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One Annoys the King at Her Peril (April 25th)


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It was not usual that Joseph Williamson attended the King alone in his study; but, this day he did. The King had come to rely on the Northern Secretary to be his eyes and ears. All of the dirty little assignments that needed done were given to either him or Baptist May.


The King had his arms clasped behind his back as he looked out the window upon the grounds. "So, those are the only ones we know?"


"Yes sire, though we're not sure if all of these were in delicto or not."


"If we have reason to suspect they may have slept with her, it is enough. The man you have compromised in her household seems honest enough."


"FitzJames has been sent to Scotland to look after the parentage of the False Charles Stuart. Mulgrave is being sent to France at my behest. He is carrying your note to King Louis. Gosling is going to be sent back to his father to collect funds for his purchase. Templeton is being arrested. I think that is all at the moment."


"Good. Let her know lonliness. Barbara was like that. Petulant creatures Joseph. They go on these flings thinking they are spiting me, no doubt. I should have sent Barbara to France earlier, and Churchill too."


"Shall we speak on the Austrian then?"


"Yes, Northern Secretary. I've spent too much time already on the other."

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