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All That You Survey | Afternoon 26th- Xmas 1677

Guest John Bramston

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St. James Park


The Park was once a marshy water meadow, but now is a thriving attraction with all of London's elite. Charles' grandfather, James I, improved the drainage and controlled the water supply. Other royalty had made improvement to the park over their reigns, but it was Charles II who made dramatic changes. The Park was redesigned, with avenues of trees planted and lawns laid. The King opened the park to the public and is a frequent visitor, feeding the ducks and mingling with his subjects.


In summer, it was fashionable to drink warm milk, freshly drawn from herds of cows placidly grazing in the London parks, at a kind of milk bar provided for the purpose. The milk sellers would advertise their wares by calling: "A can of milk, ladies, a can of red cow's milk, sir!"


John had arrived early and been walking around the park with a theodolite and a few other tools to test evenness, composition, and the rest. He was followed by a servant, taking measurements where he could and often making notes or observing. They were both bundled in thick clothing.


He was seeking a good spot for where he was going to have his set up for the siege. Besides, it was good to take a thorough accounting of the park. It would let him know precisely what was normal in London, for good or ill.


But the hour drew for his meeting with Sir John. He looked around for the fellow. Perhaps the man could give him some ideas. Besides, John had uses for his distant connection.


To someone who didn't know what a theodolite was, John was an overdressed lord standing on top of a hill with a strange contraption, peering around, gesturing, and obviously looking for someone. A strange sight to be sure.


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After the alcohol had worn off, John was less sure of this course. Simply said, he was nervous, it had been a rather lousy first meeting they'd had, would a second actually be any better. Doubts, along with a bit of jealousy of his Mothers glowing opinions of Lord Maldon (when she had nothing good to say of her own soon), created an uncomfortable knot in his gut.


But here he was, walking across the palk as the winter sunlight faded from the sky. Maldon had said four. A glance at his pocket watch put the time as 3:55.


Was that him? Some sort of surveyor was atop a hill with a contraption, it looked like something a mapmaker would use.


John approached cautiously. His concerns and fears slipping away as he came to see it actually was Maldon, though what he was doing, and why, was a question that had to be asked. "Good afternoon cousin, I see you are employed by His Majesty at something?" he asked.

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“No, I’ve b-b-been going over the park. Trying to find the perfect place.” John said to his inquiry. He’d been here a while, long enough to comb over the park. That gentle dampness where snow met body heat and the slight rosiness of winter outdoors was already pressed on him. He didn't seem to notice. John’s leisure was split between the outdoors and libraries, in large part.


“I’ve g-g-got most of it mapped out.” John gestured to the servant who produced a crudely drawn map with various X’s on it and some notes. “I’m going to b-b-be building a snow castle you see. A large one and I w-w-wanted to find the right scenery and ground.”


John took the tool and handed it to the servant, exchanging it for the map. “C-c-come, let’s walk. I want a second opinion on this.” John began to move back onto the main path, “Besides, you had something to… ask, didn’t you?” That was usually the purpose of an audience. John hadn’t granted him anything so formal, mostly because he felt it was unnecessary, but was curious to hear what the baronet wanted.

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"Perfect place for what?" John asked, continuing to approach, then standing to Maldon's site looking at the surveys contraption.


And then the Nobleman explained. "Ahh... of course." well at least it was not for kittens. Still, it was not the serious sort of mind that Cordelia's son was seeking. He had a future to make for himself, kittens and snowballs would not be a strong foundation.


Still, Maldon seemed genial enough, and while he seemed eccentric (slightly insane) John had naught else on... and needed a friend. Putting aside his aspirations (which plainly needed another avenue) he walked along with Maldon and looked towards the map.


"Ah. Yes, well, that can wait till you are not so busy. So, where have you chosen this castle to be built?"

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“I’m t-t-trying to decide. I’ll take you to around and you c-c-can tell me what you think at the end.” They were going to walk a circuit around the park while they talked, visiting the x’s on the map. “Oh, you should l-l-look at this to get an idea of what I’m building.” John handed him a rolled up piece of paper.


This one was done by his draughtsman and consequently looked actually professional. It wasn’t crude and there were calculations off to the side in John’s unsteady hand. John’s snowcastle was going to be a larger structure. It was simple, little more than walls and an ice keep on the inside, but those were large enough to fit people in or stand on.


