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Defiance's NPC Ditties


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Though these are not little songs, they are metaphorically so in their own way! 


I often have super short NPC reactions to think that don't make it into posts for one reason or another, and I never end up making them a full-sized vignette, so I'm just going to post the amusing little snippets here!

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First up! Lord Ranelagh to Sir George Etherege, his best fuck-buddy :classic_cool:


"Have you ever thought of attempting to impersonate a woman? Not cross-dressing for fun or stage or the like..."


George looked at Richie and said, "Whyever would I do that?"


"Well, you would make an ugly woman, so it wouldn't be to find a man," Ranelagh joked. "To, I don't know, live like a woman. Experience life as a woman does..."


"I repeat, whyever would I do that!"


"Some men do, don't they?"


"I am sure they exist, yes."


"Would you want to fuck one?"


"Thrice, I repeat," George said, chuckling. 


"I find it strange that there are ladies who want to go about impersonating a man. As in, not just for the fun of it, but to be able to do things like a man without us knowing."


"Your mother does things like a man!"


"Fuck off, George. Yes, but she only puts on the clothes for her safety not to be a man. She does whatever she wants no matter the clothes!"


"Speaking of fucking, when are your cousins reopening their theater, so we can steal their stage late at night again. Dorsets is getting rather redundant."

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Captain Herbert & John Ashburnham


*after Buckingham tells the King about Davina*


John: "Have you received any missives from Mistress Wellsley lately?"


Thomas: .................................*eyes him*..................................No.


John: *chuckles* A fortuitous change of events!


Thomas: *quirks eyebrow* Jack, I really do not even wish to know.


John: All right, then, it will not be me that tells you the gossip.

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