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Twas the Night Before Christmas...AoI style-Open

Catriona MacGregor

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Twas the Night Before Christmas

And at Alyth House

Plenty of people were stirring

Though no one noticed the mouse


Family was gathered

from far and from near

to celebrate the Season

with plenty of cheer


It was snowing in London,

And covered the soot

the ground was all frozen

the drifts up to a foot


Cat prodded the Yule log

while upstairs Nessie did sleep

Her nurse wide awake

to make sure nobody peeked

[to be continued, if anyone cares to join in]

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Doug lounged in a chair

With a whiskey in hand

His coat unbuttoned

And hat on the stand


Watching his sister

As she glanced at the hall

Wondering which wayfarers

Might come to call


A good hearty fire

Kept the winter at bay

Though it wasn't a patch

On Scotland, he'd say


But the wine was well mulled

Scents of spice in the air

And a growing contentment

For family to share


With friends, should they call

Full welcome they'll find

A glass, a sweet treat,

And a chance to unwind.

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While Darlene was nestled

snug in an upstairs bed

thoughts of balls and sugar plums

danced in her head


When up on the roof

there came such a clatter

disturbing sleeping lass who

got up to see what's the matter!


Bashful faced George ducked

behind chimney stack

so all Darlene saw was

the sack he carried on his back


"Santa's coming!" she cried

rushing downstairs to her friends

"Smother the coals!

Lest he come to a cindered end!"

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Christmas Eve 1676


Charles was in Turin

enjoying the season

The weather was welcome

but it was not the reason.


The servants were attentive

ever filling his drink

As the evening progressed

he found it harder to think.


A Savoyard court had arrived

to burn the Yule log

Sugar plums and candies

punch and egg nog.


With Christmas but hours away

The Duchess had arrived

Her thoughts full of secrets

beyond those that she had swived.


With a smile towards Charles

Her plan was revealed;

A simple enough thing

that a bargain was sealed


With a seductive whisper of

“she cannot last long;”

The plan seemed fool proof

What could go wrong?

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That night Heather was in Venice

going from ball to ball,

glitter and masks

ignoring her hearts call


Serenades sounded,

as the gondela drifted in the canal

Staring up at a star

In the city without morale


The Italian weather was warm

yet her heart was cold

This was not all

what the spirit of Christmas foretold


Yet, the stubborn lady cried

this is where I want to be

No more foolish hearts

it is better to be free


Doubling her efforts

she joined the next ball

The evening ended

with an upset brother in a big bad brawl.

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