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To Sir Cedric Doolittle | Sunday the 18th, delivered by hand mid-afternoon

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A message written on white rag paper, with blue-black oak gall ink, sealed with the Melville coat of arms on viridian wax, and delivered by hand to the Doolittle house in Windsor Town.


Dear Sir Cedric,

I arrived at Windsor yesterday, only stopping in London to take care of a few things. I would like to pay my respects at your convenience. Please let me know when it would be a good time to call.

Your humble servant,



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Dear Duncan,

It is good to know you made it to Windsor despite the challenges.  I plan to arrive there the day before the christening of the Prince. Perhaps we can meet at the inn.  It took a pretty penny to secure a room then.

Oh by the by, a young  man from a mercantile family has asked about Ellen's hand, but would like a controlling interest in the company.  I have offered him money, but he seems less interested.  Let us speak of this when we meet.

Keep the faith son,


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