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19th April 1677: Cleaning up the Palace


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"I do not care where she goes, just get her out of London."


Karoline had long shown potential to be somewhat hard-nosed. But this? "Milady... but what about the children?"


"There is only one child my husband cares about." her hand rested upon her flat abdomen. Soon Lord, soon. Karoline prayed for a babe to grow her belly fat soon.


There was no reasoning with the Queens decision. There was no Barbara Castlemaine to storm in and bully this Queen into meekness. There was only a iron-like glare that sent the servants to her bidding.


Some hours later a great deal of wailing was heard in the hall. Weeping Willow had cried at the smallest of things, but these wails were very earnest. She watched her trunks and possessions marching out of the palace in servants arms, and wailed even louder as she saw a locksmith changing the key to her apartments door. The Duchess was so beside herself she needed to be carried to the awaiting carriage. To Chelsea she was taken, The Saint Georges Inn. Her great stow of finery all crammed into it's biggest suite (which was still too small).


The guests of the Saint George's Inn all complained to the manager the next morning that they didn't get an ounce of sleep for all the wailing.

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