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A Monck Aftermath


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The Duke of Ablemarle stood tall upon the battlements again as his aide approached.  "Thompson, what news?"

The lieutenant paused a moment to collect his thoughts.  "Forenzi is shackled and held.  He has been unconscious."

"Good.  I am thinking that we send him back to the Continent on a leaky boat," the Duke replied.  "An accident could befall him here Your Grace," Thompson suggested in the alternative.  Chris thought upon it.  "We will have time for that later."

"And my wife?"

"She will claim she is a victim in all of this."

"Was this Lady Oakham's idea then?"  Chris had an eye on the beauty and expected to be told the negative.

"No, Your Grace, she merely supported your wife and showed remarkable bravery.  If only common soldiers showed such fearlessness."  It made Chris happy to hear Darlene complimented so.

"What should I do with the Duchess, do you think?"

"If I may sir, things cannot seem as normal.  I should think some consequences are appropriate for her," Thompson replied.

"I think I shall send her to our northern-most castle and force her to remain there the rest of the year.  She shall hate it," he added with a wicked smile.  He would enjoy some peace from the woman for a time.  But, what would he do if she defied him and ran to her father and mother?  Chris could threaten to tell her parents that she was dabbling in Satanic rites, he supposed.  She could not bear such an accusation, even though the scandal would spatter him as well potentially.  "I shall confront her," he promised, though his heart was not in it.

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