They began to walk towards the first site, “But do tell me what you want to ask. I insist.” He had more serious matters too. Knowing what the baronet wanted would allow him to see where, if anywhere, he could fit in.

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'Well, what's the purpose of it. It is to be a display to take ladies for walks around, in which case the proximity to the carriage ways is important. Or..." or what?


He looked at the snow castle plans, it was elaborate. "Foo-whee, impressive. That's going to take a long time to build." plainly Maldon cant be going to do it himself, his limp and his shaking did not suit labouring work. "Seems like you'll need some proper foundations laid for this design to work." he pointed at the height of the snow castle, "that's some weight load it shall need to support."


Maldon wanted him to address his purpose.


"Well, I spoke to my Mother not long after our meeting the other day, and she revealed our relation. So it was I wished to repair what was a less than fortunate first meeting, with interests to our mutual advancement at court."

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“It’s for the snowball f-f-fight.” John clarified. As for foundations, “No square yard will be b-b-bearing more than a f-f-few hundred pounds in snow plus whoever stands on it. A yard of soil can usually bear t-t-two or more tons without risk. I d-d-do want somewhere with even ground, but if I need to smooth something over… ice c-c-can bear well over a ton.”


As for time, John was giving it the better part of a week. It was not actually very elaborate: It was walls and a single room, plus detailing work. There were no doors or windows, just holes. The materials were already here and the plan completed. Besides, it didn't have to stand for more than a week or two.


He was going to be hiring workers though. He’d purposefully scheduled it so work would begin just after workers were dismissed for the season and end just before the day for giving presents. Workers, after all, celebrated holidays too. They might want to pick up some extra money for some children’s toy or that piece of jewelry their wife wanted.


They came to the first spot, which John pointed to. It was relatively flat but a bit close to main avenue for his tastes. He didn’t want outside noise interfering or passers by being hit by snowballs.


So the baronet wished them to aid each other, “Alright.” John said. He wasn’t quite sure how their meeting had been unfortunate. The baronet had seemed a bit odd and didn’t like kittens, but those were forgivable traits. “How about you g-g-get your mother and the duke’s family to agree to a family d-d-dinner with my branch?” If they could get the ducal branch, John was fairly certain he could get his family. And Sophia was looking for opportunities to entertain.


It seemed simple enough, and obviously beneficial to both of them to John.

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"This seems a good place." Master Lucas said of the place with easy access for the ladies.


He was a little distracted of course, for his newly-found cousins reply, and duly so it seemed for the reply when it came was rather daunting. The Duke? For friendship Maldon set high terms citing a Duke, but hopefully would be content with less than that.


"I can sway my Mother to agreement most readily, she thinks very highly of you Lord Maldon. But alas, I do not know the Duke, and hold no influence over his calendar." he spoke truly, his only Ace placed on the table, hopefully it was enough. "Which evening would you like us?"



OOC: I'll let you hash out the real details of your future loc post for your event in your compendium with the mods, we'll just make generalised reference to that aspect of this thread here

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“That’s k-k-kind of you to say.” Although John already could get Cordelia’s company without trouble, “P-p-perhaps I should ask her if she could ask them…” John mused. He knew that she had connections to the duchess, at least. If not, he might ask them himself. A dinner with distant relatives at Christmas was not much of an imposition.


“If I m-m-might be blunt, what are your skills or connections? What are you… good at? Who do you know? What d-d-do you enjoy?” John asked. He’d asked Sir John to get in touch with his ducal relations, but he didn’t seem to know them well. He’d asked Sir John to help with his expedition, but he’d begged off due to not having the skills. John wasn’t ready to abandon his connection yet but he was having trouble finding a place for him.


OOC: The point of all that is just that they’re walking along and commenting on the park. We can sort of just mention that.

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"She'd probably do that, for you." Did his tone reveal any jealousy? John Lucas doubted Lady Lucas would go to so much trouble for him.


I like billiards, swiving & drinking. The product of a misspent youth, Master Lucas at least knew better than to say all that to this gentleman he wanted to impress. "Err, a bit of everything really. What would your talents be Lord Maldon?" he returned the question as he tried shift the focus.


"I wanted to join the Navy, what with the war approaching, I'd thought that forum might be my grand opportunity of making a name for myself. But Mother discouraged me, said that I should marry, and... well you know the rest." he caught at a branch, and with a tug let it's icy load flick away. In idle comment he then asked, "Have you catapults included in your snow-fort plans?"

