft curves. His lips whispering over her forehead was sweet and the kiss they shared afterward entranced her. She didn't know how long he intended to stay, but if she had her way, he would remain all night and they would fall asleep entwined together only to wake up in the morning and make love again.


He was absolute and utter perfection in every way.


“Then I shall have to be more creative with my flattery.” She grinned down at him. “Or I shall just let my actions speak for me instead.”


While he played with her hair, she nuzzled his neck, nipping at it playfully. “You need time to recover? If you'll recall, I did most of the work this time. Not that I'm complaining.”


Juliana snuggled closer, stretching out her long shapely legs so that they rested on either side of his own. “A game of questions then,” she agreed. Her fingers traced his cheek and jaw and fluttered over his lips. “I'm afraid the answer to yours may disappoint you. I came to England because Sweden had become rather boring and I thought that the Christmas season would be a good time to visit.”


She considered what she should ask him in return. “How long have you been at court?”

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"Paid in coin like this, I'm not going to complain," Charles laughed up at her, eye flashing with delight.


He felt a wave of affection for Juliana well up in him as they came down from their peaks. Charles knew himself to be, in many ways, shockingly sentimental for a man of his proclivities, but never could he recall being provided with so much evidence of it in one day.


First Sophia, and now Juliana. I shall be proposing by the end of the week at this rate.


It was hard to think of such abstract things with Juliana's soft, lush form pressed against him, but he persevered. Why was he drawn so to Juliana? It was, he realised, that she, like him, was inherently free. She acted according to her own whim, and cared nothing for the opinions of those who would gainsay her or call her down for it.


"I say it often, and so the words are dulled, and you know it, as well you should, which lessens the impact, but... you are beautiful." He tried to put some of what he had just realised into the words, but was not sure if he succeeded.


Christ. You are almost babbling.


He took refuge in playing with her hair and quiet irreverence.


"Either works for me," he told her, matching her grin.


He snorted in amusement at her comment.


"Oh, I'm not disputing that, but the part of me that is rather crucial to the whole business is tapped out for the moment. Give it a few minutes."


He snuggled further into her as she answered him, smiling lazily up at her and nuzzling into her fingers.


"A whim, then. Well, I understand those." Her own question prompted a facetious expression. "Hmm. Today is the twenty-seventh of December, 1677 so... four days." He laughed and kissed her nose. "And already I find myself in the thrall of a beauty. It seems I should have paid greater attention to all those warnings I disregarded."


"As for my next question... what are your hobbies? Aside from seducing unsuspecting earls, of course."

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Juliana couldn't remember the last time she had felt confused, but her feelings for Charles perplexed her. It wasn't love … she didn't believe in that fickle emotion … but it was more than mere fondness. He was her counterpart, the male version of herself, and he was everything she had ever dreamed of in a lover wrapped up in one handsome and intriguing package. If any of her close friends found out that she had allowed a gentleman to linger in her bed after sex, they would have been utterly shocked. Snuggled tightly against her was where she wanted him to be.


Her affection for him was something to ponder later, perhaps. Now she was content to let her thoughts drift in a million different directions, and all of those paths centered on her dashing and delectable rogue.


Yes, she knew she was gorgeous and her beauty had been praised so often that she had become a bit vain. Or perhaps she had been vain all along. Most compliments went in one ear and out the other, appreciated but not taken too seriously. Charles, though, did sound sincere and there seemed to be more behind his words than mere flattery. Something else to contemplate later.


“I have heard it many times, but I like the sound of it on your lips the best. And you are truly marvelous. And magnificent. And glorious. I could go on and on.”


Juliana swiveled her hips against him when he said he didn't mind how she flattered him. “A bit of both, then.”


Compared to some gentlemen she had known, Charles recovered quite quickly. “I am in no hurry. It will take a few minutes for my energy to return as well. I am perfectly happy to savor the afterglow for now.”


She murmured her agreement as she kissed his throat: “It was the best whim I ever had.”


He had only been at court for four days? “Then we arrived at the same time. I wonder if that was coincidence or fate. And I'm glad we both didn't heed those warnings.” Left unsaid was the fact that people like them saw warnings as opportunities for adventure.


“Unsuspecting?” One eyebrow rose in amusement. “I think 'hopeful' is a better way to describe your reaction when I approached you. As for interests, I have quite a few and I will try anything once. But the two hobbies I enjoy most are playing the piano and hunting.” Juliana nibbled on his ear as she whispered her next question: "What did you do before you came to court?”

