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Veritas, 7th October 1676


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Veritas October 1676


The truth shall make ye free


Darlings, I regret to inform that the nation has been seized hold of by military fervour. Alas, my sources of more titillating apects has been woefully quiet. I refuse to believe that England has reformed itself entirely, but must declare this to be an effect of the nation being upon it’s best behaviour in order to impress our soon to be Queen.


Let me begin with notice that it has come to our attention that the Dutch ambassador is in England more for personal gain than representing the Republic. His work has all been toward furthering his own financial situation, but not towards the relation between the English and the Dutch.


The Dutch seem to have taken a turn for the worse over all, for do you remember that perfectly Lord D, by accounts since his promotion of in the Dutch cavalry he has been rumoured sleep around with a new women every time he visits a new city. This shameful behaviour, includes servants and other maids of lesser standing.


All the best gossip is happening over seas my darlings! Quick book me a ticket!


Of sensible and patriotic pursuits, we are informed that there has been a great clamouring by young and vigorous men, to purchase officer ranks in the new London regiment commanded by the Earl of L_. It is rare when a new military unit is formed, so there is a great deal of pent-up demand for the few officer positions by both the aristocracy and the gentry.


Rumor has it that whilst encamped in the Countryside a certain "Lady" took comforts in the Company of the Vicar's eldest son. One wonders if it were 'Chapter and Verse'


Perhaps unrelated - returning once again to the "Fold" but lacking her usual cheer one can only hope that those amongst you will endeavor to bring the sparkle back to the blue eyes of Lady D.


It is said Lady B was met with pomp and pageantry by a pleased husband, well pleased at placing his sister with a Duke whom none of us knew was ready for marriage! Hark, do I hear the spinster daughters of nobility weeping their lost into their pillows at night?


Lady O pulled off a coup sponsoring a scientific soiree, mixing of science and entertainment to the gratitude of the audience. Though I assert there were a number of gentlemen present who might prefer the lady to show greater interest in anatomy than horticulture.


Now you have all heard that W.B. died an unexplained death in front of many witnesses upon the Thames, while rather more concerning is that her grave was then found emptied. We have it upon Rev A’s advise that she was not a victim of a vampire and now arisen from the dead. Further, he denies any assertion that this is a common problem among catholics. And claims that the mere idea is quite laughable. I tell you though, good men and women, that I for one was not laughing.


Of other serious matters, the Earl of B is said to have secretly launched his trade company and is selling shares to only a select few of his friends and allies prior to a more public offering. There can be little doubt that this company will make a fortune for those insiders who invest early.


There has been some manner of sham game at court of bringing forward men and women that appear twins to several of the rich and famous at court in hopes of convincing them that they are long lost relatives deserving some share of the family treasure.


Thank heavens, I tell you, for Lady S. Her tale is worthy of my column! In one fell swoop, she abandoned Mr. P in favor of a swashbuckling rescuer ... M.P., who is no MP. Though it sounds a romantic tale, some wonder if other motives were afoot. One such whisper was that the lady feared that Mr. P would be caught into the London Regiment, o (though I cannot think which is worse) the Naval corruption net of Admiral N!


I have saved the best for last. A most reliable, and fashionable source, a fellow whom I could listen to for hours, advises us, that he is pretty sure that Lord Tredegar is entertaining the Dowager Baintree! I take his word as utter gospel. A discrete amour with a widow, the Baron shows he's a man of our age.

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