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Astronomy Evening Invitations - delivered on the afternoon of Sunday, September 18th

Henry Grey

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The invitation was written on black, heavy, rag card, using silver pigmented ink, folded, and sealed with Henry Grey's signet on grey wax. On the outside of the invitation, besides the name of the addressee, was the drawing of a waxing moon and dots representing stars.


You are respectfully invited to the battlements of the Round Tower

at Sundown on Wednesday the 21st of September

for an evening of Stargazing, mirth, and warming beverages.


Lord Grey


Invitations were received by the following (PCs in bold, other invitations may arrive later, and those crashing the event will not be turned back):

  • His Majesty the King & Her Majesty the Queen
  • His Royal Highness the Duke of York & Her Royal Highness the Duchess of York
  • His Highness the Duke of Cumberland & Mrs Peg Hughes
  • The Most Noble His Grace the Duke of Buckingham
  • The Most Noble His Grace the Duke of Ormonde & Duchess of Ormonde
    • Lady Henrietta Butler
  • The Most Noble His Grace the Duke of Albemarle & Duchess of Albemarle
  • The Most Noble Her Grace the Duchess of Portsmouth
  • The Most Hon the Marquess of Worcester & Marchioness of Worcester
    • Lord Herbert
    • Lord Arthur Somerset
  • The Most Hon the Marquess of Mountjoy & Marchioness of Mountjoy
  • The Rt Hon the Earl of Brooke
  • The Rt Hon the Earl of Ranelagh
  • The Rt Hon the Earl of Chichester & Countess of Chichester
  • The Rt Hon the Earl of Chatham
  • The Rt Hon the Earl of Kingston
  • The Rt Hon the Countess of Alyth
  • Countess of Cambray
  • Viscount Beverley & Viscountess Beverley
  • The Rt Hon the Viscount Athenry
  • Viscountess Oakham
  • The Rt Hon the Vicountess Lochend
  • Viscountess Ranelagh
  • The Rt Hon the Baroness Doneraile
  • The Hon Eleanore Bayning
  • Lady Lucas
  • The Baron of Dundarg
  • Hon. Robert Boyle (if at Court)
  • Mistress Nicolette Vauquelin

OOC: I have tried to do my best regarding the proper forms of address. Please forgive any mistakes. I will rectify them if need be.

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