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The Transportation of Rapturous Delights

Darlene Hamilton

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OOC: I thought to bring Darlene out to play in the Chrystal ball!



Aka Night at the Theatre


Through theatrically grand gilt doors one enters another world; a world of imagination, fantasy and wonder, accented with vice & villainry; the world of Theatre. Here in the balconies or in the pit the audience may be assured of a raucous nights entertainment; mayhem, lust and perhaps a little blood.


The Balcony: The Dress Circle is the Premier of the tiered balconies, and boasts box seating nearest to the Stage, one upon Left, one upon Right. The First Gallery reserved seating for the persons of the best quality; men and women of discernment.


As well as providing a fine view of the stage, it's occupants have an uninterrupted view of the other entertainment, ie. the other theatre goers themselves.


Upon patrons request, flowers, fine wine and dainty finger food is available.


The Pit: Here we find Men of quality, particularly the younger sort, some Ladies of Reputation and Virtue, and abundance of Damsels that hant for prey, all sitting together, Higgledy-piggledy.


They chatter, toy, play, flirt, hear and hear not.




Amidst a gale of pink and peach frills Darlene sashayed into the theatre. Here she paused to wave to that one. There she blew a kiss. Upon the stair she giggled a secret to a friends ear. And in the hall she tutted her delight at hearing that of another!


There was nothing, quite nothing at all, that Darlene adored more than a night at the theatre.


The Hamilton Box was well positioned, with gales of flowers there to welcome the vivacious brunette. Who were they from? Certainly not her long suffering husband. Poor Thomas, she almost felt sorry for him as she'd waved goodbye from the carriage. But then he was the one who chose not to partake of life's little delights - while she - she had her admirers to attend to.


Snatching up the nearest bouquet and holding it to her bosom, she looked with visible delight along and around the other box-seats. Who had been the sender? Then came a joyful gasp -- could it be? "Quickly!" she instructed her darkie servant Maisie, "run and tell him I adore them!" Oh that naughty and darling man!

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