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Fightnight Tuesdays | 28th December, evening- Xmas 1677


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OOC: when browsing archives today, I refound this old feature night, and thought it might be fun to run a thread of it this season again. Open to all!


George Inn


The building stands in white plaster with black painted beams, as so many Tudor houses and inns that still survived till this day. The ground floor looked like any Inn would, with the stables just to the side. The courtyard, with other houses enclosing it, was filled with wooden tables and benches. The weather was still a tad chilly, yet nonetheless some patrons favoured to sit outside and take advantage of the clear blue skies.


The first floor had a nice gallery, with a separate stairs outside, allowing visitors to not use the common room if they would prefer not to, yet it still ended in the courtyard so it offered little privacy from watching eyes.


A big painted sign, showing St. George combating the dragon, the patron saint of England, declared this to be "George Inn".


The taproom was hopping busy.


A board was propped up against the bar, with eight names upon it, only two were not crossed out; Ben and Peter. Ben's name had a star next to it, he was the reining champion. Next to the board was a jar with the fight money.


"Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" a host of voices lifted up through the air of the tap room, mugs of ail in hands, ruddy cheeked and bright eyed. Gathered all about in a wide circle they were, the chairs and tables of the room pushed back against the walls to make room. "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Hoooh!"


Smatterings of applause were raised as the near broken man managed to scrape himself up from the floor - his eyes swollen and a slit weeping blood upon his forehead. He swung his fist blindly, yet only managed to collect another blow to his brow. He collapsed to the ground as a great cheer was raised to the victor!


The barkeep leaned across the bar, piece of chalk in hand, and struck Peter's name off the list. "Who's next?! Ten shillings a chance to beat the champion, winner of the night takes all!"


Still unconscious, Peter was silently dragged from the room.

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