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Someone's Been Watching

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Somewhere in Windsor Town


"I dunno milord.  I think they may know," blubbered the woman in the small room.

"What makes you think that?" a gentile voice asked as he straighten the collar of his jacket.

"I knows when eyes are on me sir.  I dunno that I can go through with this.  You know how those people are, they could kill me."  She was getting even more distressed.

"Nonsense," the lord responded in an attempt to calm her.  "The plan will work, but you must have your head about you."  As she continued to mutter in angst, he continued.  "If they knew something, they would have showed themselves.  It is just a bit of worry is all.  That is perfectly normal."

The conversation was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Make no noise," the lord whispered.  He signaled her to stay seated until the visitor left.

The door latch jiggled repeatedly.  A blade slid through the crack between door and frame and lifted up.  Click.  The door opened.

In the doorway stood a man unknown to both, but was the last person they would want to see.

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