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Looking for a certain lady | Post Opera (cont) 24/12- Xmas 1677

Francis Kirke

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After the opera performance, Francis had decided to linger to attempt to give his compliments to his other friends involved. He guessed it might be rather hard to get to Sophia, and he was quite content to leave her to her admirers and husband.


He would be able to speak with her any time about her performance.


Instead, he searched the crowds for Caroline. There might yet be some fun to be had that night, either with other libertine friends in celebration, or any number of things. He had promised to always include her within the fun, and he wished to see her.

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Well, it was over then. The event they had all worked so diligently at for these past many weeks. It had not been easy at times, Master Cole had been demanding and frustrations boiled over on occasion. Still, Caroline felt the man entitled for this was his opera and so much was at stake for his reputation. They would perform again of course for other audiences on other evenings but nothing might well match the excitement and, yes, nerves of this opener. For her own part in it, Caroline was well satisfied. She had played flawlessly and now, after packing up her beloved cello, she was on an emotional high as she then mingled with the opera troupe and those of the audience to chat.


Caroline had just accepted an elderly noblewoman's compliments of how well the musicians had played and thanked the woman for her kind words, when she spotted Francis' approach. She beamed as he reached her.


"Ahhh, Lord Kingston, delighted you are in attendance. Did we meet with your approval?"

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Francis would kiss her hand if she allowed, reflecting her happy look.


It is always pleasant to see any lady after the rush of a performance, any performance, the blond reflected.


"Indeed, although I hardly know how you could not meet a gentleman's approval," the youthful-looking Kingston replied, with a nod.


"And did you enjoy it? I should imagine it is quite thrilling to be a part of a performance? I cannot even say I have much of a comparison...perhaps a duel?" His eyebrow went up as he reflecting, then gave something resembling a facial shrug, pushing his lips to the side and then smiling again.

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Caroline stuck out her hand so he could feather it with a kiss, though a part of her longed for a much better placement of such kiss. Still they were in public and they must be proper. She could not even teasingly address him as 'Admiral' as she had occasion to do when they were just conversing with each other. He was as quick with the compliment as the kiss too.


"How kind of you, Lord Kingston. But notice I said 'we'. I was referring to the opera not merely myself. Still I do not mind your answer," she smiled.


He was curious if she had enjoyed herself then. That was an easy one!


"Very much so. I love to play anytime but most often it is solo. Tonight you heard the beautiful music, so many instruments in march step and Master Cole's excellent pieces to inspire us. Yes, I had a grand time," she fully admitted, still on an emotional high from it all.


He compared it to a duel? That brought a quick giggle, "Good heavens, nothing so dire. In a duel one can die, worst that could happen here was we would have been booed mercilessly."

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"Surely I shall laud all my participating friends in their own right, for each is not just a piece of a whole but a piece of transcending the whole, for an opera is not merely the sum of its parts," Francis replied with a smile. "This is just for you, with my full attention and regard," he added in his flirtatious manner.


"And I think that it has only made you all the more ravishing. The other gentlemen must be jealous! You shall make a name at court for yourself yet, my lady." At least within libertine set, who tended toward an appreciation of most forms of art.


"Well, a duel would be the equivalent for me, I think, and generally in a gentlemanly duel, the objective is not to kill the other person, although that can surely result." Sometimes there were irreconcilable differences. Sometimes a small wound could get infected. There were many things that could happen. In most cases, it was the drawing of first blood that ended a duel between gentlemen.


"Have you any plans for the evening? Surely you cannot sleep after such a thing?"

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Francis seemed to understand her view on the performance, being a part of a cooperative affair that counted on each and every one of them doing their task to the best of their ability. He put it well too, in addition to being devilishy handsome he knew the right things to say. And....he knew how to flatter a lady, that was obvious.


"Ravishing? Oh, it sounds so exciting. I should be all a titter then?" Caroline gave a quick laugh then made certain to be grateful for his compliment there too, "Oh thank you for your confidence in me. I am giving it my best."


