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The Beast of Windsor


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Morning of September 16

Peasants gathered around the body in the field.  It was the hunter in the mix that spoke first. "Twas no natural beast that did this."

The woman's body was torn and her throat opened.  "It be murder.  That's what it be," cried the young farmer moving up to take a look.

"It could be the Banshee is back," the eldest of the group speculated, his wrinkled face evidence of a man that had seen much.  "I heard no howl last night," challenged a younger lad.  "It don't always cry," the old man replied quietly, "but it haint been seen in many years.  Funny how its back when the court comes to Windsor.  It's like it comes to haunt the grand lords."

"Or maybe," the village healer whispered as she looked towards the castle, "it be one of them."

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