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To Lady Toledo, by hand, Early Thursday Morning

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She had meant to reach out before this move to Windsor but she had been unsure if she was even going. Her name was much talked about and she supposed Windsor would be no different.

Her engagement to Dorset had Blessedly been broken and she could not have been happier. Although she had, in the early stages, been prone to sadness of countenance and manner more for the benefit of her Mother and others.

Now some days had passed and she was determined to go out more. SHE had done nothing wrong after all and so she had agreed to come to Windsor.

Now she sat quietly in a small room off to one side that no one seemed to have made use of and penned her note.


Dear Lady Toledo, Please forgive the suddenness of this but I have been occupied until now and so resolved to reach out to you finally and ask if I may call upon you in your rooms here at Windsor? We have had little interchange since the last where the kitten was given. If your condition warrants may I call between two and three of the clock? You may send a reply thru my servant. Please to not feel obligated for I can understand if you do not wish the Company.


F Cavendish


She read it thru then quickly shook some sand waving it in the air to allow the sand to fall off. She held the wax stick to the flame then watched as two small drops fell. She used her thumb to squish it down having no seal of her own. One of her maids was found and tasked with delivering it to the Octagonal Tower where the Toledos were housed. She did hope that it would be accepted.

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Sophia smiled as she read Lady Frances’ letter. She was glad that she had convinced Esteban to let her stay in their palace apartment overnight. It might have taken a day or more for the missive to reach the house in town and then she would have lost the opportunity to see her friend again. She was probably overjoyed that she was no longer betrothed to Lord Dorset. It will cheer me up to see her so happy.


Esteban would also be pleased that she wasn’t going out this afternoon.


Heaving herself off of the chair by the window, Sophia waddled over to the desk and sat down. Smoothing a piece of parchment on the polished surface, she dipped her quill in the inkwell.




Dear Lady Frances,


I have missed your company and would be delighted to see you this afternoon. As I am unable to go out much anymore, visits from friends are always appreciated. I will be so happy when this baby is born and my activities are no longer restricted, but I still relish every moment of my pregnancy. I will have refreshments waiting when you arrive.







When she was finished, she sealed it and gave it to the waiting maid as well as a few coins for her trouble.

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