He then explained a bit more of dueling for her, admitting whilst dangerous it was not necessarily fatal even for the loser. She simply nodded, having never witnessed one. She did recall a story her father told her way back about when he dueled some Polish fellow and skewered him thru his belly then drank some wine as the onlookers all watched the wretch expire in slow agony. Mayhaps duels in Poland were more.....serious?


Fortunately he moved past all that nonsense to something more exciting inquiring as to her plans for the remainder of the evening.


"You are absolutely right, I am so ...so deliriously happy right now I could never sleep. And - if you mean spending it with you - then my evening is free for the taking. In fact, my Lord, I am free for the taking," she declared with a grin. Let him make of those words what he wished!

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"Well I don't think tittering suits you." He grinned. She seemed to have too many wiles for such simple coquetry.


She took his comment as an invitation, precisely as it was intended, really. He smiled and gave an appreciative look as he ran his blue eyes over her face and then settled them on her eyes.


"Deliriously, you say. Well, I would not wish you to be wrangled into anything whilst out of your wits!" he teased. "What sort of gallant gentleman would I be then?" For Francis had, thankfully, gained a reputation as a solid gentleman, unlike his 'father.'


"But, yes, of course it would be spending it with me. Only me if you wish, although I am not sure if His Grace is having an impromptu after party."


Free for the taking? That surely seemed a request to him, and he surely would not wish to disappoint. He had no issues taking care of the needs of widows. More than one could attest to that! He had no idea she was yet a virgin.

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OOC: My apologies, long weekend trip then got busy this week, fell behind here.




"You are probably right, I very seldom titter," Caroline replied, keeping her smile though.


Kingston played off her words about happiness, or rather post performance elation but Caroline wanted to make certain he could not use her high spirits as an excuse.


"Oh, but my delirium will most certainly go away under your personal care, you have that effect on me," she assured him, as their eyes locked during the conversation. As much as the words, Caroline searched his handsome face for even the slightest visual clues as to his intentions.


"I should like it if we might be together, just us two....but I would not want to get you into trouble with His Grace. Duty is a heavy burden is it not?" she gave just a hint of a pout.

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After a year at court, Francis understood very well what the lady was asking him in a roundabout way. Widows, he learned, had needs and had more freedoms to exercise those needs. Little did he know that she did not even entirely know what those needs were, that she was long overdue.


He gave her a nod.


"His Grace only occupies one side of the house, so I assure you privacy is entirely possible, and I do not need to attend him always," the baron replied, with a lopsided grin full of other meanings.


"My duties shall be in attending on you, my lady." He offered her his arm, ready to depart to more privacy and plush surroundings.

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He explained to her he could fulfill his duties to both His Grace and to her. It was a large house and there would be privacy. Well, if Caroline had any doubts he was not catching on to her admittedly less than subtle hints about her desires, those words cinched it. He was quite willing and fully understood the implications. Her heartbeat quickened as he offered her his arm so they could depart the theatre. There was another, completely new kind of performance awaiting her. She prayed she would be able to do her part in it, for she lacked any real knowledge of it, other than what she had heard, which was damned little.


Despite her building excitement, Caroline never forgot her beloved cello.


"Very well then, let me get my instrument," the girl turned and reached for the now encased cello, "My Irishman is outside, I can have him take it back to my place if that is acceptable to you?"


"And then, I am all yours, Admiral," she whispered to him with a grin.

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"I am your servant, my lady," he replied, with an almost theatrical sort of nod. "I cannot help but eagerly await your pleasure." His grin at the double-meaning did little to disguise what he meant.


He did not think he had any reason to. Francis had yet to learn that more than simply widows wished to learn the mysteries of sex, and he was as good a target as another.


