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Lady Margaret Sinclair

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Character Sheet Player Profile
    Name: Shiloh
    Email: racingheart44@gmail.com
    Age: 44
    How you found us: Previous player
    What is your background and experience in roleplaying: Multiple previous characters here
    What themes do you wish to explore in our game: I'm looking at playing a female character who's more interested in the politics and the inherent subterfuge court life requires
    What makes you excited to do in our game: I'm quite looking forward to stretching dusty writing and storytelling skills.
    What are you NOT looking for in our game: Not really interested in 'romance' for romance sake. Unless it serves a purpose in raising my character in a political/social sense.
    Character Profile  
    Character Name: Lady Margaret Sinclair
    Title: Baronness Sutton
    Estate Name: Dudley Abbey
    Nationality: Province of New Amsterdam/New York before marriage
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Eye Colour: Violet
    Hair Colour: Blonde
    Avatar: Meryl Streep, if not already taken
    The First Impression & Physical Appearance

Margaret would never and has never claimed to be a beauty.  With a nose less button like and more prominent than fashion dictates and a more squared jaw line, her one facial vanity is her eyes.  Of a shade of blue that is more violet in color and thick eyelashes, they stand out against her other features.  While her hair is considered blonde, it is just on this side of the lightest brown.

Her figure is also not to the current curvaceous standard. Of average height, her slim build and modest bosom (which did fill out somewhat upon her pregnancy, but not by much), it is nothing to really catch the eye of a man.  But her bearing, which has been more than once called that of an ice princess, and confidence do get attention. 

Upon first meeting her, she may appear shy or reticent, as she is not one to easily interact with people.  And if someone is very enthusiastic, she will likely attempt to find an escape route.  Emotions are not her friend, though she is capable of apeing them, as she has found growing up that is the best way to avoid being watched too closely.  That and a keen eye for fashion, which directs the eye away from the coolness of her gaze.  She has recently updated her wardrobe with gowns for different occasions.  Pastels for everyday wear and rich jewel tones for evening entertainments.  She also has a few black and white items tucked away.  The black simply because you never know when you might need to attend a funeral.  Sinclair frequently purchased high quality gemstones from around the world, using her father's shipping fleet to get them, so quite a few stayed in her personal collection after being set, giving her a trove of items to mix and match.

Upon first meeting Margaret, one is given the impression of a well-bred young woman. She is moderate of speech, slightly standoff-ish and perhaps just a touch naive, as anyone who grew up in the Colonies would be expected. In private, Margaret is calculating and curious, always looking for the next bit of information she can gather to use at a most convenient (for herself, of course) time. She is shrewd and not given to flights of passion for a man. His money or position, on the other hand, is of great importance.
    Wealth Level :
    Above Average
    Dorchester House (though will be looking for somewhere to lease/purchase through her man of affairs)
    Benefits, Challenges

Benefits: Widow, above average wealth, second language (Dutch)

Challenges: Accent, dark secret, foreigner, Bad at/Disturbing mannerism-doesn't always react correctly to required emotional response
     Margaret was born to Edmond Mosher, a second generation American, and Elizabeth Maxam. Mosher owned a large shipping company that he inherited from his father. She was an only child for years and as such, was taught both what a lady would need to know as well as the family business. It wasn't until she was 15 when her mother delivered a healthy baby boy, securing her father an heir to take on the business upon his passing. Margaret was not exactly thrilled with the arrival of her younger brother, Matthew, but there was little to be done of it. She cared for her parents and sibling, but cared more for her own comfort. Thus, when her father told her he had arranged her marriage to his old friend, Arthur Sinclair, Baron Sutton, she didn't fight against it. Sinclair was much older, well into his 60s, when he married Margaret, who was all of 17 at the time.


Most girls that age would have railed against their fate, but Margaret had taken in his fashionable and expensive clothing, the second estate he kept just outside of New York, his well matched horses he kept in his colonial stable, and surmised if that was his lifestyle in the wilds of the Colonies, then his English holding must be of even finer quality. If it meant allowing the old man to thrust away for less than a minute before he groaned and rolled off of her, so be it.


Sinclair kept putting off their travel to England and thus, on to London, until she nagged him enough that he gave in. On the eve of her 19th birthday, they boarded a ship (one of her father's, of course) and set out to cross the ocean. Upon arriving in England, Margaret was ready to take on London. Unfortunately, she fell pregnant. She found herself stuck in Dorset, her body becoming both an enemy (for really, what good does ejecting food do when you're trying to grow a child?) and an amusement (Sinclair didn't come to bounce on her while her belly expanded).


Seven months after arriving in England, Margaret went into labor. It was not an easy one. The baby was turned the wrong way. After 8 hours, they finally got the baby turned, but it was too late. Her daughter had not made it. Sinclair made the mistake of just dismissing the lose of the tiny girl child, since it wasn't the heir he wanted. You see, after having felt distance caring for her parents and brother, Margaret had wholeheartedly love the child in her womb. And to act so callus, it flipped something inside her mind. So, she decided to kill him. Every day, she'd bring him a cup of coffee in his study while he worked. And every day, she gave him arsenic in that cup.


Finally, the day she had been waiting for came. Sinclair dropped dead in his study. She watched, making sure he wasn't going to gasp back to life, and finally let out a scream, crying and wailing (dry-eyed). The servants (except for one maid) found her holding his head to her bosom, bent over with sorrow. She had to be given laudenum to calm her. The funeral was held on a rainy day. Many spoke on how the young widow appeared so lost as she watched his coffin being interred into the family mausoleum.


She wasn't lost. She was figuring out how long she would have to stay in the country before she could leave for London without causing talk and how much it would cost to live as she preferred. The estate was very wealthy and Sinclair was the last of his line, no other heir left. She had done has she had been raised and done everything she had to do. Now, her life was her own. Time to have some fun.


Manage her way into the game of Court and work her way into the intrigue.

Edited by Margaret Sinclair
Adjusting for accuracy/spit and polish-last one, I promise! Lock it in
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