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Gowran's distraction- Xmas 1677


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Out into the hallway Gowran stepped, one eyebrow arched as he ignored her feigned protests, and still he resisted a smile. His eyes scanned the hallway, seeking something, and then he pressed along drawing Diana with him.


"There is aught for it, my Lady Gowran, driven as I have been by you, I shall insist upon reaching the destination." he found handle. Locked.

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Out in the hallway, her gaze glancing up and down the hallway in a similar fashion. Diana could take a wild guess what he was looking for. She swallowed the laughter that wanted desperately to bubble out of her. Her heart sped up in anticipation of the mischievous deeds running through her head.


Pausing in front of a door, she shot another quick look up and down the hallway. Pressing herself against him a little so that she could chuckle a whisper into his ear while peeking over his shoulder at the locked handle, “Is this you not being distracted?”


“Shall I distract you a bit more?” Diana bit her bottom lip, pulling it into her mouth like she might his. Her voice was low, “See me…” Her hand that had been on his arm, dropped again to softly graze down the curve of his backside, pausing to lightly dig her nails in before fluttering away and back onto his arm again, “Feel me.” A wicked smirk appeared, her grey eyes ablaze. “Touch me.” Her smirk widened into a grin though she didn’t attempt to make him touch her. Pressing against him again, she whispered cheekily. “Better try the next door, darling, and hope it’s not locked or else I shall have to try and distract you a bit more.”

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"This is you 'living to please me'." arched brow, John replied.


He had every intent to try the next door immediately, but the little minx that was his wife, was pressing against him and doing that thing with her lips, tantalising him with brush of her hand, and then words that drew his eyes to her flesh. Breasts creamy and soft, that delighted to be touched.


His eyes slid down the hall, the sounds of the ball bubbled through the door. He'd not be reduced to a boyish fondle where he might be caught.. but he still thought to share a little fun with Diana. "Or perhaps you better hope it's locked, Lady Gowran, I've intent to put you through your paces and some." his own voice was held low, a puff of breath upon his smile as he caught her arm and drew her with haste to the next door.


Testing it again. Ack! Again it was locked!

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“Is this you not pleased?” Diana parroted back to him, with a raised eyebrow. Leaning in teasingly again, she murmured huskily, “Tell me the ways I can please you better.” Diana had every confidence in herself in that moment. She didn’t doubt for a moment his pleasure in her. Half of the men in the ballroom were avoiding their wives. Her husband would have died of boredom if she’d been just another pretty fixture upon his arm.


His gaze faltered to her breasts. She visibly warmed under his inspection. For a moment she wondered if he’d indulge in his desire to touch her, maybe even taste her. Just the thought of it caused a current of desire to expand from her torso drifting lower. Gowran looked away and for a brief moment, some of the pressure was gone with that glance but it left her feeling needy.


When he spoke again, she blinked back to full awareness and she wondered just what he thought she’d expected with him checking the doors whether they were locked or not. Her lips quirked, but her reply was jagged coming out of her as she was hastily moved to the next door. “Maybe I will change my mind and hope the next door is locked. I am quite enjoying myself.” Though she could think of other ways to enjoy herself if they found a door unlocked.


Pressing her currant colored gowned figure against him once more as she peered to watch the door handle if it would open or not. When it didn’t, another throaty chuckle escaped, “Two for two. It would be a marvelous jest if every door within a reasonable distance was locked wouldn’t it.” There was definitely a smirk on her lips, “How about I please you with another distraction? Hmmm?”


She was already shifting to remain partially unseen behind a decorative urn. Shifting around for a moment, Diana produced a ribbon and held it teasingly up to him. “Oh, dear…” She purred smugly, “What unfortunate timing for a ribbon in one of my stockings to come untied… How long until I lose my stocking?” Letting the ribbon accidentally slide from her fingers. Diana didn’t wait to be drug to the next door. This time, she playfully flitted to the next one, stopping just past the door with her back leaning against the wall and a purely puckish expression on her beautiful features. Waiting for him to test the handle, she let her own warmed gaze slide over him. It was a quite a pleasure to watch him move.

