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Your Stories Await Telling

Winter Port | 25th mid-afternoon- Xmas 1677

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Heather laughed and clapped at Nicci's metaphore, then with heroic effort tried not to add a double etendre out of respect for poor Thomas Grey. It was, however, one of the Kings specialities that she was thinking of now, with some fondness, and eventually she lost the fight, lost in memories.


"A true connaisseur, a veteran of these banquettes, knows how to let the food dance over his tongue, like little angels," the redhead sighed wistfully her green eyes wandering over the Thames, far far away in thought.


However, soon enough it returned to the present. "Yes, yes, lieutenant, everything at court is a challenge, you must rise to the occassion," the Countess said in rousing spirit, drawn back to the original conversation "You can do it, you are sailor and soldier at heart. You shall find this special lady."

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"dancing like little angels..." Nicolette repeated, entranced with the imagery, it was simply beautiful. Discarding the topic for a moment she reached to clasp Heather's hand, "You must return to writing your poetry, your have such a way, it is a special gift."


Yet to the subject Thomas reminded, and the ladies could nod, Heather rallying him on. "If you ever need lady-advice," Nicolette looked to Heather for confirmation, before carrying on to offer, "we'd be happy to help."





OOC: might be an appropriate time to wrap up our little thread?

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