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Veritas - Restoration Ball Edition


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OOC=This issue arrived very late, due to reasons explained within the publication.




Restoration Ball Edition


The truth shall make ye free


The Restoration Ball has always been a highlight of the courtier year, and '76 was no exception, with a grand parade of the latest styles upon show, attentive eyes discovered a particular attention to hair styles among the fashion set; one might wonder if this was in tribute to a certain completion recently held by the Duchess of P? The benefactor of aforementioned competition worse her hair up off the back of her neck and swirled and twirled in a chorus of curls and braids, held in place by a platoon of gold and pearl bedecked hair pins, with a number of diamond hair pins scattered throughout to add a flash of light to her golden hair. Competing with this, Lady P of le mode stood apart for the innovation of wearing her husbands medallion artfully upon a new eau de nil ribbon darted in and out through her hair assembly, the portrait visible only for the discerning. While Lady S coiffure was heaped up high upon her head, accented by a doll-sized tricorn hat, which trailed a gauzy ivory scarf down her back.


The evening was not without it's share of fashion blunders, Lady O wore an axe, and Lady M wore tourmaline in her hair, while artfully worked the stone is so very common now a days. The greatest gaff was surely made though by Sir S, who wore a knotted handkerchief atop his head, and Lord R, who had dressed himself as a blue condom for the evening, and yes my dears, both were inebriated upon arrival.


Yet all those sins were forgotten, when Lord M and his party arrived, there was as great a flurry of fans and whispers as I have ever heard at that point; one might liken the sound to that of crashing waves on the shore perhaps? Upon the oceans dross washed in a mermaid, a nymph and an Argonaut. Barely had court recovered from this shock, when a great seashell born by three white horses bore the King, wearing a Roman scarlet toga to his knees, sporting white hair and wig with crown atop his head - and trident. Here was His Majesty King of England Scotland and France, and also King of the Oceans!


It was at that moment that the most fashionably dressed surely felt a little silly. Apparently it was supposed to have been advertised that this was a costume ball, and alas, most had dressed only as themselves. It was at this moment that I realised that Lady O had not been behind planning this social event.*


The nights adventures included a most public scene upon the dance-floor between Sir J and Lady A, both whom exited leaving Lady M stranded. Lady A later returned with the Duke of Y, it was an announcement surely.


Speaking of announcements, Lord Basildon and Princess Karoline held the ceremony of choosing the Lottery winner, drawing the name of Master G from the goblet. It was Master G's lucky day, for just hours before he'd also won the Ablemarle horse race. His Majesty had charged him to make his choice to award his prize to that evening, and the Ladies of court were certain to provide him with plenty to choose from. Master G became the nights most popular dance partner, with the side effect of his presence upon it caused something of a jostling, it was as though he was a baited hook at the sea shell ball, and all the fishies wanted to nibble at him. In a quieter corner we noticed Lady N spending a good deal of time with Lord C, while across the room their partners likewise conversed. While I did not see any keys exchanged, one does wonder.


Following conversing with Lady C, Lady J and Lord A exited to the balcony in some haste, shortly followed by what can only be assumed to be the reason for their exodus. Lord A then returned lady-less and upon the heels of Mr L, this unlikely pair then seen to be talking at length quite seriously. I don't think it was natural sciences they discussed.


Also leaving early, Lord T, and in his wake rumour that he was to rendezvous with a certain Duchess...*


Following the second dance we were treated to aural treat in the form of Lady M's voice. Despite her Tourmaline sighs and accolades followed, why a shiver returned to the spine at the memory memory of the beauty of her voice. It was surely the highlight of the ball, and I hear no fewer than four separate ladies vow to take up singing lessons themselves.


Now usually there is a final treat in store for all at the Restoration ball, but at this ball we were robbed my darlings. Both figuratively and literally! An irreverent thief took advantage of the nights celebrations through but the city, and stole into the treasury in the Tower. When news reached His Majesty, the ball was ended out of hand. Thus a grim fell upon spirits, such a dreadful end to such a delightful evening. I have done my utmost in the time since then, to learn more of who the unpatriotic rascal could be, that I might be the first to reveal the information to you my dearest readers. Alas, all I have found out so far, is that one of the precious stones stolen turned up in Antwerp of all places.






* Negotiated between Spectator and Veritas editors ic.

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