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Letters and Baskets-morning Sept. 16th

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Three baskets along with notes left the kitchen of Lady Alyth that morning.  She was suffering from a bit of insomnia, so she put together some sweet treats.


Lord Mountjoy

I hope you and your wife enjoy the selection of items here within.

Inside the basket were some of the cookies using the Mountjoy chef's original recipe as well as some that had butterscotch mixed in, as well as a few pieces of black bun and two pretzels (a recipe Cat had recently found and was testing).


The Duke of Buckingham

A simple thank you for all the help you have provided me in the past and hopes of a continued friendship.

Inside the Duke's basket there would be four hand pies, each a different flavor, as well as two more pretzels and a small apple tart.  Also a bottle of high quality brandy.


Lord Kingston

What kind of friend would I be to only give you two cookies?

There were a dozen cookies, half the regular flavor, half butterscotch, some of his favored black bun, and another small apple tart.  He received a bottle of whiskey in his basket.


Each note was signed: Catriona MacGregor, Lady Alyth

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Padeen, Mountjoy’s mute manservant carried in the basket that was just delivered.

“What is it Padeen?”

He presented the basket to his master.

“A gift. From whom?”

He made a gesture.

“Which Scottish Lady?”

He made another slightly different gesture.

From Lady Alyth, how kind.”

Mountjoy accepted the basket and perused the contents.

“It is the cjookies she promised and some other treats.” He said as he separated a few of the delicious cjookies to enjoy. “Send for some cold milk.”

Padeen nodded but stayed there looking from the basket to Mountjoy.

“Alright, here you go.” Mountjoy said giving a few black buns to Padeen.

Padeen took the buns and smiled as he turned to go.

“And do not say anything about the cjookies to Frau Kleb.”

Padeen looked back perplexed.

“You know what I mean.” Mountjoy concluded and waived him off.

As he enjoyed the cjookies Charles thought to himself that he should shoot something nice for Catriona.

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Francis sent back a cheeky note with one of Buckingham's liveried servants along with a basket of his own. The basket contained a bottle of his blood orange brandy, a bottle of cider, some of his Kingston Black apples*, and three jars of fruit butter made from his Paw Paw trees.


The note simply read: My stomach thanks you greatly for the delicious treats. Here are some wares for your future baking endeavors and enjoyment. Please send more!  - Kingston


(OOC - We once did an apple festival and it was discovered Kingston has it's own variety of cider apple IRL *snickersnort*)



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The Duke of Buckingham had penned a reply on Saturday, but it had not been delivered until Sunday afternoon.


Although Buckingham was vain and expected ever bit of his due as the premier non-royal duke of the realm from everyone, the letter was informal in the Duke's typical way of responding to his friends. It was his way of letting those know who he held in special regard that it was so, even if he expected all the "Your Grace's" in return. If one received an overly formal note from Buckingham, it surely meant a slight. Even a former mistress of the King that he had aided was one that could remain in his good graces with some ducal attention, especially for having a child now related to many such children in his own family. The King had, after all, seeded many a Villiers-blooded garden!



One must wonder whether it is a friend who seeks to increase a gentleman's girth so dramatically with delectable foodstuffs which must be consumed within a day or two or go to waste! I hear you are to use my suite on the morrow, so I will salute you myself then.





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