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"I am glad to hear that," Charles murmured in Juliana's ear before starting to chuckle as she continued. "Well, then we are well-matched."


He hissed as she moved against him. "Perhaps we might err on the side of the former for the next few minutes? I'm feeling a little... sensitive."


He idly finger combed her hair as they talked, luxuriantly in their shared warmth as they waited for him to recover.


"I'm enjoying this very much, but if you don't want to wait, well, I have other appendages." His fingers danced on her scalp for emphasis. "You needn't deprive yourself on my account."


Charles hummed in pleasure as Juliana kissed at his throat. It had been a most wonderful whim indeed. It boggled the mind to think about how much had had to happen in an exact manner and at an exact time for the two of them to meet. Charles could not even begin to conceive of it, and Juliana evidently agreed, to judge from her words.


"Indeed. Of course, I'm not sure I believe in either of those things, which makes this somewhat inconvenient for me. But I can bear a little inconvenience for this."


He laughed aloud at her raised eyebrow.


"Relieved, I think, was the feeling. I'd only just escaped from the most gullible girl in Christendom. God, what was her name?" He snapped his fingers. "Elizabeth Dwight! Anyway, the prospect of intelligent conversation was a blessed relief. And the exquisite scenery was a most welcome bonus," he added, tongue firmly in cheek.


He nodded along as she revealed her hobbies. "A pianist, hmm? I shall have to hear you play. I'm not sure if the English court hunts much in winter, though." He smiled. "You'll just have to stay until spring."


Charles allowed himself a few moments to enjoy Juliana's delicate nibbling on his ear before he replied to her question.


"Oh, mostly I toured about Europe, making a nuisance of myself and turning my hand to anything that looked entertaining," he said easily, before dipping his head to kiss at her collarbone.


"What is the most daring thing you've ever done?"

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So Charles liked compliments better when they came from her too. Why was she not surprised? When he said he was a bit sensitive, she immediately rolled off of him and snuggled up against his side. “I'm sorry.” Usually, when Juliana said those words, she didn't mean them, but this time, her low sultry voice was full of apology. “I will be good ...” Playfulness replaced the contrite note in her voice. “... Until you no longer want me to be.”


The way his fingers ran through her hair was soothing and she laughed when they tickled her scalp. “I may take you up on that offer a bit later, but I need some time to recover too.” The thought of his tongue licking her pearl sent bright little thrills meandering down her spine, but she was enjoying their closeness too much for it to end just yet.


“Coincidences happen all the time. As for destiny, I believe we control our own. Maybe unconsciously, we were both looking for a witty diversion and that's what drew us to each other initially. It was the choices we made at the ball that led to the discovery of just how compatible we are.”


Juliana chuckled at his description of the lady he had been conversing with before they had met. “It is fortunate that I came to your rescue, or you might have been attacked by another vapid lady. It seems to me that they are the rule rather than the exception. It was the view that compelled me to approach you as well. I simply had to speak with the gentleman who flaunted the loss of his eye by wearing a bright eye patch instead of hiding it behind a black one. Your audacity intrigued me, and it still does.”


As to her hobbies: “There's a piano in one of my drawing rooms. I can play for you before you go.” If she had her way, Charles would remain with her until morning. She grinned as he claimed she must stay until spring. “I already plan to stay, but the prospect of a hunt is only one of my motivations.”


It appeared that he enjoyed traveling ... and mischief ... as much as she did. “You shall have to tell me about the places you visited and the trouble you got into. I imagine that some of it … or even most of it … involved the fairer sex.” Juliana was too confident about her own allure to be jealous of his former or future lovers.


“Hmmmm, that is a difficult question.” Her collarbone tingled pleasantly when he kissed it. “I've done so many daring things in my life. I suppose the most dangerous was indulging in an affair with a married man and giving birth to his child in a carriage while I was being groomed to be the next Queen of Sweden. If my cousin and I had been formally betrothed, I might have found myself a head shorter.”


This time she licked his ear before whispering into it. “I will ask the same question of you: What is the most daring and dangerous thing you have ever done?”

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"Oh fortunate indeed," Charles agreed, lips curving softly. "Did I ever express appropriate gratitude for the rescue? That little bit of fluff believed that I traded away the eye for the power to read minds. My palate was in severe need of cleansing."


He wrapped an arm around Juliana and drew her close as he considered her words.


