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To George Hardwick, by hand, Monday Morning

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She had not sent it before now and it needed to be done. It was but a few days until his was married. Taking up her quill she began to write in her slightly tilted script   ......


George. I feel that I may address you as such since we have a shared history. Do not be worried that my words herein shall be a long narrative of slights or hurts - that has all long passed as it should. Instead you shall read how happy I am for You. I know that you have long sought what you have waited for in your heart and it seems that you have at last found Her. I have not her acquaintance and so I can not wax lyrical on her many good qualities but if she has made you happy and will be a strength at your side then that warms my heart. You have a good Soul and oft times have been mis understood and even overlooked by those that could not see you for who you truly are. I think now the time has come for you to stand firm and make your own mark. I shall always support you from the side and take Pride in your victories as any true friend might do. If you will permit it I shall like very much to send a wedding gift to your Lady. It will accompany this letter. May you find years together as husband and wife and be blessed with children. God keep you Safe.


She stared for some time at what she had written and then gave a small sigh as she sanded then folded it to add her wax seal. She rose and went to where a large square of linen had been folded. On top was her gift - it was an exquisitely embroidered table cover that she had sewn a pattern of various flowers and leaves on a white satin background backed in black velvet. In one corner she had embroidered in gold thread an old wedding verse that read -

'so now these two are marriedd and happy may they be

as turtle doves together 

in love and unity''

She ran her fingers gently over the threads and knots pleased that the soft blending of colors had come together so well. It was pleasing to the eye and would have no trouble being fitted into any decor that the new Countess of Chichester might have.

She began to wrap it carefully in the linen tucking in the corners to protect and then it was placed in the box that she had made specifically to hold it. Her note was separate and would be delivered to him along with the servant who carried her gift.

It was entrusted to the waiting runner and she handed him several pennies for the trouble.

After wards she was rather sad which surprised her. She had thought that those emotions had long since departed but it seemed that the heart held onto things.

What they had shared was indeed now over but she knew that she would alway hold a soft place for him no matter how much time would pass.

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