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Catholic Conundrum (April 25th)


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"You should dance with Chartres tonight Charles," the Duke of York spoke to the King in the private study. He could refer to his brother familiarly there.


"I think not," came the reply, causing a sour look upon James' face. "Don't tell me that you are considering anyone other than her Charles? Surely it is obvious that she is the best candidate by far."


"James, it is clear to you, but do you recall the reaction of the court to your marriage to Mary of Modena? They were in an uproar. We've had to talk of marrying your own daughter to Prince William to appease their hurt. Imagine if I was to take a Catholic bride as well?"


"You are the King Charles. You should not give a tin farthing for what the people think. You do what is best for yourself and England. They critcize me because they do not like me. Mary was but an excuse. But, everyone likes you. They will bear it in your name."


"If everyone likes me, then why is it that I cannot get a farthing out of Parliament and I am having so difficult a time in staving off your exclusion?"


"It is Parliament Charles. They are your enemies. Our French cousin has been paying us for some time Charles. With the Chartres dowry, we'd not need Parliament anymore. Dismiss it again and there would be no place for dissent."


"Yes, it would be nice to dismiss them, but there are a few bills that I might like to see passed first."

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