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Coffee Houses Around London

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I came across this listing and thought it might be used for interesting things :) 

Will's Coffee House - on Russell Street where it meets Bow Street - Covent Garden

Known for its Literary clientele.

The Grecian Coffee House - On Devereaux Court

Meeting place for members of the Royal Society. Attend lectures or witness novel scientific experiments as well as rare events such as a live dolphin dissection.

Don Saltero's Coffee House - On Bullet Street Chelsea

Sir Issac Newton and Sir Hans Sloan were frequent customers. The walls were covered with stuffed animals including rattle snakes, turtles, and crocodiles.

Jonathan's Coffee House - The Royal Exchange

Those having business or interest in Trade and Finance meet here.

Tom King's Coffee House  - Covent Garden

This area was notorious for brothels. At this establishment patrons could flick through a directory of local prostitutes which listed age, appearance, personality, and area of expertise.

The name would later change to Moll King's Coffee House but still offered the same services.

Lunt's Coffee House - Clerkwell Green between St John and the Fleet. St James Church is also here.

The owner will cut your hair as you enjoy your coffee.

Hoxton Square Coffee House - Shoreditch

Renowned for its "Inquisitions of Insanity" where supposed lunatics were tired up and then wheeled into the room awaiting the judgement of the patrons as to whether they should be locked up in the asylum.

Temple Bar - Strand

As the name implies frequented by Lawyers and such persons.

The Rainbow - Strand

Another Coffee House frequented by those in the Legal professions.

Garroway's Coffee House - in Change Alley

Known for having been frequented by "People of Quality" as its clientele. 

The Turk's Head Coffee House - in St Michael's Alley

It is a lean-to stall that has been operating since 1652 serving coffee as well as tobacco for those that smoke.

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