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John rolled his eyes. He was sometimes too subtle for his own good. “You will ask… her to invite her relatives, the d-d-ducal branch and whatever other f-f-family members she can get, to a dinner.” He said plainly. “On the thirtieth at my house.”


So the man was a ne’er-do-well. But he was ambitious and seemed to want to attach himself to John. Well, John could make use of him. “Oh, I’m m-m-mostly a rather useless sort of fellow.” John admitted.


“The navy’s n-n-not a great career to make a name for yourself at court. Not unless… you’re f-f-following an important lord.” John said, “Or you’re already c-c-connected enough people will pay attention. And even then, the… real glory is in captaincy, which you need to work… up to.” His mother had wanted him to marry. John wondered if she had anyone in mind. Baronets sometimes married very well. They were just close enough to nobility they sometimes married into it. But often they married the upper gentry instead.


“No, I’ve no idea how… t-t-to make engines of war.” It was a lost art in the age of the cannon, and John wasn’t a military engineer. Besides, it would’ve involved wood and any number of other materials. “Why, have one lying around?” John smiled.


“I d-d-do intend to dress up a few d-d-dogs like dragons. And one lady is going to dress up as an ice queen.” And several others would be dressed as Turks. It was a fantastical little romp. Better that way. It was, after all, a way to escape reality, a bit of defiance at what had happened.

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  • 2 weeks later...

He'd tried to avoid saying anything, but Maldon plainly needed to know. "My mother does not exactly approve of me Lord Maldon, I fear that if I request something it shall only be denied her by some principle she holds in her head. You would have greater success if you ask her to invite those you wish. When last I spoke with her, she had glowing reports of you." he spoke plainly the facts.


A pause.


"And perhaps best if you do not mention my own invite to the dinner." yes, it was really that bad.


"Useless? No this cannot be so milord. Despite the rift between my mother and I, I credit her with being an astute judge of character. And even while I may feel jealous that she does not esteem me as she does you, I believe that her credit of your person must be soundly based in fact. Upon the weight of that argument then, I must only deduce that the first of your worthy attitudes is modesty!" he gave a hollow laugh as he grasped how his mother might so admire that quality, yet see scant of it in her own son.


"A catapult can't be that hard to make. And... it may make the difference between loss and victory. Hmm, and perhaps the ladies might be engaged with working such a machine, if we could make one in a miniature that their little hands might work it." There was not a lot good to be said about John Lucas, but he did have a certain adeptness with the ladies, he knew what sort of things might lure and captivate them. "Hmm, and we might give the odd lesson or two to certain special ladies prior to the full battle." he raised his eyebrow to Maldon, "if you follow my meaning?"


"Heh, it sounds a jolly good time." of the costumes John Lucas chuckled. "So who is to be the Ice Queen, shall she fancy the appearance of an Ice King perhaps?" he wondered of what role he'd take up.

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John paused for a moment at that. After a moment he continued, “Thank you f-f-for your honesty.” He said no more on the subject, though his mind ground away at the new information. “I w-w-will not let your presence be a surprise. Nor will I exclude either of you.” John said. How he would accomplish that he had yet to figure out. But it was the correct thing so John would try his damnedest to do it.


John had many family rifts to heal.


“Logical.” John laughed, “Perhaps she sees things I d-d-do not. But I thought she l-l-liked me because I'm high ranked, well c-c-connected, unmarried and biddable." John was not wholly being modest here. His lack of self-esteem meant he often felt himself quite useless. Even in a good mood he didn't think of himself as capable.


The baronet seemed to really like the catapult idea. True to his description as biddable, “I suppose not.” John said. He began to do up what calculations he could in his head. “A simple trebuchet m-m-might be easier to b-b-build.” They also threw farther and required less physical strength to use. They looked big too.


John paused and picked up a stick. He drew some numbers in the snow… he would have to look up some things in the library. But wood and rope were not hard to come by. Nor were carpenters. They weren't expensive either...


He dashed the numbers with his foot. Later.


John was curious what he meant by lessons and 'special' ladies. He didn’t seem to comprehend the man’s meaning at all. “I’ll l-l-leave getting the… special ladies to you then.” John certainly wasn’t any good with that sort of thing. “How about we d-d-do the testing that on the thirtieth?” The dinner, if it was to happen, would have to be moved until John figured some things out. "Or d-d-do you want to be involved in the building t-t-too?"


