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Woe Unto Them


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One candle guttered out as a new one was lit.  It provided dim light upon the rough-hewn table around which sat several men newly arrived to England.  Shadows swallowed each of the olive-colored faces beneath the hoods.

There was but one that spoke English as his native tongue, but he could speak in Latin as well.  It was Latin that provided some secrecy for the plot as its mastery went beyond the common man.

"But it is just an infant," came the the objection from the Englishman speaking Latin, an attempt to foster reconsideration.  "It is an infant steeped in polygamy and incest.  It is an abomination in the eyes of God," came the answer from one of the Jesuit brothers.

"But the Holy Father forbade any of us to harm the royal family," came a further plea.  "We will harm neither the Queen and child with sword nor poison, giving no Protestant reason to punish our brethren on these shores.  No, it will be a natural thing that will be in the hands of God, and not traceable to us.  Infants die every day naturally.  In this season of holy justice,  woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days ." *

Perhaps it was apt that the court season began on Our Lady of Sorrows Day.  From an adjacent room came a violent series of coughs, followed by a whispered series of prayers.


*Matthew 24:19. 

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