The time she spent with her instrument, the one that was already well-played, Francis kept an eye out for Master Cole. He had been separated from him afterward and was now in a quandary of what to do as they had ridden together in one of Buckingham's coaches.


He was about to take a lady with him in said coach...


His only honorable solution, and one any friend would understand, was to leave one of the footmen waiting for Lucas with some coins and a message. He could hardly leave his friend without an explanation and a ride back to Barn Elmes in the case that one of their other friends did not scoop him up for the partying.


The lady would find him awaiting her by the carriage, ready to offer her a hand up.

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He was charming, most obedient to her wishes as he agreed.


"Then this night will be about both our pleasure," Caroline asserted with a smile and a nod.


They separated only for a few moments as Caroline sought out her Irishman outside where coaches were lined up to pick up their assigned passengers. Now Caroline had arrived in Audley's vehicle not her own, while she had appreciated his gallantry and especially enjoyed the ride over there would be no further contact, at least on this night. She did manage to spot her fellow though and he her, as he made his way up to the young lady. Caroline extended the cello case to him.


"Ahh, there you are. Glad to see you did not freeze, take this home."


He took the instrument from her, looking puzzled, "I've slept in worse on campaign, milady. So where are you going?" The man was as common as dirt but could be most cheeky at times, she forgave him because he was a soldier and little could be expected in the way of manners from such.


"None of your business but I assure I will be in good hands," she informed him.


"I thought you hired me as your bodyguard? So how can I..."


She cut him off, "Your loyalty is touching but I assure you my body will be most well attended to the rest of this night. Just guard that with your life. That cello is worth more than a bog Irishman I will have you know."


The words seemed stinging but she said them with a grin and the two of them actually got along quite well. He had always found her a most fair employer. He was also smart enough to know one never argued with one's paymaster. He nodded obediently.


Soon Caroline was in front of Kingston's coach helped into the interior with his ready arm.


"Thank you, Lord Kingston," she was unfailingly polite, the proper titles necessary still in public.

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Once secured inside, Francis sat next to her instead of across from her, putting an arm around her and smiling in a boyish and sly sort of way. "Now, tell me, how might I please you?


He moved closer and closer toward her lips.


"Surely we will need to keep warm on the ride?"


It might not be the fastest ride with the traffic leaving the theater. Perhaps a duke's coach might help things be a little more speedy. If not, any gentleman knew how to entertain a lady in a carriage.

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As they clambered on into the coach, Francis chose not to sit opposite of her as was the norm but instead Caroline found herself with his arm wrapped about her. Her smile showed he had absolutely no objections.


"This is one way to do it," she replied, he was leaning in so close, it had to be for a kiss. Caroline was delighted to oblige and their lips met.


She had even a bit of practice at this and previously in a coach too with Lord Audley. She had been impressed with the man but this, this was Francis. Caroline pressed into the embrace with girlish enthusiasm.

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He put his other hand to her face as she let him kiss her. He was neither shy nor forceful, but instead good at leading such a delicate dance. Not having any clue of her inexperience, he parted from her lips to kiss down her cheek and neck.


"A very sweet end to a very good day," he whispered, a sort of lingering expectation in it that there was far more to the ending yet to be savored. His fingers teased with the nape of her neck until a bump in their ride jostled it away.


His trail of kisses would continue across her collarbone if she allowed, his close-trimmed chin hair teasing the swell of her breasts, until once again he sought her lips

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The kiss ended but not really for his lips moved on, to her cheek and then downward, Caroline adjusted her head so he could reach her neck all the easier. He whispered to her then. She smiled and replied softly, "Oh please, this is hardly the end I hope but merely the beginning. You have me wanting more."


A bump in the road interrupted his exploration but only for a moment as he now moved his attentions to her collarbone. She felt she should do something back at least, well besides sit there and enjoy this so she moved one hand around behind his head so her fingers could thread thru his full head of hair, this just as he moved back upward and their lips met again.