"Is it really audacity, though? I've always considered it simple pragmatism. There is no way to conceal the fact, and the attempt would suggest that it needs to be concealed. No, it is a mark of distinction from the crowd and those should always be highlighted."


He smiled wickedly as they discussed her hobbies.


"That sounds lovely, but I must confess to a degree of curiosity as to how well you play when... distracted, shall we say."


"Less than you might think, actually," he said of his (mis)adventures on the Continent. "A great deal of it came about because I was bored, or wanted to see if I could. But I'll bore you with the details later if you want."


He kept up his attentions to her collar bone and throat as she spoke. He started with surprise when she mentioned bearing a child.


"You've given birth?" He played up his disbelief for the purpose of flattery, but Charles was honestly surprised. Looking at her, he would never have guessed.


He hummed softly as he considered the question. There was the breach at Maastricht but that was the wrong sort of daring. Some of the things he had gotten up to in the Carib qualified, but Charles was not about to talk about that sordid mess. He laughed softly as a fond memory returned.


"Well, in Rome I once fucked a nun in a confessional. Gave some poor bishop apoplexy. The Swiss Guard were most unimpressed with the ensuing ruckus, which is why I can never return to Rome."


He trailed his fingers up along her ribs as he searched for a question for her.


"Similar enough I suppose, but what is the strangest place you've ever had sex in?"

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Juliana laughed. Some people would believe almost anything, and she had learned to use that foible to her advantage. “No, you haven't thanked me properly yet, but that can wait until you're up to it.”


She snuggled against him. “I would do the same thing if I lost an eye. In fact, I would wear an eye patch covered in diamonds. I think most people see it as an imperfection rather than a distinction and that's why they hide it. Or maybe they don't want to be accosted by ladies like me. Neither of us may consider ourselves audacious, but like calls to like.”


Reaching out, she traced around the edges of his eye patch. “You should always highlight your unique features. Which is one reason I want your eye patch to match your collar.”


His wicked smile sent yet another silvery thrill whispering down her spine. “You can attempt to distract me,” she challenged him. “But it will not be easy. I'm rather single-minded when I play. If you would like to try, we can go into my drawing room a bit later.”


He didn't admit or deny that most of his adventures involved ladies. “Doesn't most mischief start with boredom? I am curious as to what you got up to. And in return, I will relate some adventures of my own.” Now was not the time for long stories. Their playful banter was more amusing.


Juliana moaned as he continued to lavish attention upon her throat and collarbone, and was disappointed when he stopped. It was true she didn't look like she had given birth. Her waist was small and she didn't have any stretchmarks or extra flab on her stomach. “Five years ago. My son is being raised in Sweden.” She was not a maternal woman and was actually happy that he was in the care of another family. “I was also able to hide my pregnancy until I went into labor. I never really showed that much.”


His daring deed impressed her. “You must have escaped or you would have been imprisoned or worse for defiling a sacred place. A confessional does sound like an interesting place for a tryst. If I ever go to Rome, perhaps I'll try it.” She smiled smugly. “Only I will make certain that I'm not caught.”


Her breath caught in her throat when she felt him caressing her ribs and it was a few moments before she could answer his question. “In a privy. It was the only private place we could find. It was a bit cramped and probably smelly, but we were so drunk that we didn't notice the stench.”


Draping an arm over him, she squeezed his hip. “Besides for the nun you already told me about, who was the most unusual person you ever fucked? No need to name names. A description is sufficient.”

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"That should not take much longer," Charles laughed along with Juliana, leaning in to kiss her briefly.


He laughed again as they both pontificated on the wearing of eye-patches. "Ladies like you? There are no ladies like you Juliana. There's just you." He trailed a finger up her throat and along her jawline. "I would counsel against a bejewelled patch, though. They're surprisingly uncomfortable in my experience."


His wicked grin grew wider as Juliana laid down the gauntlet for him.


"Now that sounds like fun. You play the piano, I play you, and we see which produces the sweetest music."


The revelation of her motherhood surprised him briefly. She did not look like one who had carried a child. He simply nodded at her cool statement that her son was being raised in Sweden. To his knowledge, Charles had three bastards of his own on the continent, but his own paternal feelings extended just far enough to making arrangements to have them and their mothers looked after. It seemed wholly natural to him that Juliana would behave similarly. Young children were so inconvenient.


He gave a one shouldered shrug as the conversation turned to his escape from Rome.


