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Windsor Season

Saturday, September 17th - fog in the AM, clearing later.

Delivering a Package mid/late morning. FIN

A Gift Fit for a Prince mid afternoon.

Sunday, September 18th - rainy.

Sunday Chapel morning.

Two Scots and Dinner dinner time.

An After-Dinner Call after dinner.


<a bout of melancholy lasting a few days>


Wednesday, September 21st - foggy and damp.

Meandering Through The Festivities trying to get some air, and finding interesting company.

Thursday, September 22nd - calm.

A Lack of Stability perhaps a game of Piquet will improve his mood, and perhaps interesting things will come off it.

Tailing Oxford keeping his word to Lord Kingston... but getting a surprise.

Lady Chichester at the Fortune Teller's Tent meeting an old friend, and looking for information.

Beneath the Hen you Find her Toes Dundarg has returned from the land of the Scots.

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