John laughed about the snow queen, “Lady Toledo who w-w-will be Chione. A snow nymph. I think it’s wishful thinking.” John said, “She’s actually g-g-gotten in quite a bit of trouble because of her… hot nature. So I'd say you m-m-might prefer to find a less married luh-lady." If the affair with Henry Howard progressed it could have devastating consequences. It would be best if it fell squarely between Spain and the Howards.


"But I'm sure you'll think of suh-something." John said amiably.

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Sir John appreciated that the other did not make a big deal about it. These things happened, family troubles were the most common kind.


"Well, that always helps!" he laughed as Maldon listed the more blatant reasons held have Cordelia's favor, "though Lord Rochester is an Earl and you dont hear her cozying up to him. No, Cousin, you underrate your merits. Not that I can truly be a judge yet, we are yet barely met." though he hoped to resolve that over the course of the season. The seed had not dropped so far from the tree, Maldons rank and connections held appeal to the Baronet.


Yet to a bit of fun in the snow, and a catapult. "Something that shall launch a snowball further than a Lady might hurl it." he agreed of a simple kind. Watched as Maldon took to a distraction of sums, then reconsidered it and scrubbed it out with his foot. "Yes we've no need to work lethal forces into it!" the he laughed, and onward they ambled towards the next prospective site.


“Certainly then, I shall arrange the ladies." he waggled eyebrows, divining in this he might be of use to his shy cousins, "on the thirtieth it is - ah but yes I shall enjoy to work on this project with you. A distraction such as this woudl be most welcome. Have you a yard available for the building, you are resident at Saint Marks are you not? What say I ask Mr Golightly of the Red Lion if we may have some room in his stables for it. The builders shall work under cover, and it shal remain a secret from court en masse."


As far as Sophia went, Maldon could not recommend her more highly - a vixen draped with danger presented appeal to an adventurer.


"Hot blooded eh?" he grinned, "the married ones are often the most desperate for it. Far too many husbands neglect their wives... it's abominable really. Such lack of consideration for their oft considerable needs. Please, tell me more of the lady, is she pretty also?" he hoped, though at the end of the day that hardly really mattered. Williness added much luster to a plain looking girl.

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John laughed. Though part of him believed that was just because Rochester was decidedly not biddable. And frankly John imagined a lady would tolerate a stuttering cripple before someone poxy. “Well, if you f-f-find anything useful about me, do be sure to tell.”


John was imagining something that hurled things a bit larger than snowballs, but not much. Something the size of a pumpkin or watermelon perhaps. It would be safe unless someone did something incredibly stupid like put their head in the lever.


John blinked a bit rapidly at the waggled eyebrows. John had perhaps never seemed younger than he did just then. He was curious what exactly the fellow was planning.


“As you w-w-wish.” John said, with a smile. “No, I have a house. The only… question is whether Piccadilly or the Red Lion is b-b-better for hiding something.” John wondered if it could fit through his ballroom doors. It wasn’t like he was going to hold a dance. The house was, in general, ideal for hiding things. That had been part of its appeal: very few people bothered him there.


He had to think when asked if Sophia was pretty. The idea had never occurred to him before, though he knew she thought she was pretty. Surely a great many men had stared at her eagerly at the opera... “Yes.” He settled on, partly because of his own biases, “Beautiful and straying, though indiscrete. She struh-stripped all but naked in front of court at an opera a f-f-few days ago and she's b-b-been sneaking around and snogging men since. Seems to l-l-like rogues and Catholics.”


That she had constantly pulled away from even touching John still bothered him. It stung that a lady who would sneak around behind her husband, strip naked in front of court, and drag roguish men under the mistletoe suddenly found an exaggerated sense of propriety about him.


He supposed that was the difference between Sophia and Caroline. Caroline acted like she didn’t have sexual interest in John and he was fine with that. Sophia acted afraid of the idea of sexuality in any form with John, and only with John, and that hurt.


“You heard nothing from me, by the by. If you do approach her, you heard of her p-p-performance and were c-c-captivated.” John said. “I d-d-don’t want to anger her husband.”


He might have protected her from Sir John’s interest but he was beginning to think Sophia basked in the lust she claimed to be innocent in drawing. He wasn’t sure what to do with that considering she continually insisted she was proper when her actions said otherwise.

