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To Sir Isaac Newton | Arrives Saturday the 17th at Newton's London address

Henry Grey

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A note written on white, heavy rag card, using purple-black oak gall ink, and sealed with Henry Grey's signet on gray wax.


My dear Sir Isaac,

Providence smiles on those who deserve it. I have spoken with Lord Kingston, Chancellor of Cambridge. He offers two possible solutions for your printing dilemma. He can appoint you as head over Cambridge University Press, or he can provide a meeting with the King, may he live to be a hundred, so you can state your case for a Royal license for a printing press. I believe both would be good solutions to the quandary of how to keep others from spying on your to be published research, but it is your choice as to which one you prefer.

I hope to see you soon, and if you have any comments or suggestions on the progress reports I sent you over the summer, please send them!

Your friend,

Lord Grey

If the note were to be placed near a source of heat, a short, cyphered message would appear in a cypher known to both Henry and Newton. It simply read: "Yes, Isaac, I wrote it. Henry".

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