"Oh, it was a close-run thing, I suppose, but it transpired that, difficult though it might be, running with an erection is still considerably easier than running with a halberd." He smiled wistfully. "I occasionally wonder what happened to the nun. I hope they drummed her out- bride of Christ she might have been but that one deserved a living man in her bed." An amused snort. "I think it was that sense of waste that spurred me on more than anything."


He snorted again as she answered his question.


"A privy? Really? Worst I've managed in that line would be... bilges of a ship, I suppose. The smell is... unique, but it gives a degree of privacy which is hard to come by at sea."


He pressed closer to her as she questioned him, cock beginning to awaken from its slumber.


"That is a surprisingly difficult question," Charles mused as he considered his answer. "I suppose it's either the Austrian lady who seduced men so her husband could watch them sport together, or the French girl who liked to fuck in graveyards."


His hand absently slid down to caress a thigh.


"And my question for you- of what achievement are you most proud?"

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The taste and texture of his lips always thrilled her, and she could feel her desire reawakening. In truth, she hoped it took him a bit longer to regain his strength. She was so content lying snuggled against him. Perhaps when they were both completely exhausted, they would fall asleep entwined together. That romantic thought surprised her. She was not usually prone to such fancies. Immediately, she pushed the notion to the back of her mind, unwilling to examine it further.


She was more pleased by his flattery than she cared to admit, probably because it sounded so sincere. “And you, dear Charles, are the only one of your kind. No other gentleman I have known can hold a candle to you.”


As his finger moved from her throat to her jawline, it left a trail of tingles in its wake. “So you have tried a jeweled eye patch before. There goes my idea of giving you one as a gift.”


Her grin matched his. “Then it's a deal. As soon as you are ready, we shall go to my piano and you can attempt to distract me while I play.” Juliana would do her best to resist him and focus on her music. Whatever happened, she knew that it would be delightful.


“So you didn't get to finish?” If he had run with an erection, they must have been interrupted before he climaxed. Unless the danger of being chased had aroused him. Danger tended to do that to her. “I've never visited a Catholic country, but when I do, I don't doubt that there will be attractive priests about whom I will think the same thing. I wonder what it would be like to have sex on an alter?”


Juliana didn't even know what a bilge was, but it sounded as unpleasant as a privy. She'd had her own cabin on her journey to England, and all the privacy she could wish for. Feeling the way his cock was reviving when he pulled her closer, she wriggled very gently against him. “So you perform well in front of an audience? Why am I not surprised? I had sex in a graveyard once too. It was the only public place where nobody complained.”


His next question was an easy one. “Flaunting the rules of society and proving that a lady does not have to live by the restrictions society places on them. It came at the cost of my reputation, but I've never missed it. I would rather be notorious than moralistic.”


Her own hand remained on his hip, stroking it softly and slipping beneath him to squeeze his bum. “What do you hope to achieve most here at court?”

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Charles smiled, pleased with Juliana's reciprocity of his flattery. He kissed her again in lieu of trying to find the right words for the moment. He refused to analyse his feelings any further. He was more than fond of Juliana, and that was enough for now.


It was something of a relief when the conversation moved to eye patches and the decoration thereof. Charles chuckled quietly.


"Yes. You can feel the stones through the patch, you see, and it can rather irritate one. But if you want to gift me a flamboyant patch, then just get me one made of cloth-of-gold or similar."


Juliana had a fabulously wicked grin, Charles reflected. He wanted to wink at her, but settled for arching an eyebrow.


"Will we have to get dressed, or do you not mind the servant's getting an eyeful? Because dressing just to disrobe again sounds like unnecessary effort." His raised eyebrow waggled. "But darting naked through the halls sounds like such fun..."


He shook his head ruefully as they discussed his narrow escape in Rome.


"No, I did not, worse luck. We were just setting to in earnest when she started thrashing about and brought wrathful attention down upon us. Say this for the Swiss Guard- they might look like they dressed drunk and in the dark, but they are an energetic and persistent lot."


He snorted with laughter as she pondered altar top sex.


"Cold," he offered in reply, "but on the positive side, in the event of being caught, one is much less likely to have to have use one's partner as a battering ram to clear an escape route."


Charles ground gently back against Juliana as they continued, taking care not to overtax his returning powers.


"In the first case I didn't know we had an audience until after the performance, and in the second... well I would not have minded, or indeed thought it at all strange, had she not been intensely and specifically aroused by the thought of fucking on a grave."


