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To Mistress Wellsley | arrives Thursday late afternoon

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Written on a piece of cream-colored paper, scented softly with rose and vanilla, and penned in Sophia's flowery handwriting:



Dear Mistress Wellsley,


It was unfortunate that the season was cut short before the meeting we had arranged. And so I would like to invite you to tea at the house we have rented in town, whenever you are free. Please let me know which day works best for you.




Sophia de la Cerda, Lady Toledo



The note was delivered by hand on Thursday in the late afternoon.


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Poppy had taken the letter seeing it down but then forgot about it until her Mistress returned  ....

early evening Thursday   .....

She returned from her meeting with Bristol a bit chilled and the coldness of her rooms did not help but she supposed she should be glad she was alone and not having to share! Her maid pointed out the invitation and she took it up reading the contents and then gave a sigh.

"It seems like I shall have to be careful even in accepting invitations too. Lady Toledo wants me to come for tea - it is because I had to cancel the last one in London - and now she is staying in a rented house in Town."

"I suppose tis best to get it over with. I wonder what she wanted to see me about before and I still do now. It is an odd thing for her to seek me out."

She went to where her travel writing case rested on a table and took up a sheet of paper and then the ink pot and quill and made room to compose her reply 


Lady Toledo, I am late in my reply so I must ask your pardon. I shall be happy to come to you  ..... I am free Saturday as Prince Rupert does not make me assist so if that is acceptable shall we say two of the clock? Poppy will take your reply if you will give it.

Until Then,

D Wellsley

Davina knew that she was being watched and so supposed that being seen going into the residence of the Catholic Ambassador from Spain to visit his wife may work in her favor. It was all a guess on her part but she could  not hide away.

She sanded and sealed her note and gave it to Poppy who would then have to trudge into town to deliver it and wait for a response. 

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