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"I'm more of a mind to show you." the man replied, his eyes falling upon hers, "I'm no politician content to idle away hours in speculations, and you, my dear, well know that."


Damn it if she knew how to inflame him!


Another locked door, and she the sprite that skipped ahead danced around it. Enjoying herself was she? John meanwhile was loosing his patience.


"Is every door in this place locked now?!" he hissed, and hefted shoulder at the latest locked door. Worth a shot, but to no avail. The carpentry & locks of Whitehall were woefully well built and maintained.


His sprite meanwhile, was conjuring a game, sliding in behind a feature in the hall and making believe a striptease with it. He did not question that the ribbon was from her suspenders (women were oft incredible things), instead he lusted after her marvelous legs.


"Diana!" he whispered with a flare of eyes, and glance back down from whence they came, and then laughing as he scolded, "I've heard of people being caught indelicato, maidens with rogues, married ladies with lovers, gentlmen discovered in the midst of wrongful seduction. But you shall test the very fabric of society, imagine the scandal, could we ever live it down?! Were we caught savouring the god given rights of husband and wife together!"


With the ribbon in his fingers he bore down upon her now, taking her into an kiss and finger pressing, tucking ribbon into her (os so warm) cleavage.

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“Mmm…” She purred in delight as a little tingle shot through her. “I am thankful of that…” Diana murmured lowly, her gaze holding his and becoming rather fresh as she added the last part . “For I can think of much better ways to idle away your hours.” She had dabbled in politics before, and it had been interesting. It had been quite as fascinating as chess, but you see, with chess you could walk away from a game. Politics was not so easy. And until she found a cause that she could not walk away from she’d become quite laissez-faire to the workings of the world.


Her lips widened into another smile as he found the locked door. She could feel his frustration building. He hefted his shoulder against the door but simply bounced off of it. Oh yes! This was fun!


“Just imagine if the first private place we find... is our carriage.” Diana mockingly offered. Her merriment sparkling in her grey eyes. “Oh, imagine the ways I can torment you till then…” Her lips pursed as she fought another chuckle off.


Her little striptease had the desired effect as her heartbeat sped. His eyes had flared with a familiar warmth, and his scolding said with a laugh. A man’s laugh was undoubted the thing Diana appreciated the most. What ever happened, it was worth it to hear that. As he approached with her ribbon in hand, she offered him a slow, come and get me sort of smile. “You think too much.” She teased. “Though I doubt anyone would believe that rumor...”


Gowran didn’t find cold lips as his mouth touched hers. She was there in the moment and ready for it when he lowered his mouth to hers. Catching his bottom lip between her teeth only to bite him gently before she softened her mouth and indulged in a decadent kiss. Resting her hands on his hips, she leaned into him the moment she felt his hand near her cleavage and the silky thread of ribbon tucked in there. A slight moan escaped her. His hand was so teasingly close to her breast. Always the generous sort, his wife slid a hand from his hip downward in a slow sort of way until she could feel him. His reward was an intimate stroke of her hand against him. Taking the moment to smile against his mouth before she bit him again quickly and pulled away just enough to look up at him. Her hand still on him.


“Mmm... I don't think that will do much good for my stocking there.” Diana’s slightly breathless voice was warm like an aged Scotch. That was what she felt like at that moment too. Something heady and warm all over… Something that just a sip of would make her head spin.

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He was fortunate to not have one of those nagging wives, the ones that pushed for their husbands advancement, if only to brag of their successes at some ladies knitting group. Diana seemed to accept the Earl for who and what he was, she seemed content with his station and title. A contented wife, was possibly even more rare than a married couple making out in a hallway of the palace.


Snog her he did though, plunging his finger in a lewd way, so she had no mistake of what he was thinking of.


"Then I'll abandon busting my shoulder on these doors, and trot those feet of yours directly to the carriage." he tried pinch her rump through her dress, a gesture that is neigh on impossible to pull off.