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Maldons reply set Sir John to laughing; a fine condition in which prior nerves and tensions eased away. They begun to relax in each others company, enough at least that when Maldon blinked in that baffled sort of way, the other was emboldened to say, "Ladies ripe for a little demonstration or two. You know the sort of thing don't you, ever shown a lady how to fire a gun, or draw a bow string? Well, teaching a lady to use a catapult surely offered fine gents like us a similar opportunity."


While had said he'd find such ladies himself, he fancied sharing the sport of that hunt... perhaps the hunt itself might be enlightening to his more sheltered cousin. "Shall we venture the palace halls tomorrow, and see if any ladies of the right qualities catch our eyes."


"You've a house?" But of course he had a house, Cordelia would not simper over a man who needed to depend upon the Kings charity for housing. "Excellent then, no doubt you've stables of your own, and of course ready access to refreshments as and when needed." John Lucas spirits were elevating with this grand scene. While he did not imagine it was the beginnings of a career, it was pure and simple fun, and enjoyable to share with another.


"Catholics... and indiscreet you say." upon second review of said lady, some perspective came. "Well I am a devout patriot, and have less time for papists and their sympathisers." Though it may have been the part of her stripping naked on a stage for court that was most off putting. A woman that was so freely available lost some appeal. "Hmm, she may have been trying to goad her husband to show his fervor for her. But, I think I shall follow your example Lord Maldon, best not become involved."


"Perhaps I shall attend your fete as a military bastion of vigilance. Hah, it might excercise my prior notions of entering the armed forces. What are you to attend as?"

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John shook his head, though he wasn’t as much a stranger as he thought. Still, he tried to stay away from guns and bows. Safer that way with his hands. “I’ll look forward to seeing it.” John said, though whether he was happy for a new experience or just credulous even he couldn’t say.


“Ah.” John hesitated, “Alright.” He agreed at last, not sure what the fellow meant by 'qualities'. “If we’re f-f-finding them tomorrow we should try and get the thing made by the day after rather... than the thirtieth. Interest m-m-might fade otherwise.” Or they could look later, depending on time frames.


John nodded to confirm he had a house. John was as well off as expected for a nobleman. Besides, if there was one thing John desired it was land. Partly for wealth but more because it was canvas for his arts. Expensive and profitable canvas, but still. “My house then.” John agreed readily. He gave the address.


John let out a puff as Sir John found a new sense of patriotism, though John guessed that Lady Toledo’s Catholic and foreign sympathies were apparent from her title. “Wise.” Was John’s comment on not pursuing Lady Toledo. It was for the best. When the fallout came down it was best it fell squarely between Spain and the Howards.


John wasn’t sure about Sophia’s motives. She’d claimed ignorance but John imagined Sophia to be intelligent and she’d already learned the lesson that performing on stage would harm her guardians and reputation. It had happened before her with father. He truly believed she loved the theater though. It just seemed... inartful.


John nodded. Not quite whimsical but John didn’t mind. “I’m to be a Turkish Sultan.” John said. “Some l-l-ladies wanted to be kidnapped into an evil sultan’s harem so the attacking men c-c-could rescue them.” And John had obliged, even if that meant he would end up with no one.

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"All right." he nodded as their offshoot plan was coming together. "What you did back there, with your foot, looked like you'd have no trouble working up a plan for the builders tonight? While I shall ask around the Red Lion later on tonight and get some workers for the job." Pubs were a common enough location to secure the next days work, "Shall I arrange them to come round tomorrow, get things underway."


Sir John had always been a patriot, although his plan to join go to battle for his country against the French was not received well by his Mother. Still it was an excuse at the moment, as his cousin painted Sophia as like a siren luring men to their death. A bit of ass wasn't worth that. "Thanks for the advice." he acknowledged.


"They wanted to be kidnapped?" so the baronets attention swung to the other young ladies at Maldon's access. "Well that's a queer thing... they cant know what a harem is used for eh? Or... perhaps they do." eyebrows waggled optimistically, "I say, can I be the keeper of the harem? Ha, one that slipped by the castrators, I am Not a eunuch!"

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“I b-b-believe so.” John said. “I m-m-might be able to find a historical one. If not, it’s a vuh-very simple device.” They could become very complex if made up to military grade. They would not be doing that. “If you c-c-could find some to help with the building of the actual c-c-castle that’d be helpful too.” John said. They were to have a long day together, it seemed. Not that John minded.


