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To Lord Mountjoy, Tuesday afternoon by hand

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Good day to you lord Mountjoy

I write to you today with the hope that I may gain a part hour of your day at your soonest availability, upon a matter of urgency and requiring utmost discretion, in the hopes that I may assist a lady friend who has fallen pray to some legal villainry. It is my sincere hope that you might help plot a course to see justice. 

I anxiously await your reply

G Hardwick, Earl Chicester

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Later that very same day George was informed that a very tall and scary man had delivered a letter addressed to His Lordship. The letter was on heavy ivory coloured paper sealed in red wax imprinted with a crest of a sun in splendor over an escutcheon of  barry of six nebuly. The handwriting was small and so precise as to first appear printed.



The Earl of Chicester

Half Moon House

Pall Mall, Westminister


My Dear Lord Chicester,

The joy of receiving a letter from you has been somewhat dampened by the fact that in reading your correspondence I find that a Lady of your acquaintance is in some manor of difficulty. Inasmuch as I am in no doubt of your gallant and honorable nature nor do I have any qualms in your ability to aid your friend I do feel most humbly ingratiated that, as you impart that the matter is likely to involve some familiarity with the intricacies of jurisprudence, that your thoughts deemed my skills in that field sufficient to assist in so delicate a matter. Therefore, I shall, as indeed should any Gentlemen of good character be obliged to be for any Lady so unfortunate to be in need, assist you in providing succor and relief to your Lady friend who has found herself in such an unfortunate position.

As you impart that there is some urgency I am pained to express that prior engagements in the morning of the morrow, inclusive of lunch, prevent me to offer a more rapid appointment but I shall be free of other obligations at two o’clock in the afternoon, this morrow Wednesday and would be pleased to place myself at your pleasure at that time at my club, The Woolsack, unless such is not convenient for you.

Baring any impediment on your part I shall be pleased to expect the pleasure of your company at the afore mentioned time and place.


I have the honor to be, Sir, your most obt. serv.



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