"Gah, but you must know I've intent to have my cake and eat it too." did she though? Did she realise he was intent on a quickie, and then still catching up with his cards friends later. Not that he did not have intents to take a full helping of her delights later on in the evening.


From the ever distancing doors to the ballroom came the sound of music starting up. "That will be the last dance." he said needlessly, mouth twisting to a lopsided smile as she messed with him again... "Come on, thrid time, or is that fourth, is the charm." he headed down to the next door, with a pregnant pause as hand clasped the handle.


Giving it a twist, his eyes flared with a surprised discovery. Pushing the door open he turned to wink to Diana, "after you, milady." It was difficult to gauge the size of the room, due to the darkness and their eyes not being acclimatised, but there was a sense of largeness to the air.

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Diana had come a long way from the penniless orphan she’d been upon arrival back to England. She was genuinely pleased with the marriage. Her husband had his quirks to be sure, but he also had not set any outrageous demands upon her either. All she could ask for was fairness, but that was also all she could expect too.


The kiss was direct, to the point. She wasn’t really a flowery sort anyway. She wanted what she wanted… when she wanted it. What she didn’t want was chaste kisses and virginal caresses. All too often she was a force to be reckoned with, it was nice to simply surrender and enjoy someone else taking charge. Perhaps, later she’d step up to push the limits of what she could take charge of in their bedroom games.


“Mmm… I can’t trot very fast.” It was a soft throaty chuckle as she nuzzled him as he tried to find her to pinch under the various layers of fabric. “I’ll loose a stocking. Wouldn’t want your wife possibly showing off a bare ankle as she stepped into a carriage.”


She waited a long moment straightened and shrugged. “Whatever pleases you though… I have other plans this evening for myself.” Diana baited with a vague hook, playing it calm and unconcerned. At the very least it would have him wondering just what she was doing while he was out with his friends. Her hand fondled him a little more possessively before a soft stroke and her hand was gone.


Tilting her head she heard the sounds of the music starting. At his needless remark, she raised one eyebrow at him and smirked, “So it would seem…” He headed towards the next door, talking to himself… or she hoped was talking to himself. Hearing the click of the door opening, Diana looked up as he met her gaze with one of surprise and winked at her. She laughed and rolled her eyes, stepping inside the dark room. Where were they? Not that she cared.


Using the darkness of the room and the element of surprise, she pounced on him as soon as he was through the door and the door was closed. Her fingernails tightening around the lapels of his jacket as she, with any luck, tried to press him to the closed door. “John, in case you don’t already know this…” She murmured seductively. “I am not cake, darling.” She pressed herself against him. “I am the whole wonderful, delicious meal.” Nuzzling his neck as she spoke, her teeth marked him with greedy nip. It would be unwise to forget that...

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What went though the mans mind as his wife alluded to her other interests?


"A chap would be excused for thinking you were reluctant." though his waggled eyebrows said differently. The slowness of her trot was not tested, this time at least, for this next door actually opened. Gowran stepped into the dark after her, but barely closed the door when she pounced!


"Aha!" bringing arms around her he laughed of her finally revealed exuberance. "So your objection is not to being eaten, but to the substance of the meal."


She nipped, it was unexpected. Hissed breath, "Damned sand flies, and at this time of the year." he caught her hand and drew her into a kiss, "you miss, border upon delinquent." his fingers pressed into her scalp as he kissed her again with accelerating fervor.


Shapes became visible in the dim; stacks of what might be chairs along one wall, a pile of crates or boxes mid center, a trolley that clinked when bumped.

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Reluctance wasn’t something that was a problem within their marriage. It seemed most of their agreements and disagreements all ended in a similar fashion. Sometimes it was more heated of course but that was the way their marriage worked. For better or worse…


A sense of security washed over her, as his arms wrapped around her. “Mmm…” Her lips traced over his neck, lingering at the sensitive spot just under his jaw. “Are you objecting to my objection?” She murmured warmly against his skin, a smile tugging on her lips. A throaty chuckle forming as she teased him. “If you are going to compare me to food at least make sure you compare me to something that does not give you the bellyache if you overindulge.”


