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Pyotr Fedorovich Sheremetev

Full Name: Pyotr Fedorovich Sheremetev

Nationality: Russian

Title: Okolnichy

Style of address: The Honourable / Your Honour

Position: Ambassador from the Tsardom of Moscow to the English Court.

Age: 43 (b. 1635)

Gender: Male

Height: 6’ 2”

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Auburn


- Wife: Irina Ivanova Sheremetev (nee Golitsyin), 40.

- Daughter: Anna Petrovna Sheremetev, 20.

- Sons: Dmitry & Nikolai Petrovich Sheremetev, 14 & 12.

Physical Attributes

If there was a personification of the concept of a human bear, Pyotr Fedorovich Sheremetev would be it. Tall, muscular, gruff, ready to fight. He may have been closer to the fictitious literary image of a Viking Berserker more than to that of a civilized man. Neither handsome nor ugly, but perhaps fierce looking. Standing at 6’ 2” and weighing two hundred and twenty pounds with very little body fat, his nickname медведь (medved – bear) was quite appropriate. In the Boyar tradition, Pyotr kept his hair close-cropped or shaven, and wore a hat or head covering even indoors.

Pyotr took up space. He dressed in the traditional Russian way, layers on layers of long, flowing clothes, the number of layers depending on the weather. He always stood with his feet apart, in a stance that readily shifted to combat. When dressed for combat, he would look more like a medieval Byzantine knight than a contemporary soldier. He had no use for the rapier but carried a heavy cavalry saber on his right side, which might betray his being left-handed.


He laughed heartily, but his laughter did not necessarily mean mirth. You had to see his eyes to discern if it did or not. He spoke loudly, except when he confided something very personal or when he purposefully lowered his volume. Then his voice changed to little more than a whisper.

Once in a while, when singing or drinking he would remember his homeland and then, for a moment, he would become melancholic. Then, after a short but noticeable pause, his smile would come back, his tone would again sound festive, and he would keep singing, laughing, and drinking, as if nothing had happened.


 Pyotr belonged to the Sheremetev family, which descended from Fedor Andreevich Kobylin, byname "Koshka" ("the Cat"), also progenitor of the Romanovs. The family had held many high commanding ranks in the Russian military as well as governorships. Pyotr is the first ambassador of the Sheremetevs, and his previous experience has been military.

Notable members of the Sheremetev family include Yelena Sheremeteva, third wife of Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich, son of Ivan the Terrible; Fyodor Ivanovich Sheremetev, cousin of Tsar Michael I and head of government in 1613-18 and 1642-46; and Vasily Borisovich Sheremetev, Voivode in the Cudnów campaign, where he was captured by the Poles, and handed over to the Crimean Tatar Khan Mehmed IV Giray. He had been a prisoner since.

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