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Whispers of the Libertines- Xmas 1677


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Sometime on Thursday whispers began to circulate among those of the Libertine sect that there was to be some sort of get together on Saturday night. It was uncertain who was hosting it or where it was to be held, for the rumor did not say. It we be up to them to either sniff it out or keep their ears to the ground for more whispers to get the details!


(There will be a few NPCs and one PC who knows Buckingham/Francis is hosting it and will know where it will be held, so I thought it would be fun if the libertines had the opportunity to find information out IC and sniff it out.)

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Further Libertine whispers of Friday evening and through Saturday said that the informal party would be held at Buckingham's* starting at dusk.



(OOC - *permission was given The sun goes down a little before half past 8 in London around this time of year. If you're within the libertine circle or attached to it through friends, you can presume to have heard the whisper, especially ladies.)

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