He hissed out a breath at her nip and she smiled again against his neck. It was her turn then to hiss out a breath as he captured her hand and drew her into a kiss. Her warm mouth teasingly met his. Pressing herself against him, she shifted her hips against him the moment he called her a delinquent. “Yes… yes… I am.” She chuckled. “Oh woe is you…” She didn’t get to finish what she was saying before his fingers dug into her blonde curls, pressing her mouth back to his in an impassioned kiss.


Winding her arms around his neck, she broke away from the kiss and pressed her lips next to his ear. “Shall I tell you about my plans for this evening…?” Her voice husky and warm, she pressed her feminine curves against every part of him. “I thought I’d go home to a very hot… very long bath…” Diana paused, one hand sliding down him till it was on his hip again, and she pulled away just enough to use her finger as a hook on the hem of his trousers and tug. “In that bath, I thought I might even add some rose oil… and maybe some bubbles.” She’d stepped back a little and was looking up at him.


In the darkness it would have been hard to see the heated look in her grey eyes, but it was evident from her words that’s where she was headed. “Maybe have a glass of wine or two…” He’d know by now that wine washed away whatever restrictions were left. Her hand slipped down the front of his trousers. Lower… lower… She smiled. “Is there anything more sensual than something hot and wet?” Diana wished that at that very moment the room was lit so she might could gauge her effect upon him. But… a girl had to seduce where a girl had too… “Can you guess my what I am going to do after I am done playing in my bath?” Her hand grasp him, squeezed gently in an upward stroke. In a firmer voice, she didn’t spare him anything as she candidly admitted just what her plans were. “I am going to bed.”

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"Are you objecting to my objecting to your objection?" he pushed fingers down her neckline, finding nipple, his breath warm upon her cheek, and then his kiss. A kiss that called to her passions, encouraging her to relent.


His own heartbeat was quickened, while now quite comfortable with each others bodies, the thrill of a different location added something fresh and new. He was not at all interested in her plans for later in the evening, she might have been talking socrates at that point. His hand plunged deeper into her bodice, cupping that marvelously soft flesh. And she for her part, seemed rather fixated herself. She might have felt the wince of pleasure on his face, felt the tilt of pelvis as she found what she sought. Had she ever found him not at the ready for her?


"No, what?" by rote he replied to her question about hours from now, even as he pushed her back towards what seemed to be a divan. Hitching at her skirts. Kissing her lips. Deaf and blind to all but Diana.


The door handle rattled, twisted and clicked, it's opening process there halted but a second, a shaft of light from the hallway shone in...

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“Yeeesh…” Her breath caught, it was impossible to tell if she was answering his question about objecting to his objection or if she was simply reeling from his fingers adventuring down her neckline. Maybe it was a bit of both. Actually… it was probably a bit of both knowing Diana. The opportunity to be contrary was not one that was rarely lost upon her. Her mind turned fuzzy. His kisses tending to a familiar fire and causing a warmth to spread over her. Matching passions, Diana returned his kisses with equal fervor. His hand went deeper, pressed tightly between her securely tightened stays and her warm skin. A gasp escaped followed by an enthusiastic purr.


“Jo-ohn..” It was hissed out only moments before she bit down on her bottom lip. Lost in the feel of his hand cupping her breast, his fingers maddeningly close to the very tender bud of her breast. She’d found her prize. The small wince of pleasure on his face, she knew well what it looked like in the light but there was something just as erotic by feeling it… and imagining it. The tilt of his hips and the hardness in her hand. Yes. That was her work too.


He pressed and much like being lead in a dance, Diana took a step backwards. Than another and another until she felt what seemed to be a divan. Her knees buckled slightly and she sunk down onto the furniture piece. Lifting her hips enough that her skirts could easily be hitched. His mouth was on hers, teasing and setting her aflame in a familiar way. Her hand had left him when she’d sank down onto the divan and they were now digging delightfully into him. Arching her back, she pressed herself closer to him. She wanted more. This wasn’t enough.


