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To Lord Kingston, evening, 15th September

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Having spoken to a handful of friends, old and new, about the potential salon he was set on organizing, Athenry had decided to follow through on Beverley's advice and seek an introduction to the Lady Dorothea through Kingston. Despite the rumors swirling around the man and a general lack of contact of late, they had gotten on well enough in the past, and his position at the royal side signaled to Cadell that his connections were worth pursuing.


Lord Kingston,

I pray that this note finds you hale of body, placid in mind, and untroubled of soul. While we have not, of late, been in contact, I am pleased to hear that your elevation has exceeded my own, and hope that you and yours continue to be blessed in the future. To think that we were once both baronets!

Now that the necessary flattery has been dispensed with, my friend, I would ask of you a favor. I have discussed with a handful of people the possibility of organizing a small gathering in the manner of a Parisian or Italian salon. You are known for your closeness with some who I feel would make an excellent addition to a lively intellectual discussion; in particular, it has been suggested to me that your friend, Lady Dorothea, would potentially have interest in such a venture. Thus, I humbly request that you do me the most serious honor of an introduction, or at least extend an inquiry as to the best method in going about this endeavor.

Should a return note not suffice as an answer - I am flexible in this matter, so the preference is yours, my lord - I would be amenable to meeting over tea or a drink. Naturally, I would consider myself indebted to you for any assistance that you may provide.

Athenry hesitated for a moment before ending the note, thinking of the aforementioned rumors - and praying inwardly that they had no truth to them.


May Saint Brendan continue to help you navigate through any and all darkness.

Your friend and servant,

Cadell Mortimer

Viscount Athenry, etc.

The note was delivered by Duncan, whom had once met Kingston while he, his master, and Lucas Cole were en route to the Golden Junk, and was accompanied by a bottle of the viscount's favorite liquor, cognac from la maison Augier, France's preeminent cognac House.

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Lord Athenry,


It is shame we have not had occasion to see each other more often, and I would like to see that remedied one day soon. Lady Dorothea would indeed be interested in intellectual endeavors and discussion. She has a very keen and active mind especially in matters of religion. In normal circumstances, I would be happy to provide an introduction to the German princess, but my recent slanders makes it almost impossible for me to be in the lady's company without doing harm to her. To be associated with me with His Highness her brother having arrived from Germany might do your cause more harm than good. 


I attend His Majesty from Saturday into Sunday and our King has made habit of visiting with his Queen in the afternoons, a time during which I am unable to avoid being in the other lady's presence due to my duties; I shall endeavor to pass along your name and speak well of you to the lady if I might.


Thank you for your well-wishes, rest assured I have similar hopes for your good fortunes.


Your friend & servant,




(With the note was sent a bottle of his blood orange brandy and a large jar of fruit butter from the fruit of his Paw Paw trees)

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