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Davina versus Darlene Poll

How is this Confrontation going to play out?  

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  1. 1. How is this Confrontation going to play out?

    • They decide to agree that Charles is a lovely person and that they are lucky to know him
    • They agree that Charles should be avoided, or punished, by them both
    • There is a claws out cat fight
    • They become fast friends, with Darlene offering to help with the gardens
    • Each later tries to put Charles in the middle by getting him to agree that the other is horrid
    • Each provokes the other in the gentile way that ladies spar and they each part thinking that they won the encounter, professing to look forward to their next encounter

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This business about me messing with other people's sisters is really blown out of proportion and, frankly, just an innocent misunderstanding.  Some people are confronting me about messing with their daughters too, which is fanciful.  Sir Charles Sedley is a playwright and, as such, likely exaggerates things to make a more interesting story.  I would pay it no heed.

However, I am getting a sense of dread about the conversation between Davina and Darlene.  I had hoped that each would be lovely to the other and speak nothing of me, except in their admiration of course ... but things are not starting well.  Davina looks to be stirring things up and Darlene is not likely in her best mood and likely can sense some sort of provocation.  Not knowing much about ladies, I need you to vote in the attached poll to advise me of the likely outcome of this encounter.

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