A throaty, sinfully tortured moan rattled out of her just moments before a shaft of light shone in. Her passion induced state interrupted in a startling fashion. A squeak escaped as she lurched and shoved all in a similar fashion of a drowning kitten. Each movement drawing her closer and closer to the edge of the divan. She’d not even heard the door handle rattle, twist, or click. Blue Blazes! Someone was going to pay for this...

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There was a shrill peal of laughter.


Gowran froze, then pulled Diana down out of sight even as a pair burst through the doorway, fumbling and knocking about, door bangng shut as the laughing lady was wedged up against it.


"Shh..." John hissed to Diana as he took stock.


"Oh William, don't do that!" the giggling girl protested in that way that was no protest at all. William, who was no more than a dark shape in a dark room, kept doing whatever, and the girl giggled delightedly in return. "Oh say you love me William, say you want to marry me. You know I shan't let you any further, unless we are promised."


Gowran made a slight grumbling noise, he was plainly the oldest in the room, it would be wrong of him not to speak up - or at least to let the up-to-mischeif pair to know they were not alone...

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Something about being pulled down out of sight caused her to stop panicking. John hissed at her but she was already ignoring it as she tried to peek around him at the couple. They were nothing more than dark shapes in the room fumbling around. But the girl’s feigned protest amused her. As it went into more, she started to shake fighting off laughter.


Glancing at Gowran, she was close enough to hear his slight grumbling noise. Sinking back down into the spot out of sight, she tried to control her silent giggling.


“Don’t just lay there… do something!” Diana whispered to him between her giggles. Her hand swatted him playfully on the rump. “Or I will!”

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"You know how I feel about you." the voice of William seemed a little strained.


"Shh..." Diana's laughter was infectious, John grabbed a and full of her thigh through skirts and gave it a squeeze, "and what do you want me to say? Go on then, you be the one to send them back to their parents." he whispered through chuckle.


"Oh but I want to hear you say it William. How did you write it in the letter, Pains of love be sweeter far than all other pleasures are*. You are so romantic William. I'd had no idea."





* Williams quote was stolen borrowed from Dryden

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Of for the love of Mary! Diana rolled her eyes and shook a bit more with silent laughter at the further declarations of affection from the young pair.


John shushing her only made it worse and his squeeze of her though tickled through the fabric. Catching herself just before she burst out laughing, she had to bite down on her bottom lip. At her husband’s chuckled whisper, she rose to the challenge of being the villain in the young lovers tale. If Gowran could have seen the pure impishness on her face he might have felt sorry for the pair.


Hearing Dryden’s poem slaughtered by the girl, she had to act before it got any sappier.


Leaning back seat of the divan, braver still for the cover and the darkness of the room. Diana clamped a hand over her husband’s mouth. He’d surely laugh… or screech at her for her ploy.


“Oh William…” The loud throaty words called out from the darkness of the room as Diana mimicked the girl’s overly dramatic tone. “Oh! Tell me how you love me… promise we’ll be together forevvvvver…and evvvvver.” The last part, it was evident Diana was struggling not to burst into laughter.

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The girl cried out in dismay (and possibly pushed William to boot as a sound of someone's lungs being emptied and stumbling of feet). "William!? Have you got another girl in here... oh. Oooo, ah. Who are you. Quit making fun of me!" the girls upset quickly turned into anger. "Who is out there. Show yourself, or Ill... I'll..."


William must have gathered his breath (or wits), for he then chipped in, "Here here. Lets just go. Sounds like this room is already taken. Come on lets get back to the ball."


"I am not leaving until I get an apology." Who ever the girl was, she sounded properly indignant. But no doubt that had been Diana's intent when she' set about mocking.


Gowran shifted about some and listened through the dark to how his wife worked. It was rather interesting, and such a different tack from what he'd have took.

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"Or you'll what?" Diana called back with cloying sweetness. Shifting she rose up from the divan the instant she could free herself from her husband. She gave a throaty giggle, "You'll huff and puff and blow this whole castle down?"


Maybe it was better Gowran saw just what sort of wife he was entangled with. The cat had claws.