Even the King couldn’t sleep with a nobleman’s wife without consequences. Sir John would be wise to aim as the royal did. “Widows, Catherinettes, and c-c-commoners are safer.” A Catherinette was a woman who was unmarried by November twenty fifth of their twenty-fifth year. But more generally it meant a lady who hadn’t managed to marry by the usual age. John didn’t understand love or sex very well but he knew its social rules very well.


“They wanted to be rescued.” John replied with a smile, “They want b-b-brave men to scale walls and d-d-defeat villains to carry them to safety. But there’s a d-d-dearth of villains so they asked me to play the role. If you w-w-want one for yourself, you’d d-d-do better to play the rescuer than the keeper.” That would put them on opposite sides but John hardly minded.

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"It doesn't need to be so flash, a mechanised slingshot will do the trick. There shall be ladies getting hit with these snowballs, so we need to keep the forces down." Sir John commented. "Oh, haven't you got staff for the snow forts build. Heck, where shall you find enough hands for that job. I can ask at the pub for people to help make a snow fort, but best not count on that. The men I've met so far have been tradesmen."


It was not exactly craftsman work,


“Hmm... No I'm not averse to playing on of these scarce-on-the-ground villains with you. I'll be the one that they become enchanted with, so that as their hero's breech the walls, they shall cry, not wanting to leave. Heh heh... and forever more dream of being in the clutches of the dashing rogue." he laughed with cheer, "Hmm, we ought give the girls of our harem a token, something on a ribbon perhaps to hang around their neck. Some keepsake of our possession of them. Yes?"

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“It’ll be simple.” John agreed. What he had in mind was going to be little more than rope and planks in a certain configuration. Perhaps with some paint and decoration to give it that flash. He wasn’t going to make anything complicated or go for strict historical accuracy but he couldn’t see the harm in looking one up.


“I have some.” John clarified. “But m-m-more would be welcome.” Construction and gardening slowed down in winter as people didn’t like to be outside. Better off workmen would use it as a break, but the poorer sort would be easily had for work. Especially with the expense of Christmas. And there were those who specialized in controlling and even sculpting garden snow.


John laughed, “As you w-w-wish. A harem k-k-keeper then” He agreed easily. “B-b-but do see you don’t drive any to try and run away!” He ribbed.


John nodded at the idea of a token. “What of a g-g-gauze veil? Like Arab d-d-dancers have in the stories.” And removing it could lead to kissing, which John was learning was great fun. He might think of something for the defenders too. The attackers would presumably have their pride at winning, a great tale to tell, and, if they were lucky, a lady at the end of it.

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  • 1 month later...

"I'll ask around then." he promised, and true to his word three carpenders turned up on Maldons doorstep the following morning*.


The Baron snickered like a lad, "That's not my wish either." he fancied having the ladies gush and swoon over him, while everyone else fought on.


"A gauze veil sounds just the thing." he was quick to agree, the men seemed to come into a a likeness of mind in this. "I suppose they will have some of that at one of the women's shops in town? Hmm, I've never had an excuse to go to a dress shop before. Shall we both go eh?"


John Lucas was mightily pleased with how the meeting was turning out. EWhile it did not seem to be the stuff of ambitions, it was something far more prized, and even less expected: friendship, that he seemed to be discovering.





* You can whip up a CD for the 27th early morning to sort them out if you like - then make a new thread and tag me/aka John to it for the next installment of this story.

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“I imagine. P-p-people wear them at weddings all the time. They’d j-j-just need to… be made a bit more oriental.” Which was just some light color or embroidery work. If it was overly hard to find, they could get something else. Though John supposed he might attract some strange attention by ordering several dozen wedding veils done up to look Turkish.


Well, John had been called worse than mad before. Perhaps it would be a step up to pretend to the throne of Turkey. Maybe he could throw in China while he was at it.


“Certainly. We should m-m-meet on the Strand then?” John asked. While they were certainly not doing anything directly to advance themselves tomorrow, John was attentive and loyal and Lucas was eager to help and proven resourceful. While it wasn’t becoming a favorite of the King, John thought both of them might find this relationship rewarding. Besides, he rather liked the fellow, even if he did seem a bit of a rogue to the innocent lord.


OOC: Alright, thank you! You can fin with them agreeing on where to meet, if you wish.

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