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Smuggler's Cove (Late 8/5)


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There had been a signal from the ship. An unshuttered lantern on shore had signaled the response. Within minutes, five long boats could be seen skimming the surface of the Channel.


A dozen men and a wagon load of weapons and powder were unloaded and reloaded onto waiting wagons. Nearby on the beach, a man was on his knee kissing the ring of a dark-cloaked figure. "Your Eminence," the bowed man uttered in a foreign tongue. "We bring you a dozen faithful brothers ready to die in the cause, with arms and powder for 100. Our ... benefactors send you gifts of gold as well. I regret that I must depart in haste, for the tide is going out already. I shall be back next month with more."


"Go with God my son," the cloaked Prince of the Church declared in Latin. A grim smile adorned his lips. Soon would be the time for vengence.

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