She took slow swaying steps towards the couple. Glancing towards William, wondering if she'd recognize him. Stopping just short of them she crossed her arms over her chest and did her best matron impression, tsking her tongue against the back of her teeth and then looking back to the girl.


"You should have taken the advice of sweet William here, my dear." Diana purred sardonically. "You aren't married and the things I've heard from your lips... Why..." She feigned a surprised sigh. "If I weren't married I might simply blush." Shifting Diana smiled, though the girl might not have been able to have seen it in the darkness. "This whole affair has been terribly rude, hasn't it... perhaps you should remedy that. Whom do I have the honor of addressing?"


The question was out there...who had the nerve to interrupt her pleasant distraction of her husband.

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Gowran was feeling a bit sorry for the lass, whoever she was. Diana's derision showed no mercy - yet he was hardly about to raise to the girls defense. Stupid she may have been, but if anyone ought to raise to the moment it was this chap William.


William however, seemed to have lost his balls.


In the dark they were but darker patches in a dark room. The girl screamed as Diana swayed towards her, "Get away from me, get away!" she snatched at the door-handle. William was trying to hold her. "Calm down. Don't make so much noise."


Gowran slumped back on the divan and muttered something under his breath.


Belatedly, William turned to face down the approaching shadow. "I am William Abdy, your own refusal to provide your name to my ... friend here, suggests that you have no right to be here." he drew another breath, "Leave immediately, and I shall not report you to the palace guards. His hand was steady as he found the doorhandle and opened it.


Light flooded in through the doorway.


Interesting. Gowran wondered what his wife's next move would be?

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The girl's outbursts stopped Diana in her tracks. Was she a mad woman? What was wrong with her? Putting her hands on her hips, she felt her body leaning away from the girl and looking almost frantically at William.


"Sweet Heavens! Why are you screaming like a ninny. Stop that..." Diana chided, not quite trusting that the girl was all there in the head. In a gentler voice, "Do you suffer from Hysteria? I have heard that the Doctors mention it...but I thought it was quite a load of bull..." Catching herself, she closed her mouth and simply eyed the girl's shadowy form. Was it contagious?


She must have been staring longer than necessary as it seemed young William finally stepped up to bat and found his balls. William Abdy? Was that suppose to mean something to her? Her puzzled gaze rested upon him until he demanded her to leave like she was some sort of commoner.


"Leavvvvve?" The words slipped out slowly, as if she was processing his command in disbelief. Letting out a calming breath, she remembered she was a Howard and now a Butler. Straightening her back, she tilted her chin down slightly so she could look down her nose at him. "Or you'll call the guards on me?" It was asked curiously, half laughing. She spared another glance at the divan then looked back to the couple. William seemed to think he had some sort of claim over the room, did he?


"Sir. You are neither my husband nor my king so I suggest you rethink issuing orders to me." Diana warned severely. "When I stop having fun teasing the two of you, I will lose my patience. When I lose my patience, I will be a great deal more concerned about why there is a..." Diana shot a glance at the girl and looked her up and down. "An unmarried young lady in the company of a young man, unescorted, and alone in dark room in which the party is not located."


Taking a deep breath, she turned a narrowed eyed look to William. "Do you know what that tells me? Hmmm? That you, sir, have no right to be here either and I am just about tempted to let you call the guards. It might be fun hearing you explain why you and your... friend are here?" With feigned cheeriness, she added the next part. "Ah! But look on the bright side, you were correct in your first assumption. This room is already taken - I am here. Now, will you and... I didn't quite catch your name, my dear." She feigned a frown. "But there is time enough for that later... Will the two of you be staying? I would...adore hearing more of Dryden's poetry. He is quite good, isn't he?!" Tilting her head she looked from one to the other curiously.

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The girl was thus silenced. The looming dark, now that it was close, did not seem like a ghost. (Even if she was not at all appealing in her words!) Instead she whimpered and tried hide behind William as he finally rose to the fore.


"Who are you then?" William asked the question again. The woman claimed to have right to be here, but young Lord Abdy had seen people bluff before. "If the guards are no bother to you, then why do you need to hide your identity from me?"


