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To Lord Kingston | Saturday the 17th, delivered mid-afternoon

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A message written on white rag paper, with blue-black oak gall ink, sealed with the Melville coat of arms on viridian wax, and delivered by hand to the Buckingham suite.


Lord Kingston,

First, allow me to congratulate you on your new title, and let me share with you a Spanish saying I learned in the Continent: Si los perros ladran, es porque hacemos camino*. Do know that anything I can help with, I am at your disposal.

Please forgive me for leaving London unexpectedly and not keeping in contact. My wife got sick and died of a wasting disease that baffled the doctors. Afterwards, I was going insane in Melville Castle, so I returned to court.

Would you do me the kindness to meet with me at your convenience? My room is on the floor above you. You can send a message here.

I remain, your humble and obedient servant,


OOC: * If the dogs bark, it is because we are making headway.

Edited by Duncan Melville
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