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Instruments That Are Instrumental (April 28)


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"You are telling me that the musical instruments have already left London? How can that be?" the Earl of Arlington inquired of his man.


"Milord, Mister Johnson noted that he had paid properly for the pieces and had every right to resell them," came the reply.


"I am surrounded by incompetence!" the Chamberlain uttered, feeling a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He had a fiery temper when one of his schemes came undone. "New story. The youths that stole the instruments returned them, but they were damaged. They were sent for repair," he devised


"Very good sir," came the weary voice of a clerk long abused.


"When the girl comes Wednesday. Tell her I'm busy and you tell her the story," he commanded.


"And when shall these pieces be returned sir?" the clerk inquired.


"Why never, don't you see? They will not be able to be repaired and they had to be sold for scrap. Credit ten shillings to the palace budget. That should be the proper value of scrap pieces. But do not make the entry until next week."


"What craftsman shall I say has them? What if she insists on seeing you?"


"Must I think of everything?" he uttered in an exasperated tone. "Don't pick anyone she could visit. Something tells me that she's a persistent one."


"Very good sir," came the final reply.

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