Ah, but then it became clear. There was someone else in the room, she would not reveal her name because she too was involved with somebody she should not. And this other fellow, if it was even a man, was hidden away in the shadows.


"Come." William made the executive decision and directed his 'sweetheart'. Though aware that he was the only one in the room to have had his name revealed, and he'd prefer to at least hold the same advantage over the woman. "Then we shall leave you to your own sport." he tossed the comment back to the shapeless woman, as they slid out the door.


In the darkness behind her Gowran gave a snort.

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Sweet mercy! At least the nitwit stopped screaming! Diana’s relaxation was only momentary though as she replaced the screaming with whimpering. Her fingers twitched at her side. If only everyone knew how much restraint it was taking to keep Diana from reaching around Lord Whomever-He-Was and shaking the girl until her senses came back to her.


Her gaze was focused on the whimpering shadow, until William spoke asking who she was. Reluctantly pulling her gaze from the girl back to William and stared at his shadowy form. If there had been enough light, he’d have noticed her eyes were blinking as if she was trying to process this all. Out of the blue, she laughed. It wasn’t a nervous laugh but a thoroughly amused one.


“What makes you so certain that I am concealing my name? The simple fact is you can not accuse me of concealment if it's your misdeed of not asking me the simple question.” Diana taunted teasingly, it seemed Lord Abdy wasn't the brightest candle in the chandelier. Flipping a curl back, “I am Lady G..” It was a quick catch to keep from saying her name, and even as the mischief formed in her brain, it exited her lips. “Ganymede.” Her hand went to her throat and feigned clearing it slightly to cover the tiny botch in the name. “Now, does knowing my name change anything? Shall I ring and have some tea sent in for us?”


His reply was in the form of his executive decision to leave. As they were leaving, his parting short, brought some laughter to her lips. “Awww… And here I thought we were starting get along…” Diana teased loud enough he could have heard her as they slid out of the room.


The door closed and Diana petulantly crossed her arms over her chest still staring at the door when she heard Gowran’s little snort and sighed. How far would he have let Lord Abdy have gone before he’d have stepped in to help her? The curious thought left her wondering. She didn’t immediately turn around, “Well, that was fun.” Her tone having a bit of a sarcastic bite to it.

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"What makes me so certain? Oh, only that ai have asked you three times now." William replied as she stalled yet again. He knew no name woudl be forthcoming, and not for the fact that he'd finally opted to leave. He might have remained five minute more and gained no more ground.


The door closed upon Diana's mocking, and he was relieved to take his pretty back to the ball room.


"You are cruel darling." Gowran drawled from his reline on the couch. Of one thing that had established, that was that she needed no help from him to speak up for herself. "I ought set you upon sorting out the farmers back in Ireland, now come here, and have your way with me, you tyrant you." he gave a laugh at that.

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Technically he’d only asked twice. What’s her face had asked one… but not a single one of them had asked politely. Instead they’d made demands. Diana didn’t negotiate with disrespectful people… unless of course those people were her king or her husband then perhaps some allowances could be made.


At John’s reply, she finally turned around and sighed. “No, darling. That was hardly cruel. Did you hear him demand me to leave? And we were here first!” She slowly and carefully made her way over to the couch and sat down next to him, leaning back against his legs. “Besides, I can almost promise you that if I’d had to endure listening to the two of them that you would not find me in an amorous mood when they left. So, think of it as me simply putting us first.”


A chuckle escaped and she shifted to crawl over to straddle him and lean forward against his chest. “Mmm… Tyrant, huh? I do love the sound of that.” Her mouth leaned down pressing a heated kiss to his lips. “Happy Christmas, John.” She murmured as she pulled away before quite happily having her way with him.

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“Young upstarts. Yes we had dibs on the room." she might hear the amusement in his voice, "now quit talking about it and let me stake my claim." Their voices dissolved into murmurs of pleasure, as The Gowrans celebrated together...





OOC Whoop! Fun and on to the next!

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