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In pondering the subject of the Fourth Anniversary of our game, we noticed that we are also rapidly approaching our first in-game year, which is another important milestone.


This got us moderators thinking. While our current speed has levelled out at that which seems to suit our players best and which we all enjoy the most, it does mean that unless we make some major time leaps in our game we will never see what happens to our characters in the far future.


Thus the idea was raised that we could celebrate our anniversary with a little creative writing, in the form of this Crystal Ball forum where we can all explore the possible distant futures of our characters.


You are invited to use this forum to write posts set in the far future showing where your character might possibly end up and what might have happened to them. Use your imagination, be as outrageous as you feel, for the future is never set in stone. Feel free to post multiple, conflicting futures, for who knows how one decision might change things? Do you have a vision of a future for someone else's character? I'm sure they'd love to hear it, for we all love to see our characters through another's eyes. If you're feeling really adventurous you could even run a thread between several characters.


Consider this an opportunity to let your inner story-teller run wild, explore AoI with the time-frame brakes off, and allow everyone to enjoy the results. Above all, have fun!

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