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An Angry Savoyard (April 25)


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"You have always enjoyed our love, and will so in the future, for you have always known our heart and when it has a true need.," came the mocking voice of the Duchess of Savoy as she read aloud the letter in her hands to a thin non-descript man beside her. Throwing the letter to the tabletop passionately, she looked at her secretary with blazing anger.


"The gall, Emil, of Louis Bourbon to write to me in such a manner!" she all but screamed. "Chartres is nothing to him. He wants to get rid of her? Then send her to a nunnery where one's bad relations are sent. He would try and influence me to withdraw the candidacy of my niece in favor of that ... unworthy cousin of his? He goes too far. I have ever been a friend to France, but this goes too far. No doubt he is behind the turmoil brewing in Turin. How convenient is this affair that would draw me home. Does he think I am some country girl incapable of seeing his fingers in my business?" Her face colored as she ranted.


"Your instructions Madame?" the familiar Emil asked.


There was a pause as she collected herself, knowing it was her secretary's way of calling for calm thought. "You may withdraw, leaving my tea and anger to cool."

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