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Whether he should have or not, Francis still did not sense her inexperience. As his lips met hers again, he deepened the kiss and moved his hand down to her collarbone, then slowly teasing down lower toward the swell of her breasts.


The carriage ride made it less smooth and a bit awkward. Bumps were commonplace and after so many coaches had traveled that way just that evening, it was a bit jostling.


Her fingers in his hair encouraged him onward, pressing his body closer toward hers. He craved more closeness than what was gotten in such a way.


By the time they arrived to the Duke's house, there were quite some swollen lips. Taking her hand with a chuckle, he hastened them to his part of the house.

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So far it had been exciting though mayhaps also a bit frustrating what with the condition of the London streets causing the carriage to be jostled on an almost regular basis it seemed. However Caroline was definitely enjoying the experience so far. Still, it was almost a relief when the coach arrived at the ducal residence. The pair hurriedly clambered from the vehicle then into the shelter of the building but it wasn't because of the wintry weather. They were in a hurry for another reason, or at least Caroline assumed so given there hadn't been much conversation once they started kissing.


As they made their way thru the corridors of the interior she gripped his hand tightly and followed in a mix of anticipation, blind trust, and oh yes, trepidation for what was about to happen. This would be her first time afterall. It struck her though that she really must tell him of this. He believed her to be the merry widow, certainly experienced in the act of coupling. But she was not. She wanted him to know this.


"Francis?" she was not going to be all formal with calling him by title after that coach ride for heaven's sake, "I need to tell you something before we....you know."

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If there was urgency, it was more anticipation. A beautiful woman who wished his attentions would surely get them in spades; he was quite eager to please in that way, as were most young gentlemen.


"It is nice to be warm and inside," he commented, just before she informed him she must tell him something.


He had no experience with this with which to guess what she was about to reveal. Instead, he squeezed her hand, "Come, let us get by the hearth and then you might tell me whatever you wish."


While he was hungry with his kisses, it was in anticipation of more freedom, privacy, and comfort to then do as they would.


His parlour had a nice fire burning in the hearth.

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Francis was willing to hear her out only suggesting they pause by the hearth for the warmth and a chance to remove their coats too. Caroline hoped what she had to say would not spoil the mood of it all but she felt compelled to let him know her situation.


"I know you are in haste to continue this in your bed and ...well, so am I. Possibly even more than you, I assure you," she started with a smile as she touched his larger hands with her smaller ones.


"But ...I must tell you something. Please hear me out," she requested, those big eyes of hers locking into his gaze.


"You already know I am a widow. But...well, here is the odd thing....I am also a virgin. I have never been bedded. My husband had no interest in me or in women in general. It was a sham marriage arranged by his father to cover up his perversion for ...boys. I found all this out too late," she explained very solemnly.


"I have no experience in this then and must rely on you to be not only my first bed partner but my tutor."

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Francis was an easy-going sort, but he surely was not expecting her revelation at all! A widow who was a virgin was some sort of Holy Grail to most gentlemen, an incredible turn on to have such a free power and one proper society could not frown on either.


"You've never...done any of it?" he asked, quirking a brow, nothing but surprise registering on his face, as if he was still trying to figure out what this meant and if it impacted anything at all.




He had never thought of himself truly being so, although it seemed it was a role he might get put into by more than one lady, but such did seem to fit his position to the King. It was something he could surely see himself doing, showing ladies what pleasure was...only certain ladies, but still.


"You have been waiting a long time then?" he asked, nuzzling a kiss against her neck. "And why me?" he asked putting his other hand behind her back.

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He was surprised, he could not hide it. Caroline knew he would be. He even sought confirmation of a sort, wondering if she had done none of it. She shook her head just slightly.


"No, none of it. I wanted to...but," she let it fade there. She'd already explained her wretched husband...make that wretched dead husband.


But thankfully for her he was not put off by her frank admission as he began to kiss her again, remarking she had been waiting for a long time. She smiled as he nuzzled her neck.


