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Buckingham Snippets


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As might be anticipated, Buckingham refuses for his ditties to go with the others, so he had to have his own.


Buckingham to Tommy (Kingston's ward) after he "watches" Davina


Buckingham waited in the hallway for the boy to emerge in the wake of Ursula*, Lady Mountjoy, who might well prove violent sea goddess in the moment. 


Emerge the flame-haired youth did, and Buckingham raised an eyebrow at the boy and crooked a finger at him. 


Poor thing. 


The ginger definitely found dukedom intensely intimidating which was very well and good, Buckingham thought with haute humor. 


"What is all this," he asked, holding in all the amusement he felt. Let the boy sweat it out. "Did you order a feast for the lady's last meal!" He couldn't help it, some of his amusement slipped with that last bit, but the ginger did not notice. He was too cowed by the ducal presence to notice!


"Your Grace told me not to let the lady leave under any circumstances...Food seemed better than force," the boy replied.


The Duke could not help but laugh raucously. "At least you were thinking with your stomach, rather than with the wrong head!" The youth could have surely tried other methods of keeping the lady occupied rather than force if he had been.


(*Ursula was not associated with sea goddesses in our time, but since the anachronism is in my driver overvoice rather than the character actually saying it, I left it in because it fits so well. I believe it was a Hans Christian Andersen thing which was 1800s)

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