Her answer to his question was so perfect he felt compelled to try and kiss her breathless.


"You are a marvel," he growled out after breaking off and recovering his own breath.


Her question for him was easily answered. Charles bared his teeth in a smile of savage joy.


"Oh, I want to be rich and famous and powerful. But mostly, what I truly want is to look at the pious hypocrites that surround me and watch them swallow their bile, see the hatred and the envy in their eyes and know they dare do nothing about it because I've won their little game and I've done it without ever betraying myself or playing by their rules."


He had never admitted that ambition to anyone before, indeed had never even voiced it aloud. But now seemed a fitting time to do so.

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He must have liked being called unique, for he kissed her again. Or perhaps he was almost fully recovered from their last energetic romp. Juliana returned his kiss eagerly and passionately, her own desire stirring once more.


“No jewels then. A cloth of gold eye patch would certainly stand out. I'll see what I can come up with.” A tailor might be of help. She would see if she could find one to give her suggestions for a luxurious and flamboyant eye patch. It had to be something that would make Charles think of her whenever he wore it.


“The servants might care, but I don't. If our nudity disturbs them, they can always resign. Servants are easily replaced. We shall dash down the stairs and into the drawing room, unless you would rather take the scenic route. There will be a greater chance of discovery, but that just adds to the fun.”


An image of Charles running naked from a church amused her, although she assumed that he had grabbed his clothes and found a dark corner or a closet in which to put them on. “That's too bad. That nun missed out on some great sex. I hope she wasn't punished. She is certainly not the only woman who is unable to resist your charms.


“Then I will make certain I'm on top,” she said of sex on an altar. “I can just leap off and take off running.” She shrugged against him. “Unless I'm in Rome and whoever finds us wishes to join in.” How could anyone think of Rome without also thinking of orgies?


Ahh yes, he was definitely perking up. “To each their own, I suppose.” Juliana had not fucked on a grave, but on the ground beside one. She didn't mind at all being watched during sex, but she would rather the voyeur be bold enough to sit in the same room rather than observe her in secret. Then again, maybe she had been observed in secret and had never found out.


His kiss did take her breath away and she enjoyed it immensely. When the pulled away, she took a big gulp of air. Her vision was blurry, her heart was pounding, and she was glad she was lying down or her legs would probably have collapsed beneath her. “I'm glad you think so,” she purred into his ear, nibbling at it playfully.


Charles's goals were the same as every other gentleman at court, but his reasons for wanting to rise in the social hierarchy were not. Oh, how much like her he was! “I've had a taste of that kind of success on a small scale and it is definitely a heady sensation. I flouted the rules in Sweden and became my own person. I had … and still have ... my fair share of enemies, but others admire me.”


She drew him into a slow deep kiss and when she broke it, she smiled down at him. “I have no doubt that you will achieve fame, fortune, and power. You are the kind of man who is born to succeed.”

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"People of our standing can't be seen to dash anywhere- it disturbs the lower orders," Charles declared. "I'm afraid we shall have to proceed at calm, dignified pace, as though nothing were out of the ordinary."


He smiled fondly as Juliana talked of the nun from Rome.


"Oh, I doubt she was deprived overly long. Or even much inconvenienced by the whole thing, frankly. Women like that never are. Like as not she blamed the whole thing on me, so that I'm guilty of rape as well as sacrilege."


He laughed at her confidence in her ability to escape being caught in flagrante.


"Ah, but what if your paramour has a hold of you? I don't think any man could see you naked and not lay hands on you and strive to keep them there." To demonstrate, he wrapped his arms tightly around her. "There is more merit in your second suggestion I think, for I find it equally hard to conceive of a man who could see you at all and not want to fuck you." He laughed. "I'm sorry, that might just be the least elegant compliment I've ever paid."


He apologised with kisses, guessed himself forgiven when Juliana gasped for air, and knew it for a fact when she started purring and nibbling at his ear. He would have felt somewhat smug had his own breathing not become a trifle laboured.


Charles honestly could not have written a better response to his little revelation than the one Juliana gave him. He grinned fiercely, an expression of equal parts pride and lust.


"You're wrong there, actually," he told her as he walked a hand up her side to tease her nipples. "I was born to be mediocre and fat and lazy and forgotten. I succeed purely through the exercise of my will and my wits."


He lowered his lips to resume suckling at her throat, breaking off after some moments to look up at her.


"Now, next question- do you want to get to grips here, or shall we shock the servants?"

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