"A lifetime," she replied. Alright, a bit melodramatic that. She certainly had not the slightest knowledge nor interest in sex as a young girl. She had only begun to notice boys around age thirteen. That had been soon after she had boldly slapped the boy who had made fun of her cello playing with her bow.


All that faded into the present then as he continued to explore her with those lips of his, she truly liked it. Then he asked why had she chosen him?


"Well....you are most handsome you know," she grinned, but then got more serious, "But you have always treated me kindly and I trust you."


While she would not admit it aloud, she was rather frightened by all this too.

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Francis was always somewhat perplexed when ladies found him handsome. He felt his own appearance too delicate, too feminine for a man, but then again he was not a woman and men did not attract him in the very least.


"Not worthy of such compliments, I assure you." This blond had far more humility than his duke of an uncle, not having been raised in the same privileged way.


He continued his kisses. Every woman had a distinct scent, and he enjoyed the first moments of taking it in for the first time properly.


"Well, I am trustworthy to my true friends. There is a strong loyalty in my blood, so I am worthy of that," he whispered, with an airy chuckle.


He broke his kisses and took of his justacorps and waistcoat. He was never one to dwell overlong in the finery of court when in his own home, and it was feeling warm with anticipation that had to be somewhat corralled and controlled.

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He was modest, this one. Whether falsely or sincere, she did not know nor care.


"I am the one complimenting you, it is my opinion that counts," she pointed out with a smile and then there were a few more kisses before he broke to say something else.


"Loyalty is a good trait, if given to the right cause or the right people," she reasoned, "I can be very loyal too, Admiral."


He then began to shed some of his wardrobe. She took her cue to remove her coat but hesitated to go further for the moment. Was that how it was done? Both of them simply toss aside their clothing and leap into a bed? She probably should have asked Nicci more questions their last conversation. She didn't know but would follow his expert tutelage. She imagined he had bedded many women in his life and that did not bother her in the least. Tonight, she was next and she was both eager and nervous.


"So then?" she asked in a barely audible voice, her eyes fixed on his handsome face.

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Kingston had no recipe for how it was done. He was merely warm, and being that she was inexperienced, he had not thought she would move to get rid of any of his clothes on her own. He was quite happy she removed her own jacket.


Her quieted further words for the time with another kiss.


Do not worry, he said to her in his own mind, hoping the soft but thorough insistence of his kiss conveyed those words in action alone.


"Let us be comfortable," he said. "You shall want to be able to breathe easy I think," he added, with a soft, airy chuckle as he lifted her hand to his lips. "Let me help with the laces." Of course he had every intention of continuing his ministrations while he did so. His fingers with long and thin, delicate, perfect for such tasks.


"And do not be shy, there is nothing I shall find wrong," he assured her. Francis had a gentle sort of disposition, one instilled by the strange happenstance of having been raised without much masculine influence at all for the first eleven years. "My desire to...share this with you...is quite overwhelming that I fear more of me doing something wrong."

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His smile showed him to be so calm even relaxed about what was happening and then what was to come also, it helped Caroline to build up her own somewhat flagging confidence. Now she had never been what one would call shy but that was in social occasions, in conversation, nothing like this. Oh, she wanted it, of that she had no doubt. But there was always the natural human fear of the unknown. And even worse, would she prove satisfactory to Francis?


"Oh I am trying to breath easy," she replied to him until she realized he was talking about her clothing then nodded, "Yes please, by all means."


Of course he must have noticed she was uncomfortable and as he deftly undid the laces he tried to assure her it would all go well, he only worried that it would be he who would do something wrong. She forced a wane smile at that.


"And would I even know it if you did? As I said, Francis, I have complete faith in you," she said softly, "Just tell me whatever it is you wish me to do...and I will do my best."


