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Holy Toledo


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The Count of Toledo and Ambassador from Spain shared a coach with his spymaster.  Given that the walls of Windsor were said to have ears, privacy required a ride in the countryside for the Spaniards.

Though speaking in Spanish, Esteban asked Diego for his report.  "Excellency, Diego began, "the Papal Nuncio is outside London and we met yesterday at a location between there and here."

"His Eminence has warned that a rogue group of the Society of Jesus has come to England and may be conspiring some harm against the Crown.  The Nuncio is aware that His Highness Don Juan is at peace with England and wishes Spain to have no part in any religious strife in England.  It is for this reason that he has come to warn us.  The Holy Father has threatened to excommunicate any who harm the royal family of England."

Esteban nodded his understanding.  "Is there other news?"

"The Nuncio tells me that France and Sweden have begun peace talks with the Holy Roman Empire, but any treaty is many months away.  Also, the rebels in Morocco are becoming more brazen.  The Sultan is threatening a military campaign." It was the end of his report.

"And my wife?" Esteban asked his spymaster.  Diego had been tasked to learn what he could about the men that visited with Lady Toledo privately, ever since Karl had reported his suspicions.  "Nothing further to report Excellency."  In fact there could have been.  Karl had reported that Sophia had been in the Music Room with Arundel.  Diego had tasked Karl to be on the lookout for Arundel after gaining a piece of information from an actress at Killigrew's theater last season.  

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