Soon enough he would see her naked, she steeled herself for it, fighting against doubt. It was oft said men liked large breasts, full figured women. She was wanting there despite her mother's assurances time would change that. She wondered if she would be able to notice the disappointment in his eyes when he saw that, despite his no doubt kind words.

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Perhaps it was long bouts of deprivation at sea, but Francis was quite liberal in what he found attractive. Lack of breasts did not particularly bother him, and he had already noticed she was not big bosomed. He did not need to see her without clothes for that.


Thus, he rather seemed unsurprised by anything, kissing her skin as the framework of the dress began falling away piece by piece.


Some patience... He reminded himself.


When she was down to her chemise, he wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed the side of her cheek, enjoying the feeling of a more pliable, soft form.


Releasing her, he took a step back and pulled off his shirt. What little blond hair he had almost had a hint of red to it and made a thin trail into his breeches. He was lithe and not bulky, not cut with define, bulging muscles. While he was strong, it was a lean strong, with a healthy covering of insulation for the winter.


He had several thick, dark scars, including webs of them on the bony side of his forearms, especially his left. A gentleman who had fought many duels might know the ones on his forearms were from protecting against a dagger. The others were a combination of war, sea, and skirmishes.


"Come sit on my lap by the fire," he said, holding out his hand to lead her toward a well-places chaise.

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He was calm, even relaxed as he assisted her in getting out of the elaborate layers of clothing ladies were expected to wear until all that was left to her was the thin fabric of her chemise. Amazingly Caroline found herself not as nervous as she thought she might be at this point, she even realized a part of her wanted him to see her this way and very soon completely naked. She had that much faith in him that all would go well.


His arms wrapped around her from behind, accompanied by his kisses, she loved the contact, indeed craved ever more of it by now. And then he released her, she sensed him stepping back and turned her head. He was revealing himself now too. She liked what she saw, a lean fit man not like her former husband who had been a flatchested weakling the only time she had witnessed his undressed state. And that was with that stable boy in the barn, certainly not in their own bedroom. She smiled at him, wanting to assure him of her approval.


He had his share of scars, mostly on the forearms but she didn't think that spoiled his look in the slightest. It only proved his past contained violence and no doubts participation in battles. She had no doubt he was courageous too, her delightful Admiral.


"Francis, what a fine specimen of manhood you are," she just had to compliment him.


He motioned for her to join him close to the fireplace, she wasted no time in doing so. Ensconced upon his lap, she dared to make some of the moves this time, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him with girlish enthusiasm.


"Think of me as a boarding party, Admiral," she joked. Yes, her fears were fading rapidly.

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"I daresay you are a fine sample of womanhood as well, my lady," Francis replied, silkily, blue eyes finding hers. He could only hold himself at bay so much, which showed in the pounding of his heart and breathing. There was an excitement in being with a woman for the first time.


"Tonight shall be your final welcome to it," he added, in a tease, as she sat on his lap and leaned forward to kiss him. Secret maidenhood no more.


One hand wasted little time in moving around to her to pull her closer to him.


The other hand moved between their bodies to test the small size of her breasts and play with her nipples. Whether they were big and bouncy or, clearly, not, did not mean that they did not tantalize a woman to be played with, no matter the size.


"You tell me, my dear. Do you wish some tantalizing pleasure or straight to the heart of your little problem?" he teased, reaching a hand down to pull her chemise up so that he could run his hands over her legs.

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He looked her over and he liked what he saw, Caroline was glad to hear it. He was saying all the right things and then in another moment, doing them too. He pulled her in close while one hand closed in on her breasts. She sucked in her breath at his touch then closed her eyes for a moment enjoying this wonderful feeling.


"Oh my..." she sighed then listened to him give her apparently two options. Without any experience she honestly did not know what would be best. Again though she had faith in him.


"You're the admiral...wise in the ways of boarding actions. I leave it to you. This night I am yours for the taking," she replied even as she continued to enjoy his explorations.

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